Vol.19 n°1 january 1994

Vol.19 n°1 january 1994


p.18 Chicago Enters Beta Testing

Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows that takes several steps toward rivaling IBM's OS/2.

[theme : WINDOWS]

p.19 Apple Provides PC on a Mac

Apple's new card lets you run DOS and Windows applications and cut and paste among your Mac and PC programs.


p.24 Competition for Active Matrix

The first commercial cold cathode field emission displays, which may compete with active-matrix screens, could show up this year.


p.28 Graphics Gets Down to Basics

Though not as powerful as full-featured drawing programs, programs like Visio and SnapGrafx make it easy to generate professional graphics for business


p.32 A Giant Leap for Borland C++

Borland now has the best C++ environment, but just barely;


p.36 Speedy CDs Improve Video Performance

Toshiba and others are developing new CD-ROM players to improve the performance of video playback on multimedia computers.

[theme : CD-ROM DRIVES]

p.40 Remote Control Gets Redirected

Several programs offer an inexpensive, though less capable, alternative to dedicated hardware/software solutions for remote LAN access.

p.40 Falling Prices Boost ISDN

The falling prices of ISDN in Europe may spark growth in telecomm and videoteleconferencing applications.


p.254 What's New

A desktop unit that faxes, prints, copies, and scans; a wireless device that coexists with your mouse; software that learns from experience; and more.

[theme : NEW PRODUCTS]


p.117 Introduction: The Great OS Debate

[author : Jon Udell]

p.119 Small Kernels Hit It Big

Microsoft, IBM, USL, and others differ in their opinions on how best to implement microkernel architecture into new operating systems

[author : Peter D. Varhol]

p.131 The Chorus Microkernel

Pountain takes a look at Chorus/MiX, a microkernel-based distributed Unix operating system from France.

[author : Dick Pountain]

p.139 Objects on the March

The trend is toward an object-oriented approach to the design of operating systems.

[author : Peter Wayner]

p.155 Personality Plus

Multiple operating-system personalities are here to stay.

[author : Frank Hayes]


p.46 1993 BYTE Awards

The best products of 1993 provide a window to the trends of 1994.

[author : Michael Nadeau]


p.74 Microprocessor Trends

Several trends converge to threaten the near monopoly the Intel 80x86 architecture enjoys on the desktoP;

[theme : NEXT-GENERATION CPUS] [author : Dick Pountain]

p.77 Power2 Takes the Lead, For Now

p.83 M1 Challenges Pentium

Cyrix will compete with Intel's Pentium using an innovative 80x86 superscalar processor;

[author : Bob Ryan]

p.87 Pipeline Hazards : RISC Grows Up

RISC vendors expand their offering to respond to the needs of a wider variety of applications.

[author : Bob Ryan and Tom Thompson]

p.101 Intel/VLSI Join the PDA Fray

The Intel/VLSI Polar chip set brings the 80x86 architecture to the PDA realm.

[author : Paul Statt]

p.104 The Am386SC Does DOS and Windows

p.105 The AT&T Hobbit Enters Its Second Generation

p.107 Digital Video Goes Real-Time

Real-time video might soon be on your desktop thanks to C-Cube's VideoRISC Compression Architecture, which can encode video on the fly using either MPEG 1 or MPEG 2.

[author : Peter Wayner]


p.172 Paths to Platform Independence

With multiplatform toolkits, you can build applications for Windows, the Mac, X/Motif, OS/2 Presentation Manager, and a variety of other platforms - from a single set of sources. Apiki develops an application with Liant Software's C++/Views, WNDX, XVT Software's XVT, and Zinc's Application Frameworks and evaluates each product for its programming environment and for its portability across multiple operating systems.

[theme : CROSS-PLATFORM TOOLKITS] [author : Steve Apiki]

p.179 Opening Night for Premiere 3.0

For multimedia audio and video, Adobe Premiere 3.0 offers impressive editing capabilities - if you've got the hardware to handle it. Lindstrom evaluates the latest version of Premiere as a professional tool for videodevelopment.

[theme : MULTIMEDIA] [author : Bob Lindstrom]

p.183 Digital-Media Power

Imaginative packaging and start-up software add some fun to SGI's new low-price workstation. The fun doesn't detract from the Indy's computing price/performance, 2-D graphics strengths, and ability to work with both Macs and PCs. Ben Smith's hands-on testing finds the new Indy serious about 2-D graphics and SGI's concept of digital media;

[theme : UNIX WORKSTATION] [author : Ben Smith]

p.189 NT Programming's Early Leader

Microsoft's Visual C++ 32-bit Edition shows flaws, but overall, it delivers effective tools for Windows NT programming and for porting 16-bit Windows applications.

[theme : PROGRAMMING TOOLS] [author : Oliver Sharp]

p.197 New Mac Blazes Technology Trails

Apple's new Mac Quadra 840AV makes the move into video and voice communications with a faster CPU, a built-in DSP, video connections, and software for voice recognition and text-to-speech conversion.

[theme : DESKTOP SYSTEM] [author : Tom Thompson]

p.202 Lab Report: 70 Color Monitors

We evaluate 70 15-to 21-inch color monitors and choose the best for important business applications. Best Monitors for General Business; Energy Stars Burn Dimmer; How We Tested; Quality Gauges; The Keys to Image Quality; Best Monitors for Spreadsheets and Graphics; Emissions Overview; Is Bigger Better?; Best Monitors for Complex Graphics Presentations; Color-Matching Monitors; Do-It-Yourself Monitor Testing; Honorable Mentions;



p.227 Beyond DOS: Wide-Area Windows Networking

Experimenting with routable protocols for Windows networking;

[theme : NETWORKING] [author : Jon Udell]

p.231 Under the Hood: A Standard for Writing Recordable CDs

A look at a CD-recordable standard, ISO 13490, that supports adding sessions and support for new operating systems;

[theme : CD-ROM] [author : Jason Hyon]

p.237 Some Assembly Required: Subclassing in OLE 2.0

On the road to object-oriented system serviceS;

[theme : PROGRAMMING] [author : Gen Kiyooka]


p.243 Pournelle: Travels and Travails

An especially busy month finds Jerry roaming the country but also active at Chaos Manor.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.41 Books and CD-ROMs: Low-Cost Data Acquisition

All you want to know about data acquisition, an improved Encarta, open systems, and more.

[author : Michael Nadeau]

p.312 Commentary: Shakespearean Wisdom

Richard III and information technologists have much in common, but there are differences.

[author : Thornton A. May]

p.10 Editorial

[author : Dennis Allen]

p.14 Letters

Readers share their views on PDAs, time synchronization, the software bulge battle, and more.


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