Vol.7 n°1 january 1982

Vol.7 n°1 january 1982

p.3 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.26 The Atari Tutorial, Part 5: Scrolling

Coarse and fine scrolling, both horizontally and vertically, let the display screen become a window for viewing large amounts of data.

[author : Chris Crawford]

p.36 A Closer Look at the IBM Personal Computer

The Personal Computer is a versatile microcomputer that can be used in almost any application.

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.72 Analog Interfacing In the Real World

Learn how to design and build economical analog interfaces.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.100 MIKBUG and the TRS-80, Part 2: A File Transfer and Debugging Package

Use your TRS-80 as a file-transfer terminal and debugging monitor for a 6800 system.

[author : Robert Labenski]

p.132 User's Column: Operating Systems, Languages, Statistics, Pirates, and the Lone Wolf

Straight talk on a variety of new products from a hard-to-please computer user.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.160 Build a Joystick A-to-D Converter for the TRS-80 Model I or III, Second In a Series

A hardware/software project to make your TRS-80 "sensitive" to the analog world.

[author : William Barden, Jr.]

p.190 Troubleshooting with Electronic Signatures

A "free-running'" microprocessor can help to fix a malfunctioning computer system.

[author : Kenneth M. Piggott]

p.216 Memory Expansion for the ZX-80

Upgrade your Sinclair ZX-80 for under $200 with a 16 K-byte memory-expansion project.

[author : Hilton K. Ernde]

p.239 An 8080-Based Remote Appliance Controller

BSR X-10 strikes again.

[author : David C. Staehlin]

p.304 Clocked Interrupts for the COSMAC Elf

Hardware and software provide video-display and variable-period interrupts.

[author : Gary H. Price]

p.344 COSMAC EPROM Programmer

How to build a low-cost EPROM programmer based on an RCA 1802 microprocessor.

[author : Dan Rubis]

p.366 An Apple Talks with the Deaf

With the hardware and software described here. you can pick up the phone and wish a deaf friend a good day.

[author : Ned W. Rhodes]

p.397 An Effective Text-Compression Algorithm

Reduce the size of text files by identifying common pairs of letters.

[author : David Cortesi]

p.410 Structured Programming In BASIC

An introduction to the principles of structured programming with examples in Cromemco 32 K Structured BASIC.

[author : Mark Sobell]

p.420 The GEOSAT Program

How to tell if your location is suitable for a satellite-receiving antenna.

[author : Steve Emmett]


p.123 The RCA VP-3301 Data Terminal

[author : Tim Daneliuk]

p.332 SD Systems' Z80 Starter Kit

[author : Wayne Angevine]


p.6 Editorial: Of IBM, Operating Systems, and Rosetta Stones

p.14 Letters

p.114, 206, 433 Technical Forum: Floppy-Disk Performance; Analyze Audio by Visualizing; Z80 Starting Address. One Jump Further

p.118 Education Forum: AC Motor Control: Simple Algorithms and Hardware

p.186 Programming Quickies: Thirty More Days to a Faster Input

p.234, 324, 436 System Notes: Accidental Reset Protection for the Apple II; Add a Peripheral Interface Adapter to Your Apple II; SOFTIM, A Software Timer


p.387 Books Received

p.388 Event Queue

p.393 Clubs and Newsletters

p.394 Software Received

p.404 Ask BYTE

p.416 Product Description: CMOS: Memory with a Future. Ideas Behind CompuPro's RAM 17

p.440 What's New?

p.494 Unclassified Ads

p.495 Reader Service

p.496 BOMB, BOMB Results

In This Issue

IBM's entry into the small-computer market with its Personal Computer was a ·big event in the industry. And that's why we've taken a second look. Showcased in our cover photo by Paul Avis, the IBM Personal Computer is a versatile machine. For an in-depth report on its many features and capabilities read Gregg Williams' article, "A Closer Look at the IBM Personal Computer."

Hardware is our theme this month and among the many articles on that topic are Bill Barden's second in a series, "Build a Joystick A-to-D Converter for the TRS-80 Model I or III," and Kenneth Piggott's "Troubleshooting with Electronic Signatures." As well, learn how to expand your ZX-80's memory, control motors and appliances, and interrupt your Elf. All this plus our regular features and reviews.