Vol.8 n°12 december 1983

Vol.8 n°12 december 1983

p.2 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.36 Keep Power-Line Pollution Out of Your Computer

When lightning struck his home and did $3000 worth of damage, Ciarcia decided to strike back with this month's Circuit Cellar project

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.48 BYTE West Coast: Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows lets you test the effectiveness of the desktop metaphor and the mouse.

[author : Phil Lemmons]

p.59 User's Column: Buddy, Can You Spare a Door Latch?

What to do when your disk-drive door is on the fritz and other comedies of errors at Chaos Manor.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]


p.100 Easy Software

Making software easy to use is simpler to say than to do. This month's theme articles explore a variety of approaches to user-interface technology and sample programmers' attempts at making software do more with less effort

[author : Phil Lemmons]

p.103 An Introduction to Integrated Software

Concurrency, shared technology, and functional integration are three ways of integrating software.

[author : Dash Chang]

p.113 Presentation and Form in User-Interface Architecture

With the help of a test group, the author and his colleagues developed an interface that facilitates ease of use and ease of learning.

[author : John M. Carroll]

p.127 Why Is Software So Hard to Use?

Chances are it's the software's fault and not yours.

[author : Sam Edwards]

p.143 Walt Disney and User-Oriented Software

Software designers can learn a few things from Mickey Mouse about communicating ideas.

[author : Paul Heckel]

p.155 Making Life Easier for Professional and Novice Programmers

A debugger that "animates" the program's source code on the screen and lets the programmer engage in what-if analysis to find logic errors can drastically reduce debugging time.

[author : Andy Pope, Geoff Kates, and Dan Fineberg]

p.161 Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

In an attempt to design a truly easy-to-use database manager, the author disregarded nifty features and clever, complex functions in favor of starting fresh .

[author : Martin Dean]

p.177 Integrating Voice in the Office World

The ability to record a spoken message and store it digitally on a computer system makes possible a whole new range of applications.

[author : Robert T. Nicholson]

p.189 The Starburst User Interface

This software package helps you build efficient, powerful menus.

[author : Steven Vandor]

p.199 The Complete Information-Management System

The ideal information-management package maximizes hardware attributes and minimizes user interaction.

[author : Michael J. Brown]

p.210 The Allegory of Software

Tired of the same old desktop metaphor? Maybe the digital kitchen is more up your alley

[author : Tom Houston]

p.218 The New Interface Technology

A close-up look at mice, windows, and other software and hardware developments that make computer systems easier to use.

[author : Robert W. Warfield and George M. White]

p.234 Trackball Interfacing Techniques for Microprocessors

This simple hardware/software interface device is easy to adapt to your interactive personal computer application s.

[author : Edward W Andrews]

p.247 The User Interface: Two Approaches

The philosophical vs. the pragmatic approach to the construction of an efficient user interface.

[author : Martin Herbach, Richard Katz, and Joseph Landau]

p.263 The Future of Metaphor in Man-Computer Systems

Learnability is the single most important concern in user-interface design.

[author : Chuck Clanton]


p.282 Reviewer's Notebook

BYTE's product-review editor comments on products slated for review.

[author : Rich Malloy]

p.286 The Texas Instruments Professional Computer

Based on Intel's 8088 16-bit chip, TI's Professional Computer is the Data Systems Group's entry into the personal computer arena.

[author : Mark Haas]

p.329 The ATR8000

With SWP's Z80 computer, Atari users can run CP/M-based programs.

[author : Dave Small and Sandy Small]

p.343 The Hercules Graphics Card

lf you want crisp, attractive text as well as graphics on the IBM Pc, the Hercules Graphics Card is for you.

[author : Tom Wadlow]

p.360 The Wang Professional Computer

This 16-bit microcomputer provides an easy-to-use word-processing program with sophisticated features.

[author : Elaine Long]

p.372 In Search of the Most Amazing Thing

This adventure game for the IBM PC, Apple, Atari, and Commodore 64 offers you an entire world to explore in your quest for a hidden Object.

[author : Elaine Holden]


p.380 Color Graphics from Any Computer

How to make highquality full-color graphics from your black-and-white monitor.

[author : Frederick B. Essig]

p.400 Mainframe to Micro: Adapting a Financial-Modeling Language

As the microcomputer moves into the office, software developers face new challenges in translating existing mainframe software to the microcomputer environment.

[author : Greg Dunn]

p.417 POKEing Around in the IBM PC, Part 2: Subroutines for the BIOS Interface and Screen-Display Disk Storage

In this final article, the author develops a general-purpose BIOS-interface subroutine that can transfer parameters from a BASIC program to the BIOS and can store BIOS results in memory.

[author : Hugh R. Howson]

p.443 The CMOS 6502

Rockwell's CMOS version of the 6502 microprocessor fills a number of gaps in the standard 6502's instruction set and offers low power-consumption advantages.

[author : Steven Hendrix]

p.457 A Tiger Meets a Dragon

A look at dragon-curve designs and how to print them on an IDS Paper Tiger printer.

[author : Dan Rollins]

p.481 A Computer-Algebra-Based Calculating System

By performing automatic unit conversion, this super-calculator saves time and effort and prevents common errors.

[author : Stuart Edwards]

p.519 The User Looks at Books

Jerry takes time out to round up the best and worst books on CP/M, Pascal, C, and Ada.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]


p.4 Editorial: Christmas in Chapter XI


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p.358, 594 BYTE's Bits IBM Announces the PCjr; Two New Office Products from IBM

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p.596, 598 Book Reviews: Electronically Speaking: Computer Speech Generation; Mastering CP/M

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