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Vol.13 n°1 january 1988


p.67 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

MultiSpeed HD


Translmage 1000

RuggedWriter 480


Book One



p.111 SQL Database Management Systems

A look at Informix-SQL, Ingres, Oracle, SQLBase, XDB II, and XQL.

[author : Richard Finkelstein and Fabian Pascal]

p.121 BIX Product Focus: SQL-based Database Managers

BIX users comment on the most popular packages.

[author : Curtis Franklin Jr.]

p.127 Cache in the Chips

The PC Designs GV-386 combines high performance with full IBM PC AT compatibility.

[author : Ed McNierney]

p.133 The Toshiba T3100/20

An AT-compatible laptop with impressive speed and portability.

[author : Curtis Franklin Jr.]

p.141 The Symmetric 375

A look at Symmetric's portable Berkeley Unix system.

[author : Patrick Wood]

p.151 High-Performance Graphics Boards

Two super-high-resolution PC graphics boards from Vermont Microsystems and Verticom.

[author : Bill Nicholls]

p.155 GCC's Personal Laserprinter

Low-cost laser printing for the Macintosh.

[author : Donald Evan Crabb]

p.163 Allegro CommonLISP

A complete Common LISP for the Macintosh.

[author : Ernest R. Tello]

p.167 Personal REXX

A powerful batch language for the IBM PC.

[author : Namir Clement Shammas]

p.173 @Liberty and the Baler

The first generation of spreadsheet compilers.

[author : Paul Schauble and Rick Cook]

p.176 Microsoft's Bookshelf

A powerful reference library on your PC.

[author : Rusel DeMaria]

p.178 MGMStation CAD

A CAD package for precision design work on the Macintosh.

[author : Rusel DeMaria]


p.185 Computing at Chaos Manor: A Writer's Tools

Editors, spelling checkers, and CD-ROMs: searching for the perfect package from Microsoft, Symantec, Oasis, and others.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.205 Applications Only: Real-World Answers

Reflex Plus, PhoneNET, and a TOPS network solve some practical dilemmas.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]

p.213 IN DEPTH: Managing Megabytes

p.214 Introduction

p.215 A Better Way to Compress Images

A new technique can achieve compression ratios in excess of 10,000 to 1.

[author : Michael F. Barnsley and Alan D. Sloan]

p.225 Managing Immense Storage

The "xanalogical" model provides a radical new approach to mass storage.

[author : Theodor H. Nelson]

p.243 Fast Data Access

Using query optimizers for efficient handling of large databases.

[author : Jonathan Robie]

p.255 Achieving Mainframe Performance

Expanded memory in personal computers opens the door to programming techniques that speed performance significantly.

[author : Wink Saville]

p.265 Managing Megabytes Resource Guide


p.271 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: The PCC180 Multitasking Controller Part 1: The Hardware

A small controller that is both fast and powerful.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.285 Focus on Algorithms: Changing Reverse Polish to Infix

Computers perform math using reverse Polish notation.

[author : Dick Pountain]

p.291 Using Financial Tools for Nonfinancial Simulations

Using spreadsheets as a fast way to simulate real-world problems.

[author : James L. Conger]


p.6 Editorial: Show Time

p.11 Microbytes

p.16 Letters and Review Feedback

p.33 Chaos Manor Mail

p.36 Ask BYTE

p.38 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.51 Book Reviews

p.339 Coming Up in BYTE


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