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Vol.21 n°1 january 1996

Cover story

p.44 The World's Fastest Computers

[author : Tom Thompson]

p.47 Convex : Hypernode Power

p.52 Cray: Faster than a Bottleneck Bullet

p.54 IBM: The Blue Flash

p.58 SGI: Powerfull Secret Identity

p.62 The World's Fastest Computers (fot Now)

p.64 Super Vision

Network Project

p.107 Server Management

A look at OS and server combinations that can ease Web-site management.

[author : Jon Udell]


p.80NA 2 Installations: Unix Takes Off

Boeing incorporates commercial code in the maintenance system on its new 777.

[author : Cate T. Corcoran]

p.67 AMD K6 Takes On Intel P6

AMD new K6 (formerly the NextGen Nx686) is the first x86 chip with special multimedia instructions.

[author : Tom R. Halfhill]

p.77 Wired on the Web

Cooler than iced capuccino, Sun's HotJava browser technology brings interactive applications and other deluxe stuff to the web. It could also become a universal OS.

[author : Andrew Singleton]

State of the Art

p.81 Killer Components

Today standards define common interface to make components interoperable. Do they go far enough?

[author : Alan Joch] [theme : Componentware]

p.83 Integration, Not Perspiration

CORBA, OLE and OpenDoc promise to make it easier to develop applications.

[author : David S. Linthicum] [theme : Componentware]

p.99 Components Everywhere

A look at two competing technologies for distributing components on your network: Microsoft's Network OLE and the OMG's CORBA.

[author : Tom R. Halfhill and Salvatore Salamone] [theme : Componentware]

News & Views

p.24 How the Web Will Change Computing

Businesses will increasingly use Web browsers and interpreted languages like Java for cross-platform applications.

[theme : Internet Web Browsers]

p.25 Intel Beats the Clock... Again

The Pentium gets even faster, hitting a new peak of 200 MHz.

[theme : Processors]

p.26 Better Tools Reduce Clutter

Okay, here's another story about the paperless office. But this time, it's personal.

[theme : Personal Scanners]

p.30 Higher Data Speeds Coming for Plain Phone Lines

ADSL is more than just another acronym. It's technology that will bring high-speed communications over ordinary phone lines.

[theme : Communications]

p.34 PDA Vendors Improve PC Links

BYTE readers said they want better links between their personal computers and PDAs. Seems like PDA vendors are finally starting to deliver what you asked for.

[theme : Personal Digital Assistants]

p.36 Coming: Thousands of Internet On-Ramps

Soon, you might use a phone to write home.

[theme : Internet Access]

p.38 Code Talk: A Programmer Needs a Maid

With apologies to Neil Young, Rick Grehan writes this month about a new tool that automates that age-old hassle: garbage collection.

[theme : Programming]

p.40 The Best of Comdex

[theme : Hot Products]

We're too tired to say anything more than: Turn to this page to see what really sparkled at the latest Vegas extravaganza.

p.168 What's New

Gateway's Solo V120 is a zippy little Win 95 notebook: Lotus Approach 96 makes database work a breeze; plus more.


p.113 New Media Is the Message

The latest Power Macs come equiped with sound, video, telephony, conferencing, fax and speech recognition.

[author : Rick Grehan] [theme : Multimedia Machine]

p.129 Sumo Graphics Giants Weigh In

Two new graphics suites for Windows 95 from Corel and Micrografx.

[author : Stanford Diehl and G. Armour Van Horn] [theme : Graphics Software]

p.133 Self-Serve Information

Fax-on-demand programs are demanding, but they'll serve your customers well.

[author : David Essex and Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols] [theme : Fax-Back Software]

p.137 3-D without RISC

The first Pentium Pro (P6) system—Intergraph's TDZ-400—deliver 3-D graphics performance so strinking it'll make you feel good about not taking a RISC.

[author : Dave Rowell] [theme : Graphics Workstations]

p.139 Ultrafast UltraSPARCs

A new processor, an innovative bus design, and a specialized instruction set make Sun Ultra I a high-performance workstation for graphics.

[author : Ben Smith] [theme : Graphics Workstations]

p.141 Best Low-Cost Printer on the LAN

Our tests show that HP's new LaserJet 5Si MX is the best in its class.

[author : Dave Rowell] [theme : Network Printers]

p.143 Power Tools for Data Drilling

IQ/Objects and PowerPlay take different approaches to finding answers in complex databases.

[author : David S. Linthicum] [theme : Analysis Software]

p.147 Software Roundup: Tame the Network

A comparison of five programs for managing all those connected devices.

[author : Tadesse W. Giorgis] [theme : Network Managers]

p.116 Lab Report: 20 Big-Picture Monitors

We test tubes with 1600 by 1200 resolution and other addictive characteristics, then pick the best pictures and the best deals.

[author : Chandrika Mysore] [theme : High-Res Minotors]

p.118 Pivot 1700: A Moving Alternative

p.123 Access.bus Technology

p.123 Honorable Mentions

p.124 How We Tested

Core Technologies

p.153 StrongARM Tactics

This amazing little chip from ARM could be the brain of next-generatio PDA's and other smart gadgets.

[author : Dick Pountain] [theme : CPUS]

p.155 Is Your Network Secure?

Internet security requires a good foundation. Using the least-privilege approach to secure the underlying OS helps type enforcement provide this foundation.

[author : Dan Thomsen and Winn Schwartau] [theme : Operating Systems]

p.157 Clean Up: C++ Garbage Collection

Here's a tool that can make programmers more productive by helping them take out the trash.

[author : Justin Miller] [theme : Programming]

p.159 More Control, Fewer Headaches

Integrating configuration management with the NOS and systems management tools reduces LAN supports costs and problems.

[author : Salvatore Salamone] [theme : Networks]


p.161 Pournelle: Dead Chickens and Portable Data

Jerry looks at transportable data, using everything from drugstore composition books to a database builder and a radio-linked portable.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.41 Books and CD-ROMs: Pentium Pin-Out Signals and More

A great big book on the Pentium, a smaller book about technological evolution and two CDs for children.

[author : Tom R. Halfhill, Rick Cook, and Jeff Macclay]

p.218 Commentary: The Real Software Crisis

There's a serious shortage of really good programmers.

[author : Bruce F. Webster]

p.10 Editorial: Web Sites: Don't Blink

[author : Raphael Needleman]

p.18 Letters

Reader service

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p.216 Editorial Index by Company

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p.175 Buyer's guide

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