Vol.23 n°1 january 1998

Vol.23 n°1 january 1998

p.4 Contents

Cover Story : 1998's top 25 technologies

p.54 Standing on a Moving Platform

p.56 The Next Windows

p.58 CPU Interface Wars

p.60 Java Evolves

p.63 Centralized Management for Desktops

p.64 Stop the Insanity

p.66 MultiWin Gets Its Audition

p.70 Apple Plays a Rhapsody

p.71 Extranets Reach the Spotlight

p.72 Serving Up Storage

p.73 HTML Groupware

p.74 Memories of Things to Come

p.75 Solving for the Year 2000

p.76 The Smartcard Invasion

p.77 DVD Stands for DiVideD

p.78 Broadband Goes Guerrilla

p.79 Dynamic HTML and Scriptlets Add Life

p.80 XML

p.81 Transacting On the Web

p.82 The Next Internet

p.83 I Am Virus: Hear Me Roar

p.84 Gigabit Ethernet Gears Up

p.85 When Will E-Cash Jingle in Your E-Pocket?

p.86 Call Control for the Rest of Us

p.87 Getting the Message

p.88 Actions on All Fronts






p.22 Java Lawsuit: Just PR?

p.23 Bigger Flat Panels

p.26 Remote Access Devices Mix Analog and Digital

p.28 New Macs Pick Up Speed

p.32 Next for NetWare


p.33 Four Tillamooks Face Off

New 233-MHz Pentium notebooks from Compaq, Hewlett--Packard, NEC, and Toshiba.

[theme : Notebooks]

p.39 PowerSite Straddles the Object World

Sybase PowerSite offers agnostic Web development.

[theme : Web development]

p.40 Windows CE Goes Global

With Windows CE 2.0, you can now put Windows on color hand-helds.


p.43 Dynamic HTML Explained, Part III

Data binding utilizes data source objects that can cache Web pages, speeding up Internet access.

[author : Rick Dobson] [theme : Programming]

p.45 A First Look at Rhapsody

Apple's Rhapsody offers modern OS features, but the UI needs some work, and certain Mac technologies are missing.

[author : Tom Thompson] [theme : Operating Systems]

p.47 IIOP: The Next HTTP?

TCP/IP version of a messaging protocol enables client/server communications over the Net.

[author : Paul Clip] [theme : Networks]

p.49 RISC Fights Back with the Mips R12000

SGI tweaks its chip with better bus bandwidth, wider parallelism, and stronger emphasis on FP performance.

[author : Tom R. Halfhill] [theme : CPUs]

p.51 Enabling the Real-Time Enterprise

A new communications infrastructure moves critical data through intranets at nearly real-time speed.

[author : Dale Skeen]

Lab Report

p.98 Eight Heavy-Hitting NT Workstations

We stress-test 300-MHz PII workstations with the 440LX chip set.

[author : Michelle Campanale] [theme : Hardware]

p.108 Nine Fax Programs to Serve the Internet

We wring out nine fax servers for workgroups and the enterprise.

[author : William Wong]

Web Project

p.89 HTTP Authentication

Worried that anyone can get into your site? Authentication is the answer, but not all Web servers do it the same.

[author : Jon Udell]


p.93 More Java Persistence

A look at another Java-enable database reveals what's in store for you.

[author : Rich Grehan]

Chaos Manor

p.123 From the Workbench

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry builds a new system that uses AMD's K6 MMX Enhanced chip.


p.115 Do You Hear What I Say?

Dictation with continuous speech recognition.

[theme : Speech Technology]

p.117 Making Java Development JSafe

RSA's JSafe offers the tools for crypto-enabled applets.

[theme : Java Crypto API]

p.119 Cable Modems Take the Early Lead

Cable modems live up to their promise of high-speed access.

[theme : Lab Notes: modems]

p.122 Which Compiler Is Fastest?

Our tests reveal surprising bugs and inefficiencies.

[theme : Lab Notes: C++ Compilers]

What's New

p.151 Wintel notebooks from a former Mac cloner, HP's Kayaks, NT clustering, Web commerce tools, and more new hardware and software.


p.156 Pet Sounds

New technology combines three of the most annoying things about modern life: car alarms, barking dogs, and cell phones.


Product Information


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p.148 Alphabetical Order

p.150 Editorial Index by Company



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