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Vol.23 n°1 january 1998

Cover Story : 1998's top 25 technologies

p.54 Standing on a Moving Platform

p.56 The Next Windows

p.58 CPU Interface Wars

p.60 Java Evolves

p.63 Centralized Management for Desktops

p.64 Stop the Insanity

p.66 MultiWin Gets Its Audition

p.70 Apple Plays a Rhapsody

p.71 Extranets Reach the Spotlight

p.72 Serving Up Storage

p.73 HTML Groupware

p.74 Memories of Things to Come

p.75 Solving for the Year 2000

p.76 The Smartcard Invasion

p.77 DVD Stands for DiVideD

p.78 Broadband Goes Guerrilla

p.79 Dynamic HTML and Scriptlets Add Life

p.80 XML

p.81 Transacting On the Web

p.82 The Next Internet

p.83 I Am Virus: Hear Me Roar

p.84 Gigabit Ethernet Gears Up

p.85 When Will E-Cash Jingle in Your E-Pocket?

p.86 Call Control for the Rest of Us

p.87 Getting the Message

p.88 Actions on All Fronts


p.96C Baan Fires Up Rapid Deployment

p.96I Unix's Bum Rap

p.88NA 1 Wherefore Warehouse? The future of data mining





p.22 Java Lawsuit: Just PR?

p.23 Bigger Flat Panels

p.26 Remote Access Devices Mix Analog and Digital

p.28 New Macs Pick Up Speed

p.32 Next for NetWare


p.33 Four Tillamooks Face Off

[theme Notebooks]

New 233-MHz Pentium notebooks from Compaq, Hewlett--Packard, NEC, and Toshiba.

p.39 PowerSite Straddles the Object World

[theme Web development]

Sybase PowerSite offers agnostic Web development.

p.40 Windows CE Goes Global

With Windows CE 2.0, you can now put Windows on color hand-helds.


p.43 Dynamic HTML Explained, Part III

[author Rick Dobson] [theme Programming]

Data binding utilizes data source objects that can cache Web pages, speeding up Internet access.

p.45 A First Look at Rhapsody

[author Tom Thompson] [theme Operating Systems]

Apple's Rhapsody offers modern OS features, but the UI needs some work, and certain Mac technologies are missing.

p.47 IIOP: The Next HTTP?

[author Paul Clip] [theme Networks]

TCP/IP version of a messaging protocol enables client/server communications over the Net.

p.49 RISC Fights Back with the Mips R12000

[author Tom R. Halfhill] [theme CPUs]

SGI tweaks its chip with better bus bandwidth, wider parallelism, and stronger emphasis on FP performance.

p.51 Enabling the Real-Time Enterprise

[author Dale Skeen]

A new communications infrastructure moves critical data through intranets at nearly real-time speed.

Lab Report

p.98 Eight Heavy-Hitting NT Workstations

[author Michelle Campanale] [theme Hardware]

We stress-test 300-MHz PII workstations with the 440LX chip set.

p.108 Nine Fax Programs to Serve the Internet

[author William Wong]

We wring out nine fax servers for workgroups and the enterprise.

Web Project

p.89 HTTP Authentication

[author Jon Udell]

Worried that anyone can get into your site? Authentication is the answer, but not all Web servers do it the same.


p.93 More Java Persistence

[author Rich Grehan]

A look at another Java-enable database reveals what's in store for you.

Chaos Manor

p.123 From the Workbench

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry builds a new system that uses AMD's K6 MMX Enhanced chip.


p.115 Do You Hear What I Say?

[theme Speech Technology]

Dictation with continuous speech recognition.

p.117 Making Java Development JSafe

[theme Java Crypto API]

RSA's JSafe offers the tools for crypto-enabled applets.

p.119 Cable Modems Take the Early Lead

[theme Lab Notes: modems]

Cable modems live up to their promise of high-speed access.

p.122 Which Compiler Is Fastest?

[theme Lab Notes: C++ Compilers]

Our tests reveal surprising bugs and inefficiencies.

What's New

Wintel notebooks from a former Mac cloner, HP's Kayaks, NT clustering, Web commerce tools, and more new hardware and software.


p.156 Pet Sounds

New technology combines three of the most annoying things about modern life: car alarms, barking dogs, and cell phones.


Product Information


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p.148 Alphabetical Order

p.150 Editorial Index by Company



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byte 1998_02 byte 1998_02 byte 1998_02

Vol.23 n°2 february 1998

Cover Story

p.62 Disposable PCs

[author Tom R. Halfhill]

New technology, fragmenting standards, and a revolt against rapid obsolescence will radically change the PC landscape over the next two years. Are you ready?

p.88NA 1 OLAP Omnipresent

[author Nigel Pende] [theme Managing Data]

On-line analytical processing is popping up in spreadsheets, on the Web, and in other new locations.


p.104C Swimming the Fibre Channel

[author Michael Hurwicz]

p.104K Sales with No Strings Attached

[author Alan Joch]

p.77 Jackpot at Comdex

We check out the hundreds of new products at the big show in Vegas and pick the best.

p.89 The Internet Reinvented

[author Daniel P. Dern and Scott Mace] [theme Network Integration]

Changing the way researcher work and collaborate, newly minted high-speed networks will also benefit.

p.81 Making Components Portable with JavaBeans

[author David S. Renshaw] [theme Building Network Apps]

A key to integrated solutions across multiple platforms.

p.112 Part I: 15 Disks Cover More Data Than Ever

[author Russell Kay] [theme Storage]

Platter clatter: We test gigabyte disk drives for workstations and servers.

p.121 Part II: Infinite Space

[author Edmund X. DeJesus] [theme Storage]

Holograms, molecules, and atoms will be the components of tomorrow's storage technology.


p.14 Coping with Change




p.24 Thin Clients for Windows

p.28 Speedier Server I/O

p.32 Actual USB Devices

p.34 DSL for Everyman

p.40 Software Building Blocks


p.41 A Different Desktop for the Workplace

[theme Productivity Software]

Lotus' eSuite uses JavaBeans.

p.43 Three Vendors Make an Alpha Bet

[theme High-Speed Desktops]

Alpha-powered PCs from Aspen, Polywell, and Tri-Star.

p.46 Profilers for a Component World

[theme Performance Analyzers]

NuMega's TrueTime and Rational's Visual Quantify find bottlenecks in Windows code.


p.47 Real-Time Queries in the Enterprise

[author Dale Skeen] [theme Databases]

New forms of persistent queries are necessary to handle live data as it speeds through a network.

p.51 Glasgow Enhances JavaBeans

[author Piroz Mohseni] [theme Operating Systems]

The next generation of Java components adds hierarchical structure, transparent data handling, and drag and drop.

p.53 Java's Object-Oriented Communications

[author Paul Clip] [theme Networks]

Remote method invocation is a powerful mechanism that enables flexible and scalable distributed communications among Java programs.

p.55 RISC Gets Small

[author Bill Moyer and John Arends] [theme CPUs]

Motorola's MCore embedded RISC processor has low-power modes that enable battery-juiced products to run for longer time.

p.59 Writing JavaScript Applications

[author Bob Friesenhahn] [theme Programming]

Some tricks for building useful applications, and some ways to get around this language's limitations.

Lab Report

p.106 Team-Building on the Fly

[author William Wong] [theme Software]

We test "teamware" — programs for building fast little workgroups across the Internet and across organizational boundaries

p.112 15 Disks Cover More Data Than Ever

[author Russell Kay] [theme Hardware]

Platter clatter: We test gigabyte disk drives for workstations and servers.

Web Project

p.97 In Search of SSL Spidering

[author Jon Udell]

Building tools that fetch and process secure pages teaches some painful lessons.


p.101 The Federated Database

[author Rick Grehan]

Objectivity/DB, a Java-based OODBMS Plus, Powersoft's component transaction server.

Chaos Manor

p.131 To Cure a Failing Memory

Jerry's unending quest for more storage space and RAM leads him into the thicket of disk and memory optimization.


p.125 Publish and Subscribe Meets the Internet

[theme Middleware]

Pull out the old and push in the new with scalable publish/subscribe middleware for WANs and the Web.

p.129 HP Makes an Even Better Impression

[theme Workgroup Printer]

The new LaserJet 4000 delivers 1200 dpi, lets you manage more of the print process from your desk, and bring new communications technology.

p.130 CADzooks! What a Deal

[theme CAD Software]

We test Visio's IntelliCAD, a heavy-duty but low-cost alternative to AutoCAD.

What's New


Compaq's notebook, Philips' latest Velo, and Accent's translation software. Plus, IBM brings its "giant MR" technology to a desktop disk.


p.160 Mail Call

Readers respond to the big question: Besides Civilization, what is the Net the end of?


Product Information


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p.152 Alphabetical Order

p.154 Editorial Index by Company



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byte 1998_03 byte 1998_03 byte 1998_03

Vol.23 n°3 march 1998

Cover Story

p.58 Weaving a better web

[author Scott Mace, Udo flohr, Rick Dobson, and Tony Graham]

The Web is falling apart due to HTML's lack of essential features. But help is on the way.


p.104C Storing Smart Saves Space

HSM movers little-used data where it belongs: elsewhere.

p.104K Microsoft's Data Access Directions

A practical look at the giant's strategy.

p.70 VBA and COM

[author Bill Gates]

Gates discusses his view of the future of application programmability.

p.73 TeraFLOPS Power

[author Dick Pountain]

Big problem to solve?

First you get 9000 Pentium chips...

p.79 Writing for Rhapsody

[author Tom Thomson]

Apple's latest OS offers a rich set of object-oriented frameworks for rapidly building GUI applications.

p.96NA 3 Boning Up on IPv6

[author Robert Fink] [theme Network Integration]

The 6bone global test bed will become the new Internet.

p.87 Stored Procedures: Theat or Menace?

[author Joe Celko and Jackie Celko] [theme Managing Data]

Stored procedures are fine—if you want to produce slow code.

p.91 Amending Moore's Law

[author Dick Pountain]

Technology, finance, and physical law may force chip transistor density to level off.






p.24 Pentium II in '98

p.26 Java Adoption Plans

p.32 Dual Analog Routers

p.34 GartnerGroup Report on ERP Software

p.40 Wanted: Programmers


p.41 Shooting the Rapids at 333 MHz

[theme Pentium II PCs]

We test new systems from Compaq and HP.

p.43 Terminal Compromises

[theme Remote Terminal Server]

Windows-Based Terminal Server: a leap forward or a step back in time ?

p.44 NetWare Enters the Nineties

[theme Network OS]

NetWare 5 makes it easy to use TCP/IP for all network client communications.


p.45 An OS for Information Appliances

[author Tom Whittaker] [theme Operating Systems]

Sun's Software Suite is a scalable set of OS and application components for hand held and embedded devices.

p.47 DCOM: Microsoft Enhances DCE

[author Paul Clip] [theme Networks]

The distributed Component Object Model is an object-oriented RPC architecture that's built on standards, yet it's extensible.

p.49 A Flexible CPU for Digital Cameras

[author Reynaldo Archide] [theme CPUs]

The MIPS processor architecture offers ways to extend computing power for custom applications. LSI Logic used it to build a chip for digital cameras.

p.53 Better Performance with Exceptions in Java

[author David Orchard] [theme Programming]

p.55 The OQL Standard Emerges

[author Daniel Evans] [theme Databases]

Object Query Language offers a good solution for complex data management and distributed object computing.

Lab Report

p.106 The Best OS for Web Serving: Unix or NT?

[author Barry Nance] [theme Software]

Which operating system should you be running on your Web server? We tested NT and five Unixes to find out.

p.112 Render Benders: 26 Graphics Cards for Fast 3-D

[author Rob Hummel] [theme Hardware]

Don't get left in the dust with a graphics engine that doesn't deliver.

Web Project

p.97 Perl and Apache

Apache's embedded Perl interpreter, mod_perl, integrates Web services with scripting.


p.101 Object Marries Relational

Ardent's Java Relational Binding turns a relational database into a Java object-oriented database management system.

Chaos Manor

p.129 Doing Something About Microsoft

Jerry has some ideas about how to resolve the Microsoft/Justice flap. Plus, another encounter with Plug & No Play.


p.121 Multicast Offers Bandwidth Salvation

[theme IP Multicast Software]

Three for data broadcasting.

p.125 If You Build It, Will They Come?

[theme Web Accelerator]

Sitara rewrites TCP.

p.126 Novell's New Directory Direction

[theme Directory Suite]

With NDS for NT, Novell tries to solve a big problem.

p.128 OfficeMac: Worth Revisiting in 98

[theme Office Suite]

Microsoft restores Mac/Windows file compatibilty.

What's New


Previews of a new Toshiba Satellite and Softimage's Digital Studio.


p.158 Get to the Point

A product to end voice-mail hemming and hawing.


Product Information


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p.150 Alphabetical Order

p.152 Editorial Index by Company



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byte 1998_04 byte 1998_04 byte 1998_04

Vol.23 n°4 april 1998

Cover Story

p.60 Crash Proof computing

[author Tom R. Halfhill]

Today's PCs are the most crash-prone computers ever built. Here's why, and here's how you can make yours more reliable.

p.112C Smartcard Invasion Continues

Security applications will be the spearhead for these "credit cards with brains."

p.112K Help Desks Make the Web Connection

Web-based customer service can lower costs and improve response.

Building Network Apps

p.96NA-1 Scriptlets to Energize Your Site

[author Rick Dobson]

This technology could have major impact on Web developers and their clients. We look at its strengths and weaknesses.

p.75 Behind the Benchmarks

[author Mike Hurwicz]

Can you really believe those test results the vendor gave you?

p.87 Commodity Clusters

[author Scott Mace] [theme Network Integration]

The Virtual Interface Architecture will tie together clusters from multiple vendors.

p.91 Betting on ORDBMS

[author Michael Stonebraker] [theme Managing Data]

Informix's CTO analyzes the capabilities of object-relational databases in line-of-business applications.

p.97 Prophetable Software

[author George A. Stewart]

Business forecasting software is using new ideas in statistics to improve the bottom line.






p.24 New Notes and Domino

p.26 What's Up with Tape?

p.30 PowerPC: 400 MHz in '98

p.34 GartnerGroup on Remote Access and the Net

p.40 E-Commerce Strategy


p.41 Pretty Thin, Very Wide

[theme Notebook]

Gateway's Solo 5100

p.42 Giant Heads, Monster Drives

[theme Storage]

IBM's GMR drives.

p.45 Your Brain in Software

[theme Desktop Replacement]

Natrificial's The Brain.

p.46 JavaSoft Rides Again

[theme Development Tools]

A peek at the highlights of the upcoming JDK 1.2.


p.47 I2O's OS Evolves

[author David Wilner] [theme Operating Systems]

I/O processors, running a very portable embedded OS, enable better system throughput.

p.49 HP JetSend: Off-the-Cuff Communications

[author Randy Sartin] [theme Networks]

Hewlett-Packard's protocol enables disparate devices to intercommunicate.

p.51 IBM's Powerhouse Chip

[author Tom R. Halfhill] [theme CPUs]

IBM's new RISC processor has super-wide buses and eight execution units to deliver phenomenal computing power.

p.55 Scriptlets Simplified

[author Rick Dobson] [theme Programming]

Microsoft's scriptlets allow you to encapsulate HTML into reusable components.

p.57 Reliable Data Replication

[author Bob Breton] [theme Databases]

For an intranet with diverse information systems, managing the timely flow of data is a challenge. Here's help.

p.129 Jasmine Challenges Traditional Databases

[author Barry Nance] [theme Object Database]

Computer Associates' new object database is a worthy contender.

p.131 Sun Makes a Desktop Gamble

[author Tom Yager] [theme Workstations]

Great CPU, but Sun's curious design decisions hobble the Ultra 5 and 10.

p.133 Slip into Silverstream's Web App Services

[author Tom Shafron] [theme Web Development]

SilverStream speeds up Java Web application developpement.

What's New


Sony's 3-pound notebook, Dell's speedy PII desktops, and Compaq's 5-pound Armada.


p.168 Quality Problems

An unlikely new use for toothpaste and a call for Ugly Tech Building photos.


Product Information


Index to Advertisers

p.160 Alphabetical Order

p.162 Editorial Index by Company



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byte 1998_05 byte 1998_05 byte 1998_05

Vol.23 n°5 may 1998

Cover Story

p.60 How to Soup Up Java: Part 1

[author Tom R. Halfhill]

The rap on Java is that it's too slow. Proponents are inventing ways to speed it up, including better compilers.

p.76 How to Soup Up Java, Part II: Nine Recipes for East, Easy Java

[author Peter Wayner]

Our tests will help you find the right development tools for your Java project.


p.112C Cracker Tracking

It's midnight. Do you know who's trying to hack your network?

p.112M JDBC's Growing Pains

Java Database Connectivity: Developers need more than promises.

p.112S The road to a Universal Repository

Components technology heats up an old idea.

Computers to Go

p.80NA 1

[author Russell Kay]

What to expect in the future of portable computing.

p.81 When Parallel Lines Meet

[author Ken Rudin] [theme Managing Data]

Parallel databases can wring the best performance out of parallel processing hardware.

p.89 Breaking Bandwidth Bottlenecks

[author Scott Mace] [theme Network Integration]

Management tools can prioritize traffic, guarantee bandwidth, and cache data closer to users.

p.97 The Crypto Bomb Is Ticking

[author Bruce Schneier]

Cracking encryption gets easier as computers get faster and cheaper. Now what?






p.24 Pentium II: Going Mobile

p.25 Unixes for Merced

p.26 Iris-Scanning Security

p.32 Build an E-Store Fast

p.38 Gartnergroup: 98 or NT?


p.41 Java for Windows

[theme Programming Tools]

Microsoft's Visual J++ 6.0.

p.42 3D Labs Puts a Glint in Graphics World's Eye

[theme Graphics Accelerator]

The Glint GMX 2000.

p.45 Unix Gears Up for Merced

[theme Operating System]

SCO's new UnixWare.

p.46 SMS: Ready for NT 5.0

[theme Net Management]

Systems Management Server 2.0.


p.47 A Tiny OS That Scales Up

[author Robert Krten] [theme Operating Systems]

QNX/Neutrino is a microkernel-based OS suitable for embedded applications. It can also be scaled up for bigger jobs.

p.49 What's Your Service?

[author James Kempf and Charles Perkins] [theme Networks]

The new Service Location Protocol enables computers to automatically locate and use resources on the network.

p.51 ColdFire Revisited

[author Susan Shimshock] [theme CPUs]

Motorola's third-generation embedded processor boosts performance with a RISC core.

p.55 Servlets: CGI the Java Way

[author Paul Clip] [theme Programming]

These server-oriented Java classes offer better performance than CGI programs. They bring system-independence.

p.57 Using Perl with Databases

[author Tony Cox] [theme Databases]

For a Unix shop, getting a Windows database connected to the Web need not be an expensive and time-consuming task.

Lab Report

p.76 Nine Recipes for Fast, Easy Java

[author Peter Wayner] [theme Software]

Java tools are proliferating. We sort them out with hands-on testing of the top products.

p.114 333-MHz Pentium IIs: Slow-Bus Swan Song

[author Dan Tanner] [theme Hardware]

We test 19 NT workstations powered by Intel's Deschutes processor.

Web Project

p.103 Deploying Effective HTML Forms

[author Jon Udell]

10 tips for creating the best Web forms you can.


p.107 TopLink Bridges Two Worlds

[author Rick Grehan]

A pure Java object-relational database system maps Java objects to relational databases.

Future Vision

p.111 The Smallest Components

[author Udo Flohr]

Deep inside IBM's R&D labs, the future of computing looks nanomechanical and optical.


p.125 Cheap PCs: Bargain or Blunder?

[author Robert L. Hummel] [theme Low-Cost PCs]

They cost less than a grand: are they worth it?

p.128 Remote-Control Registry

[author William Wong]

Key Vision removes a lot of the hassle and lets you manage Windows 95 and NT registries from afar.

p.129 Remote Access for Short Attention Spans

[author Michelle Campanale]

We check out Covad's TeleSpeed ADSL service.

Chaos Manor

p.131 Four Ways to More Storage

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry tests five methods to increase storage, from adding disk drives, to RAID, to digital video.

What's New


Big backup on a budget, image editing tools, easy Web access, and PA-RISC notebooks.


p.160 The Click of Doom

[author Marc Abrahams]

A Delete key that could save civilization and sanity.


Product Information


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p.152 Alphabetical Order

p.154 Editorial Index by Company



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byte 1998_06 byte 1998_06 byte 1998_06

Vol.23 n°6 june 1998

Cover Story

p.66 Win98 roadmap

[author John Montgomery]

If you think you have to upgrade to Windows 98, you should think again.

E-business technology

p.96H The Web Gets Personal

Customizing your site to meet each customer's preferences could mean more business.

p.96D Smartcards Enhance Mobile E-Commerce

p.96E Wireless Electronic Funds Transfer

p.96E GSM's Short Message Service

p.81 Inside IA-64

[author Tom R. Halfhill]

Behind Intel/HP's chip for tomorrow are ideas from yesterday, like long instruction words and parallel processing.

p.89 Get a Grip on Scripts

[author Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz]

Harness the strenghts of scripting languages to power your Web applications.

p.96NA 3 Finding Your Firewall

[author Marcus Ranum and Scott Mace] [theme Network Integration]

Firewalls are changing to meet the demand for more security while holding costs and personnel counts down.

p.97 Part I: Enterprise Databases Battle On

[author Karen Watterson] [theme Managing Data]

Relational DBMSes are doing more than ever before. Can they keep meeting user demands?

p.100 Part II: Relations with Your Data

[author Barry Nance]

We examine four major relational database systems: IBM's DB2 Universal Database 5.0, Sybase's Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5, Microsoft's SQL Server Enterprise 6.5, and Oracle's version 7.3.


p.112C Sweet Dreams with Embedded Databases

p.112K Buyer's Guide: Develomment Tools for Web Applications

p.112O Hackers in White Hats






p.24 Intel's Low-Cost CPU

p.30 Byte's Best of CeBIT

p.34 Voice-Mail Purgatory

p.34 GartnerGroup Report: Firewalls

p.40 Detecting Hackers


p.41 Visual InterDev Grows Up Fast

[theme Web Development]

Microsoft's RAD Web tool.

p.42 SmartSuite Heads for the Millennium

[theme Office Suite]

Lotus adds Web technology.

p.47 Qube Is Convenience Squared

[theme Microserver]

Services for small LANs.

p.48 A Portable Device for PBX(a)Home

[theme Telephony]

EXTender lets phones roam.


p.49 Bringing Quality of Service to IP

[author Dinesh Dutt] [theme Networks]

RSVP allows networks using IP to establish QoS connections between applications.

p.51 MkLinux: Linux for the Power Mac

[author Tony Cox] [theme Operating Systems]

The Power Mac has a new Unix-like OS that's robust enough to host Web, name, and e-mail servers.

p.57 TriMedia Powers a Videophone

[author Osman Khan] [theme CPUs]

Philips' chip implements video, audio, and modem operations.

p.61 Storing Java in a Relational Database

[author John Dreystadt] [theme Programming]

Java's object-oriented nature makes database programming and maintenance easier.

p.63 Data-Warehouse Scalability

[author Ron Fryer] [theme Databases]

The decisions you make when you first build the warehouse will determine whether it can grow with the company or become a project stopper.

Lab Reports

p.100 Relations with Your Data

[author Barry Nance] [theme Software]

p.114 Eight-Way Servers Race for the NT Prize

[author Robert L. Hummel] [theme Hardware]

The BYTE Lab tests SMP machines with multiple Pentium Pros. Here's how they stack up.

Web Project

p.105 Local Web Servers

[author Jon Udell]

Here's how to bring benefits of Web-style development to disconnected clients.


p.109 Rapid Java Development

[author Rick Grehan]

Vision Jade provides tools for building enterprise databases.

Future Vision

p.111 Quantum Leaps

[author Udo Flohr]

Someday PCs might use quantum coprocessors that do massive calculations instantaneously.


p.122 A Pentium II Notebook That Talks to You

[theme Notebook]

Digital's HiNote VP 765.

p.123 Is That Really You?

[theme Authentication]

Nuance Verifier knows.

p.124 C++ Forever!

[theme Programming]

Borland's C++ Builder 3.

p.125 100-MHz: A System Bus for Tomorrow

[theme PC Workstations]

PIIs ride a faster bus.

p.128 A "Box" Designed for Manageability:

[theme Desktop PC]

Toshiba's Equium 7000S

Chaos Manor

p.129 A Smarter Windows 95.

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry gives Cyrus a CPU upgrade and experiments with the 'b' version of Win 95.

What's New


HP's multifunction machine, Photoshop 5, graphics accelerators, do-it-yourself G3 Mac upgrades, PII servers, and lots of development tools.



Product Information


Index to Advertisers

p.152 Alphabetical Order

p.154 Editorial Index by Company



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byte 1998_07 byte 1998_07 byte 1998_07

Vol.23 n°7 july 1998

Cover Story

p.52 Year 2000 Survival Guide

[theme Building Network Apps]

It's closer than you think. It's bigger than you think. It's worse than you think. Here's what you can do about the Year 2000 problem in what time remains.

p.65 Managing PC Costs

[author Mike Hurwicz]

Controlling ownership costs is the newest rage in hardware and software.

p.72 DSL's Devilish Details

[author Scott Mace] [author Network Integration]

Think DSL Lite is the only thing anyone needs? That your neighbor will have the same bandwith as you? Guess again.

p.80NA 1 Building Web Information Systems

[author Colin White] [author Managing Data]

Integrating structured and semistructured data is the key to a broad, usable data warehouse.


p.88C Maximizing NT Security

You can implement many of Windows NT's underused security features to increase system protection.

p.88K Selling Bits with Electronic Software Distribution

ESD enables anyone to sell packages on-line and make money in the process.





Web Project

p.81 Building NNTP Groupware

A few deft lines of Perl, NNTP, and HTML can take you a long way.


p.85 Inprise's JBuilder: Take 2

The latest iteration of this Java RAD environment has clever embellishments.

Future Vision

p.87 Computers with Attitude

Siemens scientists are working to endow technology with emotional intelligence.

Chaos Manor

p.111 The Days of Ninety-Eight

Lab Reports

p.90 Thin's In: 20 LCD Monitors for Your Desktop

[author Russell Kay] [theme Hardware]

p.98 When Push Comes to Serve

[author Barry Nance] [theme Software]


p.33 Browsing Through Notes

[theme Groupware]

Lotus employs CORBA and native HTML to turn Domino and Notes into a universal Web platform.

p.37 V.90 Modem Sets a Standard

[theme V.90 Modem]

3Com/USR's Sportster 5686 connects at V.90 and is compatible with X2 and K56flex.

p.38 Network Backup That Users Will Like

[theme Backup Software]

Stac's Replica Network DataManager changes our notion of network-based backup.


p.103 Computing Out of Your Palm

[author Michelle Campanale and David Essex] [theme Hand-held PCs]

We compare eight of the latest palm-style and keyboard-based hand-helds.

p.107 The Most Powerful Notebook

[author Tom Thompson] [theme Mac Notebook]

Apple's Powerbook G3 combines workstation performance with long battery life.

p.110 A Server with Headroom

[author Barry Nance] [theme Workgroup Server]

Dell's PowerEdge 2300 is a workgroup server that's hard to outgrow.


p.20 Better Notebook Screens

p.21 VPNs for Small Businesses

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IBM's ThinkPad 600, monster workstations, a funky desktop machine, simple drawing software, and a translation tool for Web sites.


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[author Marc Abrahams]

A mouse that uses satellite technology, and lessons in high tolerance.


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