Vol.20 n°10 october 1995


p.52 The New PC

Despite faster and faster chips, today's PC is basically yesterday's AT. But that's about to change. Here are the technologies that will help the PC evolve to its next stage. Plus, some products that embody these new technologies.

[author : Tom R. Halfhill]

p.54 ATX Motherboards

p.58 Intel and Microsoft: The Agents of Change

p.60 Archistrat 4s

p.62 120-MB Disks

p.64 Integrated Telephony


p.69 Face to Face

Videoconferencing systems from different vendors can now work together, thanks to the H.32x standard. Plus, some products that let you send your face over the phone line.

[author : Andrew W. Davis] [theme : VIDEOCONFERENCING]

p.77 Picking the Crypto Locks

With today's hardware and a new technique called differential cryptanalysis, it's getting easier for data burglars to crack your safe. What can you do to keep them out?

[author : Peter Wayner] [theme : SECURITY]

p.78 Factoring in Public-Key's Future

p.80NA 2 Olympic-Size Data Pool

Athletes aren't the only ones in training for the Olympic Games in Atlanta. Technology jocks have been running around to set up the systems that will crack competitors and results.

[author : Salvatore Salamone] [theme : SOLUTIONS FOCUS]

State of the Art

p.81 Data Mining

There's gold in those hills of data.

[author : Edmund X. Dejesus] [theme : DATA MINING]

p.83 The Data Gold Rush

Here's how corporations, researchers, and scientists are using data-mining techniques to discover everything from new customers to new galaxies.

[author : Sara Reese Hedberg]

p.91 A Data Miner's Tools

You can dig it with query-and-reporting programs, multidimensional analysis software, and intelligent agents.

[author : Karen Watterson]

p.97 Data-Mining Dynamite

Supercharge your data-mining projects with data cleansing, data warehouses, parallel processing, and mega-storage.

[author : Cheryl D. Krivda]

p.102 Data-Warehouse Construction Tips

The Byte Network Project

p.105 BOMB's Away

How we built a Web-based survey to get feedback from readers. And how you can turn your Web server into an application server that connects you to customers, suppliers, and business partners.

[author : Jon Udell]

p.106 Anatomy of the Web BOMB

News & Views

p.26 Intel's Rivals Ready to Exploit P6 Weakness

Intel's rivals say their next chips will be better than the P6 running 16-bit software.

[theme : X86 PROCESSORS]

p.21 Coming A Better Multimedia Platform

Several multimedia components for Win 95 won't be available for months.

[theme : WINDOWS 95]

p.30 New Replication Options in Access, Oracle, and Notes

Access for Windows 95 acquires a compelling feature.


p.34 Run-Time Error Checking Comes to Compilers

Borland, Microsoft, and Nu-Mega are building real-time error checking into their compilers.


p.36 We Plugged, but They Didn't All Play

Tests of several new Plug and Play devices show that unless you have all the required pieces in your system, you can expect to do a lot of work.

[theme : WINDOWS 95]

p.46 Radio Comes to Cyberspace

A new era in broadcasting begins on the Internet


p.48 3-D Images That Float in Air

A new system can project images from a PC so that they appear to be solid objects suspended in air.


p.190 What's New

Apple's PowerBook 5300c combines RISC processing power with great battery life; Intuit's QuickBooks Pro manages your business finances; plus more


p.113 Windows 95: The Numbers

The new Windows architecture delivers enhanced performance, but as BYTE testing reveals, there are strings attached

[author : Stanford Diehl] [theme : OPERATING SYSTEMS]

p.117 Applications 95 Arrive

Programs that make Windows 95 worth the wait

[author : Stanford Diehl] [theme : WINDOWS 95]

p.123 Power Mac Gets PCI

Apple's Power Mac 9500 delivers great performance and the promise of fast, low-cost PCI peripherals

[author : Tom Thompson] [theme : SYSTEMS]

p.127 Au Revoir, Mon Ami

Ami Pro gets a major upgrade, new workgroup features, and a new name, Word Pro

[author : Kenneth M. Sheldon] [theme : WORD PROCESSORS]

p.129 Digital Cameras for Real Work

New digital cameras from Apple, Kodak, and Logitech find a balance between price and image quality

[author : Scott Wallace] [theme : GRAPHICS HARDWARE]

p.133 Let's Get Small

A remarkably complete embedded development system

[author : Rick Grehan] [theme : EMBEDDED DESIGN]

p.137 Software Roundup: Industrial-Strength Fax Servers

After some hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing installations, we test network-based faxing software that can handle the heavy loads of a workgroup

[author : Rex Baldazo and David Essex and Stan Miastkowski]

Core Technology

p.167 Is There a GLINT in Your Future?

3Dlabs' chip produces fast 3-D graphics. Here's how it does those dazzling displays

[author : Alan Morgan and Trevor Marshall and John Davey] [theme : CPUS]

p.173 Weaving a Thread

Solaris and Windows NT bring the power, speed, and efficiency of multithreading and symmetric multiprocessing to the desktop

[author : Shashi Prasad] [theme : OPERATING SYSTEMS]

p.177 The Standard Template Library

How do you build an algorithm that is both generic and efficient?

[author : Alexander Stepanov] [theme : PROGRAMMING]

p.179 Internet Firewalls

An industry group is attempting to bring order to firewalls, demand for which is spurred by intrusions.

[author : Stephen Cobb]


p.181 Pournelle: Death Swoops and Upgrades

Jerry witnesses several test flights. First the DC/X spacecraft, and then a new Pentium, a new hard drive, and several builds of Windows 95

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.49 Books and CD-ROMs: Working in the Code Mine

A novel about working at Microsoft. Plus, a Marilyn Monroe CD-ROM

[author : Dennis Barker and Jeff Macclay]

p.250 Commentary: Ambiguity Machines

Computers are better at poetry than mathematics

[author : Jacques Leslie]

p.12 Editorial

[author : Raphael Needleman]

p.20 Letters

Readers write about our coverage of Windows 95, Microsoft, OS/2, and RAD; an Amiga update; and more


p.146 Lab Report: 11 Ultraportables Go The Distance

These lightweight, feature-packed tiny PCs hold some surprise and won't cramp your style.

[author : Anthony J. Lennon and John Mcdonough]

p.148 High-end Ultraportables

p.150 Lost-cost alternatives

p.156 How we tested

p.156 Hot CPU Chips Keep Their Cool

p.160 Apple Dynamic Duo

p.160 Color for the road

p.161 Honorable Mentions

p.161 Zinc-Air Batteries Last All Day

p.199 Reader Survey

Reader service

p.348 Editorial Index by Company

p.244 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

Index to Advertisers by

p.246 Product Category

Inquiry Reply Cards: 96A, 244A

p.201 Buyer's guide

Mail Order

Hardware/Software Showcase

Buyer's Mart

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