Byte Magazine Vol.22 n°1 january 1997

Cover story

p.68 Today the Web, Tomorrow the World.

More than just a web language, Java could be the holy grail of multi platform development.

[author : Tom H. Halfhill]


p.14 Living Dangerously

The squabbling gods must help build bridges between computing platforms.


Readers react to our stories on 64-bit OSes, WebNFS, network computers, on-line help, and more

p.127 1997 Editors' Choice Awards

We honor hardware and software that prove innovation was alive and well in 1996.


p.26 Better Web Tools on the Way

p.28 Smart Netcards Coming to America

p.30 Wireless PDAs

p.32 BYTE Survey: Data Warehouse Woes

p.34 Internet and Outernet

p.36 Security Wake-Up Call

p.38 Corel PDA to Bundle Java Suite

p.40 Sun's McNealy on Java


p.82 Data Warehouses

How to build the best facility for your information, and how to help users find the data they need right now.

p.85 Warehouse Cornerstones

An expert in database management explains how a well-designed data warehouse leads to smarter decisions.

[author : Jay-Louise Weldon]

p.91 Better Clients, Better Decisions

The right tools can turn all that data into useful information.

[author : Alan Simon]

p.97 Take Your Data to the Cleaners

"Dirty" data could bring your warehouse tumbling down.

[author : Mike Hurwicz]

p.41 Silicon Graphics' Wintel Killer

Just when NT-based Pentium Pro PCs are starting to look like hot 3-D machines, SGI introduces the cool blue O2.

[author : Dave Rowell]

p.42 Local AltaVista Searching

AltaVista now lets you aim its popular Internet search engine at your PC and LAN. But you need big metal for good performance.

[author : Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols]

p.47 Multiplatform CodeWarrior

Metrowerks' CodeWarrior 10 hits the scene with development tools for some PDAs.

[author : Raymond G. A. Côté]

p.48 World's Fastest Disk Drive

Seagate makes a giant leap in hard drive speed with the 10,000-rpm Cheetah.

[author : Stan Miastkowski]


p.49 The State of Linux

An update on this 32-bit Unix-like OS, with pointers to even more Linux info.

[author : Jim Mohr]

p.53 Client/Server Magic

Remote procedure calls provide seamless data exchange among applications across a network, regardless of the platform.

[author : Tom Yager]

p.59 Video for Everyone

C-Cube's low-cost MPEG encoder can turn a desktop PC into a video-editing station.

[author : William Chien]

p.63 Java Security and Type Safety

Java's sophisticated security mechanism performs run-time safety checks before it allows a downloaded applet to execute.

[author : Gary McGraw & Edward Felton]

LAB REPORT: Hardware

p.104 Big Screens for Big Jobs

We pick the best of the big-screen monitors.

[author : Dorothy Hudson, Jim Kane and John McDonough]

LAB REPORT: Software

p.116 8 Tools for Weaving Your Web Site

Build your Web site with one of these authoring tools.

[author : Tadesse Giorgis]


p.123 Search Again

Our Webmaster explains how to move beyond basic search-engine capabilities to make your site more informative.

[author : Jon Udell]


p.133 At Last: Pocket PCs That Run Windows

[author : Peter Wayner]

New hand-held PCs bring Windows to the palmtop. We test three HPCs built around Windows CE;


p.137 Dial 411 for Directory Assistance

Novell's latest NetWare release bets big on Java and the intranet.

[author : Steve Gillmor]

p.139 Hot Sauce for Cooking Up Databases

If you've got Salsa, you don't need to understand database theory to build an application.

[author : Russell Kay]


p.141 A Hard Drive and a Hot Santa Ana

It's a month of disasters at Chaos Manor: Jerry has to replace a baked hard drive, and Cyrus needs internal surgery after taking a fall.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]


p.184 Design Intelligence's i-publish helps you turn ideas into compelling documents; the Tektronix Phaser 350 rivals fast color laser printers.


p.192 You Can Start Developing Now

Moss Micro's programming tool guides you down the path of Visual Basic.


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