Vol.21 n°2 february 1996

Cover Story

p.50 Toss Your TV

Tune in tomorrow when the internet takes over audio and video broadcasting.

[author : Edmund X. Dejesus]

p.53 Get Real-time

p.54 We Don't Need No Stinking Computers

p.56 Playing MIME Games

p.60 Anyone Connected to the MBone?

p.60 AT&T Paradyne's Bandwidth Revolution

p.62 Tour the Sites and Sounds

p.97 Unix Special Report

Begins on page 97

p.101 Net Programming for the Masses

p.105 Stack Attack

p.109 Windows without Walls

p.117 SunSoft's Object Lesson

p.123 Linux matters


p.43 1995 Editors' Choice Awards

Kudos to the technically superior products that bring new ways to solve critical problems.

p.69 Agents and Avatars

Controversial characters are going on-line, showing up in virtual office, and chatting on the web.

[author : Tom R. Halfhill]

p.72NA 2 Installations: DMV Hits Pothole

Fifty-million dollars later, Califonia's Departement of Motor Vehicules scraps its computer upgrade and starts reengineering.

[author : Christine White]

Network Project

p.137 Damn Lies

Web statistics can be downright misleading. Here's how to analyse the traffic to your website.

[author : Jon Udell]

State of the Art

p.73 Merging Voice and Data

New technologies let voice traffic share data lines.

[author : Salvatore Salamone] [theme : Voice/Data Integration]

p.75 ISDN: Give Up and Go?

Tired of waiting for ISDN? New modern and line-sharing technologies use existing wires to deliver voice and data to your office or home.

[author : Salvatore Salamone]

p.83 Dial 1-800-Internet

Phoneware and a Net connection will let you talk all day without ringing up long-distance bills.

[author : Nathan Muller]

p.89 Voice Gets Framed

Frame relay, an economical choice for data network, saves more money when it also carries voice traffic.

[author : Christine Heckart and Beth Gage]

News & Views

p.24 Win 95 Roars with Pentium-Class PCs

New CPUs from Intel, Cyrix and NextGen keep cranking up the speed of running PC software.

p.25 PowerPCs Still a Spec on the Horizon

PowerPC machines based on the latest platform spec are on the way from several hardware makers.

p.25 Web Forces Change

Internet technology is making major vendors like Microsoft, Lotus, and Compuserve revise their way of thinking—and pricing.

p.26 Alternative Input Spells Relief

Chairs with keyboards arms, keyboards that look warped by the rain—do they help prevent injury?

p.30 Notebooks Take on Rugged Challenges

Rugged PCs don't have to weigh as much as you do.

p.34 Au Revoir, Overheads

New technologies are changing portable projection products.

p.36 Home PC Sales Pass Peak

A computer in every home? Not in this century.

p.38 Code Talk: Add Spreadsheets, Charting to Programs with Ease

Rick Grehan looks at new OLE custom controls that simplify building-block-style programming.

p.36 Year 2000 Promises Strange Days Ahead

Along with end-of-the-world prophecies, the big date change will mean billions spent on the switch from two-digit to four-digit-year data.

p.38 New Docks Improve Commuter Computers

Notebook designers are paying more attention to users who want just one machine.

p.40 Coming: Faster, Cheaper Optical Data Links

New optical interconnectors will deliver the high speed of fiber at less expensive prices.

p.202 What's New

Previews of a pointing device and AT&T's PC Phone, as well as lots of new hardware and software.


p.155 Pentium Pro Makes NT Fly

Five Pentium Pro systems running Windoxs NT soar through our 32-bit CPU and applications tests. Plus, performance comparisons of today's fastest CPUs.

[author : Selinda Chiquioine and Dave Rowell] [theme : Personal Workstations]

p.163 Enter the NetWare Impostor

With File and Print Services for NetWare, Microsoft hopes to ease the transition from Novell—to NT—based networks.

[author : Steve Gillmor] [theme : Network Software]

p.165 CD-ROM Has a New MO

Plasmon Data's PD2000e combines a 4X CD-ROM reader with high-capacity rewritable storage.

[author : Andrew Froning] [theme : Storage]

p.167 OpenDoc: Small Is Beautiful

OpenDoc finally comes to market, promising better integration of applications.

[author : Raymond Ga Côté] [theme : Component Technology]

p.169 OOP from the Guy Who Wrote the Book

The Eiffel language's textbook-correct, object-oriented environment is available to developers in Tower Technology's TowerEiffel for Unix and Windows NT.

[author : Peter D. Varhol] [theme : Development Environment]

p.173 Prospero's Magic Application Integrator

Oberon's visual programming system integrates Windows apps to automate data handling.

[author : Kelly Trammell] [theme : Programming Tools]

p.175 Where on Earth am I?

Satellites and the Global Positionning System tell these PC Cards where you are—more or less.

[author : George V. Kinal] [theme : Mobile Communications]

p.179 Software Roundup: Desktop Publishing Photo Finish

The four leading programs for Windows—PageMaker, Ventura, FrameMaker, and Quark—are all feature-full and fast. The difference are in the details.

[author : David Seachrist]

p.142 Lab Report: 18 Graphics Cards Quick on the Draw

We tested 18 graphics cards that boost performance and produce razor-sharp images.

[author : Jim Kane and John McDonough]

p.144 The Best in Ultrafast Graphics Adapters

p.144 MPEG: Pay for Play

p.147 Diamond's New Edge

p.147 Elsa Incorporates Glint Chip for Accelerated 3-D

p.148 How We Tested

Core Technologies

p.193 Extending the OS/2 Interface

Extending the objects in OS/2's Workplace Shell is not for the faint of heart. But it can be an elegant and efficient way to modify the UI.

[author : Kurt Westerfeld] [theme : Operating Systems]

p.195 An Alpha in PC Clothing

New emulation technology enables one of the world's fastest CPUs to run Windows applications at near-native speed.

[author : Tom Thompson] [theme : Chips]

p.197 What's the Future of Dylan?

Apple's Dylan is an expressive, powerful object-oriented language. But it may be too late to make a difference.

[author : Dick Pountain] [theme : Programming]

p.199 IP Address Management on LANs

Managing IP adresses grows important as more people require access to Unix hosts and the Internet.

[author : Bob Schoettle]


p.185 Pournelle: SuperCow on the Beach

Jerry imagines life without a desktop, attends the Hackers'Conference, and overcomes more Windows 95 woes.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.41 Books and CD-ROMs: Take Home Takedown

Tsutomu Shimomura takes down Kevin Mitnick; a new CD lets you take on Visual Basic.

[author : John Montgomery and Rick Grehan]

p.240 Commentary: From Copyrights to Telerights

A simple solution to the problems of copyrights in this digital era.

[author : Wade Riddick]

p.10 Editorial: Not Till It Flies!

[author : Raphael Needleman]

p.18 Letters

Readers write about software that doesn't work, HTML, tools, the Pentium Pro, and more.

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