Vol.9 n°1 january 1984

Vol.9 n°1 january 1984

p.2 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.37 Build the Circuit Cellar Term-Mite ST Smart Terminal. Part 1: Hardware

Thanks to advancing technology, you can construct an intelligent video terminal with just 21 integrated circuits.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.53 BYTE West Coast: Beyond the Word Processor

Tomorrow's text editors may facilitate text composition from the earliest conceptual stages to the analysis of finished documents.

[author : Phil Lemmons]

p.61 User's Column: Too Many Leads, or What In *;?|#"*? Goes First ?

Jerry covers a lot of territory this month; beginning his journey of a tho us and words with a trip to the Circuit Cellar.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]


p.100 1984 and Beyond

The year calls up inevitable associations with George Orwell's novel of a futuristic, technologically oppressed society and raises questions concerning the presentand future significance of technology to our own culture.

[author : G. Michael Vose]

p.104 Reason and the Software Bus

The Reason research project, exploring artificial intelligence, has developed a software bus that may have a significant effecton future software. As a hardware bus uses ICs, so the software bus manipulates various program components to provide integration, networking, and multitasking.

[author : Michael F. Korns]

p.122 A General-Purpose Robot-Control Language

By bridging the communication gap between people and robots, a plain-language system called Savvy increases the usefulness of these mechanical assistants.

[author : Dan Prendergast, Bill Slade, and Nelson Winkless]

p.134 1984, the Year of the 32-blt Microprocessor

As manufacturers rush to introduce their 32-bit designs, it's time to take a look at what these microprocessors are and what they're good for.

[author : Richard Mateosian]

p.154 Memory Cards: A New Concept In Personal Computing

Picture a microcomputer without a keyboard, without a power supply, and small enough to fit in your wallet. That's just one possible application of memory-card technology.

[author : Mark Mills]

p.172 Computer-aided Design

CAD capabilities on desktop systems can simplify a variety of tasks, from flowcharting to product design, but the choices in hardware and software can be baffling.

[author : Rik Jadrnicek]

p.213 Speech Recognition: An Idea Whose Time Is Coming

While the multidisciplinary nature of the technology may slow its advance, speech recognition is well on its way to becoming a major factor in our interactions with machines.

[author : George M. White]

p.226 Using Natural-Language Systemson Personal Computers

Artificial intelligence offers possible solutions to the problems of communication between people and computers.

[author : Jane Eisenberg and Jeffrey Hill]

p.243 Portables - 1984 and Beyond: Idea-Processing Software and Portable Computers

When your personal computer leaps off your desktop and into your briefcase, what type of software will accompany it?

[author : David Winer and Peter Winer]

p.251 Beyond the Application Program: A Different Approach to Integrated Software

Element managers that implement objects such as spreadsheet tables and paragraphs may supplant the traditional concept of the application program.

[author : John Banning]


p.267 Reviewer's Notebook

This month's notes touch on Seequa Computer Corporation's Chameleon Plus and new trends in the printer market.

[author : Rich Malloy]

p.268 The Zenith Z-100

Supporting both 8-bit and 16-bit software, the Z-100 also offers impressive color graphics.

[author : Ken Skier]

p.282 Pinball Construction Set

Tired of the same old pinball games? Try creating your own with this software-design package.

[author : Elaine Holden]

p.288 The TRS-80 Model 16B with Xenix

One of the most significant features of Radio Shack's new computer is its Unix-derived operating system.

[author : Steve Barry and Randy Jacobson]

p.324 Naturallink to Dow Jones News/Retrieval

A new software package from Texas Instruments simplifies access to a financial database.

[author : Mark Haas]

p.339 The Vamp DVM-1 Computer/TV Interface Kit

The picture quality of your display can suffer when you use a radio-frequency modulator to interface your computer's video output to a standard color television, but a kit from Vamp offers an alternative.

[author : Richard F. Gillette]

p.349 The Einstein Compiler

In addition to speeding up Applesoft BASIC programs, the Einstein compiler provides statistical information on the programs compiled and can function as a debugging tool.

[author : Peter Callamaras]

p.354 The Basis 108

[author : Seth P. Bates]

Apple compatibility is just one of this German import's interesting features.


p.362 Bubbles on the S-100 Bus, Part 1: The Hardware

Using Intel's BPK 72 Bubble-Memory Prototype Kit, you can put together a 128K-byte bubble memory board for an S-100 bus system.

[author : Louis Wheeler]

p.384 Mockingbird: A Composer's Amanuensis

The chief purpose of this music notation editor from Xerox is to help composers capture their ideas by speeding up the notation process.

[author : John Turner Maxwell III and Severo M. Ornstein]

p.403 The VU68K Single-Board Computer

You can construct a 68000-based system for under $200.

[author : Edward M. Carter and A. B. Bonds]

p.417 Translating the SAS Language Into BASIC

A preprocessor program that translates SAS-like statements into equivalent BASIC statements permits SAS like programs to run on a microcomputer.

[author : Jeff Bass]

p.437 A Software Review Method That Really Works

The group walk-through, a process of "playing computer," provides a workable means of correcting programming problems.

[author : Andrew Citron]

p.442 Real-Time Clocks and PC-DOS 2.0

A device-driver program for the clock Chip on a typical multifunction board takes advantage of special provisions in the IBM PC operating system.

[author : David Broadwell]


p.4 Editorial: Revisiting the Luddites


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