Vol.8 n°11 november 1983

Vol.8 n°11 november 1983

p.2 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.36 Build the H-Com Handicapped Communicator

The Intel 8748 is the basis for a scanning communicator that users can control with just one switch.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.52 BYTE West Coast: California Hardware

A look at four new products, from a portable computer to bubble-memory boards.

[author : Barbara Robertson]

p.65 User's Column: The Latest from Chaos Manor

This month's potpourri begins with a discussion of disk formats.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]


p.76 Inside the IBM PC

IBM's famed Personal Computer spawned the largest group of third-party vendors the microcomputer industry has ever seen and single-handedly enabled microcomputers to assume a greater percentage of the world's computational tasks. This month's theme articles explore the ubiquitous machine from a·wide variety of angles.

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.78 IBM PCs Do the Unexpected

The IBM PC can conquer a fascinating array of scientific, business, and educational tasks.

[author : Steven S. Ross]

p.88 IBM's Estridge

In an interview with BYTE's editors, the president of IBM's Entry Systems Division talks about standards, the PCs simplicity, and a desire not to be different.

[author : Lawrence J. Curran and Richard S. Shuford]

p.99 Enhancing Screen Displays for the IBM PC

With a program called Screen, you can take full advantage of the capabilities of both monochrome and color displays and adapt them to your own needs:

[author : Tim Field]

p.121 POKEing Around in the IBM PC, Part 1: Accessing System and Hardware Facilities

How to use BASICs PEEK and POKE commands to realize the speed and flexibility of machine-language code without sacrificing the convenience of a high-level language.

[author : Hugh R. Howson]

p.135 Could 1,000,000 IBM PC Users Be Wrong?

Everyone knows the IBM PC has had a profound effect on the personal computer market. But what direction will it take in the future?

[author : Frank Gens and Chris Christiansen]

p.144 Big Blue Goes Japanese

The capabilities of IBM Japan's new 5550 Multistation will make it a formidable competitor in the red-hot Japanese market.

[author : Richard Willis]

p.168 Expanding on the IBM PC

A survey of expansion boards including 17 fact-filled tables.

[author : Mark J. Welch]

p.188 lnstallable Device Drivers for PC-DOS 2.0

A look at the importance of device drivers and how they work with the PC.

[author : Tim Field]

p.199 A Communications Package for the IBM PC

How one company's communications software package evolved as a result of user feedback.

[author : Richard Moore and Michael Geary]

p.211 A Graphics Editor for the IBM PC

A graphics editor called GLYPHE makes drawing with the PCs graphics characters fun as well as efficient.

[author : Charles B. Duff]

p.232 Comparing the IBM PC and the TI PC

They may look alike but each of these computers has its own special features.

[author : Bobbi Bullard]

p.247 Technical Aspects of IBM PC Compatibility

The IBM PCs success paved the way for IBM PC-compatible computers. But it takes more than an 8088 board to create a plug-compatible machine. The authors explain why.

[author : Charlie Montague, Dave Howse, Bob Mikkelsen, Don Rein, and Dick Mathews]

p.254 The Making of the IBM PC

The success of the 70-year-old International Business Machines Corporation can be explained in one word: marketing.

[author : Brian Camenker]

p.257 Concurrent CP/M

This operating system efficiently uses computer and operator resources.

[author : Joe Guzaitis]

p.272 The IBM PC Meets Ethernet

By adopting Ethernet technology IBM PCs can share peripherals and information

[author : Larry Birenbaum]

p.285 MS-DOS 2.0: An Enhanced 16-bit Operating System

The most recent version of Microsoft's popular single-user operating system offers installable device drivers. Xenix compatibility, and background tasking.

[author : Chris Larson]


p.294 The IBM PC XT and DOS 2.0

[author : Rowland Archer Jr.]

With the XT, IBM took a conservative developmental step; PC-DOS 2.0, on the other hand, took more of a leap.

p.308 The Corona PC

Compatible with the IBM PC, the Corona PC features an 8088 microprocessor, 128K bytes of memory, a high-quality display and the Multimate word-processing program.

[author : Rich Malloy]

p.328 A Look at the HP Series 200 Model 16

Hewlett-Packard's 68000-based microcomputer offers a lot of power in a small package.

[author : Berry Kercheval]

p.352 Three Generations of Business Charts for the IBM PC

Reviews of Graphics Generator from Robert J Brady Co., Chartmaster from Decision Resources and Business Graphics from Business and P rofessional Software Inc.

[author : Jack Bishop]

p.370 A Versatile IBM PC Word Tool: Sorcim's Superwrlter

A powerful and easy-to-use word-processing program. Superwriter provides many functions that are useful in a business environment.

[author : Richard S. Shuford]


p.394 Japan and the Fifth Generation

A look at Japan's efforts to develop artificial intelligence.

[author : Phil Lemmons]

p.402 Speech Images on the IBM PC

With an experimental speech input card, the IBM PC can plot sounds that can prove useful as speech aids for the deaf.

[author : A.J. Cote Jr.]

p.410 Lmodem: A Small Remote-Communication Program

Written in the BDS version of the C programming language, the Lmodem program provides terminal emulation, text capture, and transfer of files.

[author : David D. Clark]

p.430 The Software Tools: Unix Capabilities on Non-Unix Systems

This package includes utility programs, a command interpreter, and a large programming library

[author : Deborah K. Scherrer, Philip H. Scherrer, Thomas H. Strong, and Samuel J. Penny]

p.449 Double the Apple II's Color Choices

How to get your Apple II to provide a wide selection of colors without sacrificing resolution.

[author : Robert H. Sturges Jr.]

p.467 A Character Editor for the IBM PC

A BASIC program called Font lets you substitute custom symbols for a portion of the computer's standard character set.

[author : Raymond A. Diedrichs]

p.560 Statistical Programs for Microcomputers

Test the accuracy of statistical microcomputer software with these tools.

[author : Peter A. Lachenbruch]


p.4 Editorial: Growth vs Quality


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