Vol.12 n°7 summer 1987 - Special Issue Applications Software Today

Vol.12 n°7 summer 1987 - Special Issue Applications Software Today

p.3 Contents


p.6 Everyware


p.11 Beyond Macro Processing

A strategy for customizing applications software.

[author : Bill Gates]

p.19 The Application Program Interface

The SideKick Plus kernel, a proposed TSR standard.

[author : Steven R. Boye and Philippe Kahn]

p.25 The Network-Model DBMS

A powerful alternative to the relational-model database management system.

[author : David Kruglinski]

p.33 Dark Horse Applications

A handful of unusual or unknown programs for MS-DOS computers.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]

p.37 The Promise of Application Software

Trends for the future of productivity programs.

[author : Oliver L. Picher, Cynthia R. Lubrano, and Rochelle Theophano]

p.47 Designing Modern Accounting Software

An analysis of key features determining the cost and quality of accounting software.

[author : Gary W. Hedge]


p.55 Word processors

The top seven-three for the Macintosh and four for the IBM PC.

[author : Phillip Robinson]

p.69 Spreadsheets

This new crop of programs offers multidimensionality and natural language.

[author : Rich Malloy]

p.77 Database Managers

A sample of the latest products for MS-DOS and the Mac.

[author : Charles Spezzano]

p.91 Communications

A dozen top performers with a variety of features.

[author : Brock N. Meeks]

p.103 RAM-Resident Utilities

You can piece together a system that combines all the features you need.

[author : Jon Edwards]


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