Vol.12 n°8 july 1987

Vol.12 n°8 july 1987

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p.101 The New Generation: High-Tech Horsepower

Our first benchmark comparisons of 80386 and 68020 microprocessors and the machines that use them.

[author : the BYTE Editorial Staff]

p.113 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Using the Image Wise Video Digitizer, Part 1: Image Processing

How to use and process data created with Image Wise.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.121 Programming Insight: Complex Math in Pascal

These well-designed routines overcome Pascal's weaknesses in handling complex numbers.

[author : David Gedeon]

p.129 Map Storage on CD-ROM

The immense capacity and low duplication cost of CD-ROM promise a revolution in map publishing.

[author : Donald F. Cooke]

THEME: Local Area Networks

p.145 Introduction

p.147 A LAN Primer

Looking at the basics of linking computers into a network.

[author : Dick Lejkon]

p.159 Using the Macintosh on a Unix Network

A special interface board lets the Mac serve as a graphics front end to Unix machines.

[author : Hugh T. Smith, William J. Armitage, and R. James Duckworth]

p.169 An Inside Look at a LAN Data Archive System

A distributed archive system made from commercial products .

[author : Meg Woollen Perry]

p.177 Multiuser Programming

Useful examples of shared file access.

[author : Frederick D. Davis]

p.185 A Shared Network Spreadsheet

A transparent sharing of data between multiple users on a LAN.

[author : Patrick R. Horton and Michael D. Morris]

p.191 Views on a Network Analyzer

Diagnosis is invaluable for checking the health of your LAN.

[author : Scott Spangenberg and Raymond G. A. Cote]


p.204 Reviewer's Notebook

[author : Cathryn Baskin]

p.207 Statistics on the Macintosh

An in-depth survey of 12 packages .

[author : Richard S. Lehman]

p.217 The IBM PS/2 Model 50

This redesign of the PC AT is equipped with a 10-MHz 80286, the new Micro Channel bus , and modular construction.

[author : Richard Grehan]

p.225 The IBM PS/2 Model 30

The smallest and most conservative member of the PS/2 family comes with a souped-up 8086, PC-compatible slots, and new MCGA graphics.

[author : Curtis Franklin Jr.]

p.231 The ISI WC 525 Optical Disk Drive

Storage for up to 115 megabytes of data.

[author : Rich Malloy]

p.233 The Konan KXP-230Z Drive Maximizer

Error-detection and -correction, file compaction, and more.

[author : Rick Cook and Paul Schauble]

p.239 Ada Moves to Micros

Offerings from Alsys, Artek, Meridian, and RR Software.

[author : Namir Clement Shammas]

p.244 PC Simscript II.5

Simulation software for the IBM PC and compatibles.

[author : Zaven A. Karian]

p.249 Deluxe Music Construction Set 1.1

A creativity-enhancement program for the Amiga.

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.251 Drawing, Drafting, and Design

A comparison of five popular Macintosh CAD programs.

[author : Phillip Robinson]


p.259 Computing at Chaos Manor: A Taxing Day

Attila the Honey conquers Chaos Manor.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.275 Focus on Algorithms: Sorting Out the Sorts

A primitive sort indexes a book faster than more sophisticated algorithms.

[author : Dick Fountain]

p.283 Applications Only: Useful Stuff

A speller for MS Works and two telecommunication packages for MCI Mail.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]


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