Vol.12 n°1 january 1987

Vol.12 n°1 january 1987

p.2 Contents


p.82 Introduction

p.85 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the GT180 Color Graphics Board, Part 3: Software

An overview of the ACRTC registers and commands and a look at Borland's Modula-2.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.97 Intelligent Databases

Logical-language databases yield program efficiency and take up minimal memory space.

[author : Christopher D. S. Moss]

p.111 An Introduction to Relaxation Methods

This numeric technique is useful in solving physics problems.

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.128 Programming Project: Look It Up Faster with Hashing

A number of code examples illustrate the implementation of hashing functions.

[author : Jon C. Snader]

p.145 RegionMaker

The RegionMaker program builds a Macintosh region from an arbitrary graphics image on the screen.

[author : Howard Katz]

p.157 Programming Insight: High-Performance Software Analysis on the IBM PC

If you count clock cycles and shuttle code to boost program performance, you'll be interested in the author's high-resolution timer.

[author : Byron Sheppard]

p.169 Programming Insight: Dynamic Memory Allocation

Dynamic structures offer an alternative to the more commonly used array structures.

[author : Antonio Fernandes]

p.175 Programming Insight: Testing Intrinsic Random-Number Generators

The authors' survey on the statistical characteristics and adequacy of several random-number generators shows that all RND functions are not created equal.

[author : Doan T. Modianos, Robert C. Scott, and Larry W Cornwell]

p.183 Data Structures in a Bit-Mapped Text Editor

A system designer explains how Carnegie-Mellon took on the task of displaying typographic-quality text on the IBM RT PC.

[author : Wiljred J Hansen]

THEME: Programmable Hardware

p.194 Introduction

p.197 Overview of Programmable Hardware

Options range from full-custom chips to user-programmable logic devices.

[author : Phillip Robinson]

p.207 Introduction to Programmable Array Logic

A look at architectural differences between PALs and other programmable logic devices.

[author : Vincent J. Coli]

p.223 Getting Started with PALs

Useful tips on choosing a PAL and having it programmed.

[author : Robert A. Freedman]

p.235 Microcoded Versus Hard-wired Control

The advantages and disadvantages of microcoding and hardwiring the instruction sets of microprocessors.

[author : Phil Koopman]

p.247 PALs Simplify Complex Circuits

A hardware designer's experiences with PALs.

[author : Trevor G. Marshall]

p.263 A PAL Programmer

This inexpensive PAL programmer board fits in your IBM PC.

[author : Robert A. Freedman]


p.290 Introduction

p.293 Reviewer's Notebook

[author : Jon Edwards]

p.295 The Stride 440

Raw computing power and multiuser capability.

[author : Paul A. Sand]

p.303 The Data General/One Model 2

This laptop has many improvements over the DG /One Model 1.

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.307 The Video Technology Laser 128

An inexpensive Apple II compatible.

[author : Valus E. White]

p.313 EGA Times 12

A comparison of a dozen EGA boards.

[author : Chris H. Pappas and William H. Murray]

p.318 Nine PC AT Multifunction Cards

Easy-to-add memory that might be difficult to use.

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.324 The All Card AT1/M

This board will help you squeeze more bytes out of DOS.

[author : Jonathan Angel]

p.328 Evaluation Team Report: IBM PC AT Compatibles

Speed and compatibility tests on 12 microcomputers.

[author : Jaime Cuevas Dermody and Jayesh Punater]

p.333 Three Modula-2 Programming Systems

A comparison that produces a clear winner.

[author : Paul A. Sand]


This BASIC compiler offers multitasking and windows.

[author : Frederick D. Davis]

p.341 RuleMaster

An expert-system development package.

[author : Mike Van Horn]

p.342 Scribble!

General-purpose word processing for the Amiga.

[author : Warren Block]

p.344 Laser Author

A word processor for the Macintosh and Mac Plus.

[author : Mick O 'Neil]

p.346 Review Feedback

Readers respond to previous reviews.


p.350 Introduction

p.353 Computing at Chaos Manor: A Tale of Two Clones

Jerry also considers products he saw at the Atari Faire and the PC Faire.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.367 According to Webster: View and Reviews

A look at the Apple IIGS, the Fritzie awards, and more predictions.

[author : Bruce Webster]

p.383 BYTE U.K. : The Software Robot

Automator mi provides total control over a computer.

[author : Dick Pountain]

p.395 Applications Only: Something Special

Ezra believes Word 3.0 for the Macintosh is an important product.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]


p.413 Amiga

p.415 Atari ST

p.420 IBM PC and Compatibles

p.424 Macintosh

p.429 Apple II

p.432 FORTH


p.6 Editorial : Two Brief Conversations with Ben Rosen

p.9 Microbytes

p.16 Letters

p.29 What's New

p.49 Events and Clubs

p.52 Ask BYTE

p.58 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.65 Book Reviews

p.405 Chaos Manor Mail

p.484 BOMB Results and Coming Up in BYTE

p.485 Product Index


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