Vol.20 n°1 january 1995

Vol.20 n°1 january 1995

News & Views

p.24 What Notes Users Want

As great as Lotus Notes is for deploying productivity-enhancing applications throughout a company, it still suffers from numerous weaknesses. Here's what users want and a hint of things to come from Lotus.

[theme : GROUPWARE]

p.28 End-User Windows Databases Take Off

BYTE looks at three Windows database offerings - Microsoft Access 2.0, Lotus Approach 3.0, and Alpha Software's Alpha Fiver for Windows - that claim to be the best end-user database available.


p.30 15 MB in a Matchbook

The storage capacities of personal communications devices, pagers, and digital cameras could improve greatly in 1995 thanks to a 32-Mb new flash memory device called CompactFlash from SunDisk.


p.30 Infrared Gets Real

The Infrared Data Association's new standard has vendors getting on board the infrared bandwagon.


p.34 Professional Video Prices Drop

Powerful desktop computers combined with new video editing programs are delivering professional video editing to the PC, Mac, and Power Mac platforms.


p.36 Indexing Gets Smart

Information publishers are turning to a new breed of smart indexing tools that can automatically summarize and condense huge documents without human intervention.


p.40 The Next On-Line Wave

On-line services are responding to the enormous demand of users for Internet accessibility by incorporating Internet access and tools


p.240 What's New

The PN60 prints color anywhere; CalcPac calculates in Windows; Duet puts a Mac voice in PCs; and more;

[theme : NEW PRODUCTS]

Special Report: Small-Office Computing

p.120 Small-Office Computing

[author : Paulina Borsook and Michael Nadeau]

p.125 The Virtual Storefront

[author : Andrew Singleton]

p.126 Making the Internet Connection

p.132 One Person's Internet Business

p.133 Curing the Windows Fax Blues

[author : Stan Miastkowski]

p.145 Doing It All on One Line

[author : Andy Reinhardt]

p.149 Caller ID Goes to Work

[author : Gilbert Amine and Annette Riggio and Ellis Hill]

p.155 High-Tech Bookkeeping

[author : Ken Sheldon]


p.49 1994 BYTE Awards

BYTE editors pick the 50 outstanding products or technologies of the past year.

[author : Dennis Barker]

p.64 Solutions Focus: The Newton Goes Vertical

Why a maker of phone-testing equipment chose to repackage the Apple Newton MessagePad as its solution for client/server-based automated field service.

[author : Andy Reinhardt]

p.75 Mosaic: Beyond Net Surfing

This GUI navigator is also a tool for doing business on the World Wide Web.

[author : John R. Vacca]

State of the Art

p.88 Matching Colors

Getting the color you want without unpleasant surprises is no simple trick.

[author : Russell Kay]

p.93 Consistent Color

New software standards help manage color for consistent and accurate reproduction.

[author : Michael Sugihara]

p.101 On-Screen Color

Today's crop of monitors are producing better color than ever. Here are some tips on how you can pick the best monitor and video card to get the kind of color accuracy you need.

[author : Bill Hilliard]

p.109 Final Output

Color printers, more affordable than ever, hold out the promise of better color.

[author : Michael Weiss]


p.165 Quad-Speed CD-ROM Delivers

Four new quad-speed CD-ROM drives are affordable if you work with high-speed video or animation.

[theme : CD-ROM DRIVES] [author : Michael Nadeau]

p.171 Lively Pictures

HSC Software's Live Picture is an impressive image editor for the Power Mac.

[theme : IMAGE EDITING] [author : Trevor Marshall]

p.175 Apple's Workgroup Server 9150

Apple presents its top-of-the-line PowerPC-based system as an application server.

[theme : APPLICATION SERVERS] [author : Raymond Ga Côté]

p.179 Prograph CPX: Purely Visual

Macintosh programmers have access to a powerful visual-programming environment - and it's not from Microsoft.

[theme : PROGRAMMING] [author : Raymond Ga Côté]

p.183 Software Roundup: Powerful Presentations for Windows

The traditional slide-show leaders - Charisma, Harvard Graphics, Lotus Freelance Graphics, and Microsoft PowerPoint - concentrate on power and usability.

[theme : PRESENTATION SOFTWARE] [author : Susan Yeaton]

p.191 Audience Share

[theme : PROJECTION PANELS] [author : G. Armour Van Horn]

As more people incorporate sound and video in their presentations, projection panels must keep up. Proxima's new Ovation+ active-matrix LCD projection panels support 24-bit color and stereo sound.

p.193 dBase Does Windows

The Windows version of dBase makes all the right noises in object orientation and ease of use, and it knows how to read old dBase files.

[theme : DATABASES] [author : Jim Carls]

p.197 Internet with Style

Netscape Communication's free Mosaic browser is optimized for 14.4-Kpbs modem connections. Versions of its commercial Mosaic server offer security features to enable commerce on the Internet.

[theme : INTERNET INTERFACES] [author : Ben Smith]

p.201 Bringing 3-D Modeling to PCs

Autodesk releases AutoCAD Designer 1.0, a 3-D solid-modeling program.

[theme : MODELING SOFTWARE] [author : Evan Yares]

p.204 Lab Report: 62 Big, Beautiful Color Monitors

BYTE/NSTL searches for the best 17-, 20-, and 21-inch monitors, using an extensive battery of tests to measure image quality, sharpness, contrast, convergence, legibility, power consumption, and distortion. We also evaluate ease of setup, controls, power management, and documentation.


p.206 The Best 17-inch Monitors

p.210 How We Tested

p.212 The Best 20-and 21-inch Monitors

p.216 Honorable Mentions

p.216 Dubious Achievements

Core Technologies

p.223 FPU Precision

A simple comparison program can help programmers who grapple with FPU imprecision.

[theme : PROGRAMMING] [author : Oliver Sharp]

p.225 AMD's 29030 Microprocessor

A flexible bus interface and the ability to sustain high performance with low-cost memory make the 29030 a good choice for the embedded market.

[theme : CPUS] [author : Floyd Goodrich]

p.227 The Oberon/F System

Niklaus Wirth's Oberon/F is a lightweight, portable, object-oriented component framework for the Windows and Mac environments.

[theme : OPERATING SYSTEMS] [author : Dick Pountain]

p.229 Daisy-Chain Ethernet

Bring the legendary simplicity and flexibility of PhoneNet to the twisted-pair Ethernet LAN.

[author : Stan Miastkowski]


p.231 Pournelle: Communications Issues

Jerry discusses modems and networking.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.45 Books and CD-ROMs: Creating Life in a Computer

A look at books on artificial life and genetic programming and a CD-ROM on warplanes.

[author : Andrew Singleton and Russell Kay]

p.296 Commentary: Who Needs the Internet?

Heresy or a cogent view?

[author : Richard Jennings]

p.14 Publisher's Letter

[author : David Egan]

p.41 Blasts from the Past

Highlights from two decades of covering the PC revolution.

p.18 Letters

Readers describe solutions using agent technology and express frustration with TCP/IP addressing.

p.140 Reader Survey


p.294 Editorial Index by Company

p.290 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.292 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

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