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Vol.12 n°1 january 1987


p.82 Introduction

p.85 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the GT180 Color Graphics Board, Part 3: Software

[author Steve Ciarcia]

An overview of the ACRTC registers and commands and a look at Borland's Modula-2.

p.97 Intelligent Databases

[author Christopher D. S. Moss]

Logical-language databases yield program efficiency and take up minimal memory space.

p.111 An Introduction to Relaxation Methods

[author Gregg Williams]

This numeric technique is useful in solving physics problems.

p.128 Programming Project: Look It Up Faster with Hashing

[author Jon C. Snader]

A number of code examples illustrate the implementation of hashing functions.

p.145 RegionMaker

[author Howard Katz]

The RegionMaker program builds a Macintosh region from an arbitrary graphics image on the screen.

p.157 Programming Insight: High-Performance Software Analysis on the IBM PC

[author Byron Sheppard]

If you count clock cycles and shuttle code to boost program performance, you'll be interested in the author's high-resolution timer.

p.169 Programming Insight: Dynamic Memory Allocation

[author Antonio Fernandes]

Dynamic structures offer an alternative to the more commonly used array structures.

p.175 Programming Insight: Testing Intrinsic Random-Number Generators

[author Doan T. Modianos, Robert C. Scott, and Larry W Cornwell]

The authors' survey on the statistical characteristics and adequacy of several random-number generators shows that all RND functions are not created equal.

p.183 Data Structures in a Bit-Mapped Text Editor

[author Wiljred J Hansen]

A system designer explains how Carnegie-Mellon took on the task of displaying typographic-quality text on the IBM RT PC.

THEME: Programmable Hardware

p.194 Introduction

p.197 Overview of Programmable Hardware

[author Phillip Robinson]

Options range from full-custom chips to user-programmable logic devices.

p.207 Introduction to Programmable Array Logic

[author Vincent J. Coli]

A look at architectural differences between PALs and other programmable logic devices.

p.223 Getting Started with PALs

[author Robert A. Freedman]

Useful tips on choosing a PAL and having it programmed.

p.235 Microcoded Versus Hard-wired Control

[author Phil Koopman]

The advantages and disadvantages of microcoding and hardwiring the instruction sets of microprocessors.

p.247 PALs Simplify Complex Circuits

[author Trevor G. Marshall]

A hardware designer's experiences with PALs.

p.263 A PAL Programmer

[author Robert A. Freedman]

This inexpensive PAL programmer board fits in your IBM PC.


p.290 Introduction

p.293 Reviewer's Notebook

[author Jon Edwards]

p.295 The Stride 440

[author Paul A. Sand]

Raw computing power and multiuser capability.

p.303 The Data General/One Model 2

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

This laptop has many improvements over the DG /One Model 1.

p.307 The Video Technology Laser 128

[author Valus E. White]

An inexpensive Apple II compatible.

p.313 EGA Times 12

[author Chris H. Pappas and William H. Murray]

A comparison of a dozen EGA boards.

p.318 Nine PC AT Multifunction Cards

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

Easy-to-add memory that might be difficult to use.

p.324 The All Card ATI/M

[author Jonathan Angel]

This board will help you squeeze more bytes out of DOS.

p.328 Evaluation Team Report: IBM PC AT Compatibles

[author Jaime Cuevas Dermody and Jayesh Punater]

Speed and compatibility tests on 12 microcomputers.

p.333 Three Modula-2 Programming Systems

[author Paul A. Sand]

A comparison that produces a clear winner.


[author Frederick D. Davis]

This BASIC compiler offers multitasking and windows.

p.341 RuleMaster

[author Mike Van Horn]

An expert-system development package.

p.342 Scribble!

[author Warren Block]

General-purpose word processing for the Amiga.

p.344 Laser Author

[author Mick O 'Neil]

A word processor for the Macintosh and Mac Plus.

p.346 Review Feedback

Readers respond to previous reviews.


p.350 Introduction

p.353 Computing at Chaos Manor: A Tale of Two Clones

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry also considers products he saw at the Atari Faire and the PC Faire.

p.367 According to Webster: View and Reviews

[author Bruce Webster]

A look at the Apple IIGS, the Fritzie awards, and more predictions.

p.383 BYTE U.K. : The Software Robot

[author Dick Pountain]

Automator mi provides total control over a computer.

p.395 Applications Only: Something Special

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Ezra believes Word 3.0 for the Macintosh is an important product.


p.413 Amiga

p.415 Atari ST

p.420 IBM PC and Compatibles

p.424 Macintosh

p.429 Apple II

p.432 FORTH


p.6 Editorial : Two Brief Conversations with Ben Rosen

p.9 Microbytes

p.16 Letters

p.29 What's New

p.49 Events and Clubs

p.52 Ask BYTE

p.58 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.65 Book Reviews

p.405 Chaos Manor Mail

p.484 BOMB Results and Coming Up in BYTE

p.485 Product Index


p.424 From BIX

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Vol.12 n°2 february 1987


p.82 Introduction

p.85 Workstations

[author Charles D. Weston and George A. Stewart]

An evaluation of three models offers a tantalizing glimpse of where personal computers are going.

p.101 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build an Infrared Remote Controller

[author Steve Ciarcia]

A custom hand-held transmitter and receiver.

p.114 Programming Project: Illinois Functional Programming: A Tutorial

[author Arch D. Robison]

Construct functional programs with this public domain language.

p.129 Build Your Own 256K Amiga Expansion RAM

[author Richard F Retter and Andrew N. Morelli Jr.]

Save over a hundred dollars by building your own expansion RAM module.

p.135 Programming Insight: Calculating the Area of an Irregular Shape

[author Rene Stolk and George Ettershank]

A BASIC program for calculating the areas of simple closed curves.

p.137 Programming Insight: Another Approach to Data Compression

[author Robert J. Sciamanda]

Use this set of BASIC programs to explore the Nyquist sampling theorem.

THEME: Educational Computing

p.146 Introduction

p.149 Using Computers for Instruction

[author Henry Jay Becker]

A research scientist looks at the results and implications of the Second National Survey of Instructional Uses of School Computers.

p.165 The Difference in Higher Education

[author Donna Osgood]

Profiles of five colleges making good on their promise to provide campuswide access to computers.

p.183 The Quiet Revolution

[author Brock N. Meeks]

The author takes us inside the electronic university-does it really emulate the traditional classroom?

p.193 A Hard Look at Educational Software

[author Adeline Naiman]

The state of the art in education hardly reflects the technological advances available.

p.201 The Potential for Interactive Technology

[author Alfred Bork]

The future for learning and using technology requires vision and facts.


p.210 Introduction

p.213 Reviewer's Notebook

[author Jon Edwards]

p.215 The ALR Access 386 and the Compaq Deskpro 386

[author Stanley J. Wszola and Curtis Franklin Jr.]

Two high-performance 80386 machines.

p.221 Four Portable Computers

[author John D. Unger]

IBM PC-compatible laptops from Toshiba, Zenith, Bondwell, and IBM.

p.231 The Atari 1040ST

[author Dave Menconi]

An excellent value with just a few problems.

p.239 Four Ink-Jet Printers

[author Robert D. Swearengin]

Offering' s from Diconix, Quadram, Xerox, and Tektronix.

p.247 Microsoft QuickBASIC 2.0

[author Dennis Dykstra]

An integrated programming environment with many features.

p.255 Forecast Master

[author Lowell Rosen]

A state-of-the-art statistical package.

p.256 Public Domain Software for the Amiga

[author Warren Block]

Some of the best public domain programs available.

p.261 Review Feedback

Readers respond to previous reviews.


264 Introduction

p.267 Computing at Chaos Manor: A Confederation of Hackers

[author Jerry Pournelle]

A detailed description of WordPerfect highlights this month's column.

p.287 BYTE U.K.: And More Clones

[author Dick Pountain]

Dick looks at new computers from Amstrad and Apricot.

p.295 Applications Only: Miscellany

[author Ezra Shapiro]

A gigantic backlog and a guilt complex cause Ezra to consider several products.

p.303 According to Webster: Journeys

[author Bruce Webster]

More on the Apple IIGS and a look at some FORTH products.

p.319 Mathematical Recreations: A Ternary State of Affairs

[author Robert T. Kurosaka]

The base-3 number system offers an automatic solution to a classic puzzle


p.331 Amiga

p.333 Atari ST

p.337 IBM PC and Compatibles

p.339 Apple II/Macintosh

p.341 BASIC

p.344 Pascal


p.6 Editorial : The Hidden Peril of Electronic Publishing

p.9 Microbytes

p.16 Letters

p.29 What's New

p.49 Events and Clubs

p.52 Ask BYTE

p.60 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.67 Book Reviews

p.329 Chaos Manor Mail

p.388 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

p.389 Company Index

p.391 Reader Service


p.306 From BIX

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Vol.12 n°3 march 1987


p.82 Introduction

p.84 Product Preview: The Commodore A2000

[author Gregg Williams, Tom Thompson, and Richard Crehan]

The new Amiga features slots and optional PC compatibility.

p.101 Product Preview: Turbo BASIC

[author George A. Stewart]

Turbo BASIC is Borland International's answer to Microsoft BASIC. It offers 8087 compatibility, fast and versatile compilation, recursion. and it's BASICA-compatible.

p.113 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build a Trainable Infrared Master Controller

[author Steve Ciarcia]

This device can control all your home entertainment equipment.

p.127 Programming Insight: Building a Random-Number Generator

[author Brian Wichmann and David Hill]

The authors present a Pascal routine for very-long-cycle random-number sequences.

p.129 Programming Project: Installing Memory-Resident Programs with C

[author Brian Edginton]

Use C programs to extend DOS.

THEME: Image Processing

p.140 Introduction

p.143 Probing Space by Camera

[author Ken Sheldon]

Image processing began as a spin-off from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

p.151 Digital Image Processing in Art Conservation

[author John F Asmus]

Digital image processing enables a research team to peer below the surface of the Mona Lisa and trace the painting's evolution.

p.169 Introduction to Image Processing Algorithms

[author Benjamin M. Dawson]

The author describes a generic image processing system that you can assemble and use to implement some algorithms.

p.191 Low-Cost Image Processing

[author Charles McManis]

You can build an inexpensive but powerful image processing workstation around the Amiga.

p.197 PreScript

[author Ken Sheldon]

This proposed standard would streamline the process of capturing and manipulating image data.


p.204 Introduction

p.207 Reviewer's Notebook

[author Cathryn Baskin]

p.209 A Trio of 8-MHz PC AT Compatibles

[author Stan Miastkowski]

Three machines that vary in options, software, and price.

p.215 AT&T's TrueVision Image Processing System

[author Robert Tinney]

This system lets you capture, digitize, and manipulate real-time images.

p.217 Four Laser Printers

[author Arthur Little]

Offerings from Canon, BDS, Quadram, and QMS.

p.223 PC Scheme: A Lexical LISP

[author William G. Wong]

An implementation of Scheme for IBM PC compatibiles.

p.226 Concurrent PC DOS

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

Support for multiple programs and external terminals.

p.228 Wendin's Operating System Toolbox

[author Jason Levitt]

Help for creating your own operating system.

p.235 PFS: First Choice

[author Larry D. Allen]

Word processing, a spreadsheet, telecommunications, and file management.

p.237 WriteNow for the Macintosh

[author Mick O'Neil]

A word processor that picks up where MacWrite left off.

p.238 CAD-3D

[author Rusel DeMaria]

Three-dimensional modeling for the Atari ST.

p.244 Review Feedback

Readers respond to previous reviews.


p.248 Introduction

p.251 Computing at Chaos Manor: The Curse of Chaos Manor

[author Jerry Pournelle]

A lack of working computers gave Jerry an especially chaotic month.

p.271 Applications Only : Status Report

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Ezra reveals his biases by mentioning which products he uses regularly.

p.279 BYTE U.K.: Taking Control

[author Dick Pountain]

Dick plays with three systems that let a microcomputer control events in the real world.

p.291 According to Webster: Amiga Developers Conference.

[author Bruce Webster]

New products and books lor the Amiga are appearing.


p.311 Amiga

p.316 Atari ST

p.324 IBM PC and Compatibles

p.330 Apple II/Macintosh

p.340 BASIC

p.344 Pascal


p.6 Editorial: The Enigma of the Amiga 2000

p.9 Microbytes

p.16 Letters

p.29 What's New

p.49 Events and Clubs

p.52 Ask BYTE

p.58 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.67 Book Reviews

p.301 Chaos Manor Mail

p.400 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

p.401 Ediiorial Index by Company

p.403 Reader Service


p.354 From BIX

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Vol.12 n°4 april 1987


p.85 Product Preview: The Apple Macintosh II

[author Gregg Williams and Tom Thompson]

The Mac II features a compatible, open-ended system design.

p.109 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Neighborhood Strategic Defense Initiative

[author Steve Ciarcia]

Playing laser tag for real!

p.113 Build BERT, the Basic Educational Robot Trainer, Part 1

[author Karl Brown]

Even a child can program this talking robot built from off-the-shelf components.

p.127 Programming Project: Concurrent Programming in Turbo Pascal

[author Mukkai S. Krishnamoorthy and Snorri Agnarsson]

Adding these two new data types of Turbo Pascal gives you parallel programming ability.

p.135 The Cheetah Adapter/386

[author Jon Shiell]

This low-cost 80386 translator board plugs into your AT's 80286.

THEME: Instruction Set Strategies

p.142 Introduction : How Much of a RISC?

[author Phillip Robinson]

The past, present, and future of reduced instruction set computers.

p.153 The RISC/CISC Melting Pot

[author Thomas L. Johnson]

Classic design methods converge in the MC68030 microprocessor.

p.161 The Fairchild Clipper

[author Mike Ackerman and Gary Baum]

A microprocessor that attempts to balance the best of CISC and RISC.

p.177 Stack Machine and Compiler Design

[author Daniel L. Miller]

The Novix CPU's FORTH instruction set and the design of a C compiler.

p.187 The WISC Concept

[author Phil Koopman]

A proposal for a writable instruction set computer.


p.201 Reviewer's Notebook

[author Cathryn Baskin]

p.203 State of the Art in Dot-Matrix Impact Printers

[author George A. Stewart and Jane Morrill Tazelaar]

BYTE reviews 53 different models.

p.217 An Evolutionary Quartet of AT Clones

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

These updates are a mixed blessing.

p.223 The Apple IIGS

[author Philip Chien]

The latest release in the Apple II series.

p.233 Text Scanners for the IBM PC

[author John McCormick]

A look at OCR machines from five different companies.

p.241 The GCLISP 286 Developer

[author Ernest R. Tello]

This LISP development environment is an improvement over GCLISP version 1.

p.244 Turbo Pascal Toolboxes

[author Namir Clement Shammas]

Two Turbo Pascal software add-ons.

p.255 R:base System V

[author Stephen Cobb]

Database management for single and multiple users.

p.257 Word Handler

[author Mick O 'Neil]

Word processing for the Macintosh.

p.260 Lightning and Flash

[author Whitney Bolton]

Two disk-cache programs for the IBM PC.

p.263 Review Feedback

Readers respond to previous reviews.


p.269 Computing at Chaos Manor: Back to Work!

[author Jerry Pournelle]

The curse is lifted, and Jerry chooses the best and worst of 1986.

p.289 According to Webster: A Head Full of Cotton

[author Bruce Webster]

Bruce considers the Magic Sac for the Atari ST and the PAL expansion chassis for the Amiga.

p.301 Applications Only: Another Odd Lot

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Ezra looks at four unique programs.

p.311 BYTE U.K.: Distinctive Coloring

[author Dick Pountain]

Factors to consider when implementing a color scheme.


p.323 Amiga

p.328 Atari ST

p.332 IBM PC and Compatibles

p.341 Pascal


p.6 Editorial: Open Systems

p.9 Microbytes

p.16 Letters

p.29 What's New

p.49 Events and Clubs

p.52 Ask BYTE

p.58 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.65 Book Reviews

p.319 Chaos Manor Mail

p.388 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

p.389 Editorial Index by Company

p.391 Reader Service


p.340 From BIX

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Vol.12 n°5 may 1987


p.85 Product Preview: The Tandon PAC 286

[author Jonathan Erickson, G. Michael Vose, and Charles Weston]

An advance look at Tandon's AT-class computer and its unique disk subsystem and memory management unit.

p.95 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build a Gray-Scale Video Digitizer

[author Steve Ciarcia]

Image Wise is a complete digital video system.

p.108 Programming Project: Pull-Down Menus in C

[author James L. Pinson]

Add a user-friendly menu system to almost any IBM PC application.

p.113 Build BERT, the Basic Educational Robot Trainer, Part 2

[author Karl Brown]

A guide to troubleshooting and programming your robot.

p.125 An Adventure Authoring System

[author David Betz]

A tour of AdvSys, a tool for writing text adventure games.

p.135 Interactive Fiction as Literature

[author Mary Ann Buckles]

Adventure games have a literary heritage.

THEME: Desktop Publishing

p.147 Introduction

p.149 The Desktop-Publishing Phenomenon

[author John W. Seybold]

Personal printing has come a long way in a short time.

p.159 Make My Page!

[author Thorn Holmes]

Choosing the best desktop-publishing program for your needs.

p.171 Designing a Raster-Image Processor

[author Jon Barrett and Kirk Reistroffer]

The road from screen display to hard copy is circuitous.

p.185 Programming in PostScript

[author Denis G. Pelli]

Techniques and applications in vision research, plus a survey of PostScript hardware and software.


p.207 Reviewer's Notebook

[author Cathryn Baskin]

p.209 High-Speed Internal Modems

[author Stephen Satchell]

An evaluation of 10 units for IBM PC compatibles.

p.221 Compaq's New Carryon

[author John Unger]

This machine combines performance with portability.

p.229 The Commodore 64C

[author Alastair J. W. Mayer]

An attractive restyling of the Commodore 64.

p.237 SCSI Hard Disk Drives for the Macintosh

[author Chris Crawford and Eva White]

A look at 10 external 20-megabyte units.

p.241 BASIC Compilers for the Macintosh

[author Scott L. Norman]

True BASIC 1.0, ZBASIC 3.01, and PCMacBasic 1.65.

p.249 Q&A 2.0

[author Phillip Robinson]

This file manager has a natural-language interface and a word processor.

p.251 Lyrix

[author George R. Allen]

A word processor that runs on many different computers.

p.254 Review Feedback

Readers respond to previous reviews.


p.261 Computing at Chaos Manor: Bye-Bye Big Kat

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Big Kat leaves Chaos Manor, and Zelda moves in.

p.279 According to Webster: Publish and/or Perish

[author Bruce Webster]

A visit to the Mac World Exposition and a look at desktop publishing.

p.293 Applications Only: Mostly Mac

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Ezra looks at Macintosh programs and receives feedback from Acta's author.

p.307 Mathematical Recreations: Around and Around

[author Robert T. Kurosaka]

Exploring the family of curves known as cycloids using computer graphics.


p.256 From BIX

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p.6 Editorial: All or Nothing in Local Mass Storage

p.9 Microbytes

p.16 Letters

p.29 What's New

p.49 Events and Clubs

p.52 Ask BYTE

p.58 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.67 Book Reviews

p.317 Chaos Manor Mail

p.390 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

p.391 Editorial Index by company

p.393 Reader-Service


p.325 Amiga

p.328 Atari

p.334 IBM PC and Compatibles

p.340 Macintosh

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Vol.12 n°6 june 1987


p.100 First Impressions: The IBM PS/2 Computers

[author the BYTE Editorial Staff]

The Personal System/2-including a 32/16-bit bus, new operating systems, and new graphics systems-redefines IBM's microcomputer standards.

p.116 Product Description: Microsoft's New DOS

[author Eva White and Richard Grehan]

With OS/2, Microsoft makes a break for the future while remaining true to the past.

p.129 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build a Gray-Scale Video Digitizer, Part 2

[author Steve Ciarcia]

An imaging system with remarkable features for the price.

p.143 Programming Project: A Contouring Subroutine

[author Paul D. Bourke]

Use this BASIC program to represent any three-dimensional surface on a flat plane.

p.155 Programming Insight: Polynomial Curve Fitter

[author William G. Hood]

This BASIC program finds a polynomial function to fit a set of data points.

p.161 68000 Machines: Atari 520ST Projects

[author Tim G. Hunkler]

An interface board for the Atari ST cartridge port.

THEME: Computer-Aided Design

p.173 Introduction

p.177 Data Structures in CAD Software

[author Larry Pfortmiller]

A description of image types and their computer representation.

p.187 The CADcompiler

[author Arthur W. Crooke]

A logic design tool with a twist.

p.199 Computer-Aided Routing of Printed Circuit Boards

[author Stephen E. Belter]

An examination of Lee's Algorithm and possible improvements.

p.209 IGES

[author Ralph J. Mayer]

One answer to the problems of CAD database exchange.

p.217 CAD for Building Chips

[author Steve Trimberger and Jim Rowson]

Silicon compilers and the automated building of VLSI circuits.


p.227 Reviewer's Notebook

[author Cathryn Baskin]

p.229 Beyond Turbo

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

Two 12-MHz machines from PC ' s Limited and Wells American.

p.235 Turbo-Amiga

[author Warren Block]

An Amiga peripheral that's more like a high-performance clone.

p.238 Pick of the Litter

[author William H. Murray and Chris H. Pappas]

An overview of eight computer mice.

p.245 Four C Language Interpreters

[author John Unger]

Run/C, Run/C Professional, C-terp, and Instant-C .

p.250 Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit

[author David and Lee Hart]

Pull-down menus, multitasking, device independence, and more.

p.256 Smalltalk/V Release 1.2

[author Mat Davis]

Inexpensive object-oriented programming for the IBM PC and compatibles.

p.265 Acquaint

[author Ernest R. Tello]

A frame-based, knowledge-development system and expert-system tool.

p.272 Zoomracks II

[author Tyler Sperry]

This text-database manager features a unique visual interface.


p.281 Computing at Chaos Manor: Puttering with Yin and Yang

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Short-shrift time prompts a look at several products.

p.297 According to Webster: Processor Wars

[author Bruce Webster]

Bruce considers the new Macs, the Access 386, and Professional Pascal.

p.317 Focus on Algorithms: Run-Length Encoding

[author Dick Pountain]

This column premieres with a look at the simplest algorithm for compressing data.

p.321 Applications Only: AI, AI,Oh!

[author Ezra Shapiro]

VP-Expert is an inexpensive expert-system program that actually works.


p.6 Editorial: Liberation and Fragmentation

p.16 Letters and Review Feedback

p.32 Chaos Manor Mail

p.37 Microbytes

p.45 What's New

p.65 Events and Clubs

p.68 Ask Byte

p.74 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.81 Book Reviews

p.378 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

p.379 Editorial Index by company

p.381 Reader Service


p.325 Macintosh

p.332 Atari ST

p.334 Amiga


p.337 From BIX

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byte 1987 summer byte 1987 summer

Vol.12 n°7 Summer 1987 Special Issue Applications Software Today


p.6 Everyware


p.11 Beyond Macro Processing

[author Bill Gates]

A strategy for customizing applications software.

p.19 The Application Program Interface

[author Steven R. Boye and Philippe Kahn]

The SideKick Plus kernel, a proposed TSR standard.

p.25 The Network-Model DBMS

[author David Kruglinski]

A powerful alternative to the relational-model database management system.

p.33 Dark Horse Applications

[author Ezra Shapiro]

A handful of unusual or unknown programs for MS-DOS computers.

p.37 The Promise of Application Software

[author Oliver L. Picher, Cynthia R. Lubrano, and Rochelle Theophano]

Trends for the future of productivity programs.

p.47 Designing Modern Accounting Software

[author Gary W. Hedge]

An analysis of key features determining the cost and quality of accounting software.


[theme Word Processors]

[author Phillip Robinson]

The top seven-three for the Macintosh and four for the IBM PC.

p.69 Spreadsheets

[author Rich Malloy]

This new crop of programs offers multidimensionality and natural language.

p.77 Database Managers

[author Charles Spezzano]

A sample of the latest products for MS-DOS and the Mac.

p.91 Communications

[author Brock N. Meeks]

A dozen top performers with a variety of features.

p.103 RAM-Resident Utilities

[author Jon Edwards]

You can piece together a system that combines all the features you need.


p.129 BOMB

p.129 Editorial Index by Company


p.118 From BIX

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byte_1987_07.jpg byte_1987_07_index.jpg byte_1987_07_index2.jpg

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Vol.12 n°8 july 1987


p.101 The New Generation: High-Tech Horsepower

[author the BYTE Editorial Staff]

Our first benchmark comparisons of 80386 and 68020 microprocessors and the machines that use them.

p.113 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Using the Image Wise Video Digitizer, Part 1: Image Processing

[author Steve Ciarcia]

How to use and process data created with Image Wise.

p.121 Programming Insight: Complex Math in Pascal

[author David Gedeon]

These well-designed routines overcome Pascal's weaknesses in handling complex numbers.

p.129 Map Storage on CD-ROM

[author Donald F. Cooke]

The immense capacity and low duplication cost of CD-ROM promise a revolution in map publishing.

THEME: Local Area Networks

p.145 Introduction

p.147 A LAN Primer

[author Dick Lejkon]

Looking at the basics of linking computers into a network.

p.159 Using the Macintosh on a Unix Network

[author Hugh T. Smith, William J. Armitage, and R. James Duckworth]

A special interface board lets the Mac serve as a graphics front end to Unix machines.

p.169 An Inside Look at a LAN Data Archive System

[author Meg Woollen Perry]

A distributed archive system made from commercial products .

p.177 Multiuser Programming

[author Frederick D. Davis]

Useful examples of shared file access.

p.185 A Shared Network Spreadsheet

[author Patrick R. Horton and Michael D. Morris]

A transparent sharing of data between multiple users on a LAN.

p.191 Views on a Network Analyzer

[author Scott Spangenberg and Raymond G. A. Cote]

Diagnosis is invaluable for checking the health of your LAN.


p.204 Reviewer's Notebook

[author Cathryn Baskin]

p.207 Statistics on the Macintosh

[author Richard S. Lehman]

An in-depth survey of 12 packages .

p.217 The IBM PS/2 Model 50

[author Richard Grehan]

This redesign of the PC AT is equipped with a 10-MHz 80286, the new Micro Channel bus , and modular construction.

p.225 The IBM PS/2 Model 30

[author Curtis Franklin Jr.]

The smallest and most conservative member of the PS/2 family comes with a souped-up 8086, PC-compatible slots, and new MCGA graphics.

p.231 The ISI WC 525 Optical Disk Drive

[author Rich Malloy]

Storage for up to 115 megabytes of data.

p.233 The Konan KXP-230Z Drive Maximizer

[author Rick Cook and Paul Schauble]

Error-detection and -correction, file compaction, and more.

p.239 Ada Moves to Micros

[author Namir Clement Shammas]

Offerings from Alsys, Artek, Meridian, and RR Software.

p.244 PC Simscript II.5

[author Zaven A. Karian]

Simulation software for the IBM PC and compatibles.

p.249 Deluxe Music Construction Set 1.1

[author Gregg Williams]

A creativity-enhancement program for the Amiga.

p.251 Drawing, Drafting, and Design

[author Phillip Robinson]

A comparison of five popular Macintosh CAD programs.


p.259 Computing at Chaos Manor: A Taxing Day

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Attila the Honey conquers Chaos Manor.

p.275 Focus on Algorithms: Sorting Out the Sorts

[author Dick Fountain]

A primitive sort indexes a book faster than more sophisticated algorithms.

p.283 Applications Only: Useful Stuff

[author Ezra Shapiro]

A speller for MS Works and two telecommunication packages for MCI Mail.


p.306 From BIX

From BYTEnet (617) 861-9764

On disk or in print see card after 224


p.6 Editorial : The BYTE Subscriber Now

p.16 Letters and Review Feedback

p.32 Chaos Manor Mail

p.37 Microbytes

p.45 What's New

p.65 Events and Clubs

p.68 Ask BYTE

p.74 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.83 Book Reviews

p.354 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

p.355 Editorial Index by Company

p.357 Reader Service


p.291 Amiga

p.294 Atari ST

p.296 IBM PC and Compatibles

p.305 Apple

p.310 32-Bit Forum

byte_1987_08.jpg byte_1987_08_index.jpg byte_1987_08_index2.jpg

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Vol.12 n°9 august 1987


p.101 The New Generation: Under the Covers

[author Steve Ciarcia]

The new IBM PS/2 Micro Channel as seen from inside the Model 50.

p.113 The New Generation: Head to Head

[author G. Michael Vose, David Betz and Jane Morrill Tazelaar]

In the ring this month: The IBM PS/2 Model 80 and the Macintosh II.

p.117 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Using the Image Wise Video Digitizer, Part 2: Colorization

[author Steve Ciarcia]

Snow White gets a new outfit.

p.123 Programming Project: Creating Fractals

[author William A. McWorter Jr. and Jane Morrill Tazelaar]

Seeing a completed drawing can't compare to the thrill of watching it being drawn.

p.135 Inside the 82786 Graphics Chip

[author Bill Nicholls]

The Intel 82786 graphics chip provides another way to expand the performance and life span of your current system.

p.145 THEME: Prolog

p.146 Introduction

p.147 A Prolog Primer

[author William Clocksin]

An introduction and tutorial by the author of the first textbook on the popular logic programming language.

p.161 Simulating a Microprocessor

[author Alex Lane]

A versatile 8085 simulator written in Arity/Prolog.

p.171 Constraint Logic Programming

[author Catherine Lassez]

Using constraint solving to provide a general framework for developing more powerful logic programming languages.

p.177 Opening the Prolog III Universe

[author Alain Colmerauer]

This powerful new version of Prolog fundamentally reshapes the original language.

p.185 Logic Grammars

[author Stan Szpakowicz]

Explore this Prolog notation by building a compiler for a hypothetical programming language.


p.198 Reviewer's Notebook

[author Cathryn Baskin]

p.201 The Macintosh SE

[author Laurence H. Loeb]

Performance, expandable hardware, transportability, and more.

p.207 Two High-Performance PC AT Compatibles

[author John Unger]

Two 10-MHz 80286 machines with large expansion capacities.

p.213 80386 Accelerator Boards

[author Donald Evan Crabb]

These boards can improve a PC AT's performance by 2 to 2½ times.

p.219 Macintosh C Compilers Revisited

[author Joel West]

Offerings from Consulair, Manx, Think Technologies, and Spectra Micro Development.

p.224 386|ASM/LINK 1.1e

[author Matt Trask]

Phar Lap's set of 80386 development programs.

p.229 BackComm and SideTalk

[author Rob Fixmer]

Background communications software for the IBM PC and compatibles.

p.232 A CAD for All Incomes

[author Phillip Robinson]

Six of today's most popular CAD programs.

p.141 KERNEL

p.243 Computing at Chaos Manor: Faster, Bigger, Better

[author Jerry Pournelle]

The technology explosion hits Chaos Manor.

p.257 Focus on Algorithms: Search and Destroy

[author Dick Pountain]

Removing "boring" words from a book's index.

p.263 Applications Only: Moving Toward AI

[author Ezra Shapiro]

An AI trainer and two programs for developing courseware.


p.270 From BIX

From BYTEnet (617) 861-9764

On disk or in print see card after 256


p.6 Editorial: Intriguing Tales from the Early Days of the PS/2

p.12 Letters and Review Feedback

p.28 Chaos Manor Mail

p.37 Microbytes

p.45 What's New

p.65 Events

p.68 Ask BYTE

p.74 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.81 Book Reviews

p.330 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

p.331 Editorial Index by Company

p.333 Reader Service


p.273 Amiga

p.274 Atari ST

p.276 Apple

p.279 Macintosh

p.286 IBM PC

p.290 32-Bit Forum

byte_1987_09.jpg byte_1987_09_index.jpg byte_1987_09_index2.jpg

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Vol.12 n°10 september 1987


p.101 A Programmer's Introduction to OS/2

[author Ray Duncan]

Writing your first OS/2 application.

p.110 The New Generation: A Closer Look

[author Richard Grehan]

Some surprises about the relative speeds of 80386 and 68020 machines.

p.115 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Circuit Cellar AT Computer, Part 1: AT Basics

[author Steve Ciarcia]

A faster, smaller, and more efficient 100 percent compatible AT CPU board.

p.123 Programming Project: Crafting Reusable Software in Modula-2

[author Hanna Oktaha and René Berber]

Careful program design results in safe, reusable program libraries.

p.129 Programming Insight: Teaching Old Screens New Tricks

[author Michael J. Sorens]

Create fancy screen displays for your homegrown programs.

p.137 Constructing an Associative Memory

[author Bart Kosko]

This nonlinear neural network runs on your PC.

p.146 Karmarkar's Algorithm

[author Andrew M. Rockett and John C. Stevenson]

A method for solving large linear programming problems.

p.161 THEME: Printer Technologies

p.162 Introduction

p.163 Color Printing

[author Naomi M. Luft]

If the growth of color printing has been slower than expected, it isn't for lack of technologies.

p.177 Vector-to-Raster Algorithms

[author Dick Pountain]

Disguising vector information as raster data.

p.187 Page Printers

[author Rick Cook]

New developments will help reduce cost and improve resolution.

p.199 Print Quality

[author Lars Jansson]

Rating printer technologies requires a set of objective definitions for print quality.

p.209 Engineering Close-Ups : Taming the Hot Heads

[author Keith B. Davenport]

Using CAD to design more efficient print heads.

p.215 Matrix-Line Printing

[author Mark Hohneker]

This alternative to a serial moving-head design uses an eight-inch-wide bank of print hammers.

p.221 Color Thermal-Transfer Printing

[author Julio Guardado]

This process is simple in principle but challenging in its implementation.

p.225 Designing a High-Speed Page Printer Controller

[author Phil Ellison]

This design proves that the controller doesn't have to bottleneck the printing system.

p.229 Strip-Buffer vs. Full-Page Bit-Map Imaging

[author Bert Douglas]

This approach minimizes memory requirements .


p.236 Reviewer's Notebook

[author Cathryn Baskin]

p.239 The Kaypro 386

[author Ray Duncan]

This machine delivers two to three times the performance of the IBM PC AT.

p.245 Mail-Order Performance

[author Frederick D. Davis]

The Proteus-286GT from Proteus Technology and the GV-286 from PC Designs.

p.253 The NEC MultiSpeed

[author David Satz]

An inexpensive portable with a fast microprocessor.

p.257 The Micro Clipper Graphics Subsystem

[author Charles Weston]

This two-board subsystem provides enhanced graphics for PC-based CAD systems.

p.263 PC-MOS/386

[author Richard Grehan]

An 80386 operating system that combines multitasking, advanced task communications, and PC-DOS compatibility.

p.266 Actor 1.0

[author Leonard Moskowitz]

A fast, memory-efficient alternative to Smalltalk.

p.269 ALS Prolog

[author Alex Lane]

A Prolog compiler that acts like an interpreter.

p.277 Benchmarking dBASE III Compilers

[author Malcolm C. Rubel]

Offerings from Nantucket, Wordtech Systems, and Fox Software.

p.281 DESQview 2.00

[author John McCormick]

Windows, concurrent processing, virtual memory , and more.

p.287 KERNEL

p.289 Computing at Chaos Manor: In the Chips

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Fast Kat becomes even faster.

p.307 Applications Only: Potpourri

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Ezra looks at a database, a telecommunications package, and more.


p.285 From BIX

From BYTEnet (617) 861-9764

On disk or in print see card after 256


p.6 Editorial : Mere Conservatism or Fear, Uncertainty ,and Doubt?

p.12 Letters and Review Feedback

p.28 Chaos Manor Mail

p.37 Microbytes

p.45 What's New

p.65 Events

p.68 Ask BYTE

p.72 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.81 Book Reviews

p.378 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

p.379 Editorial Index by Company

p.381 Reader Service


p.317 Apple

p.318 Macintosh

p.324 IBM PC

byte_1987_10.jpg byte_1987_10_index.jpg byte_1987_10_index2.jpg

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Vol.12 n°11 october 1987


p.100 The Tandy Anniversary Product Explosion

[author Rich Malloy, G. Michael Vose, and George A. Stewart]

Tandy celebrates its ten-year milestone with four new computers and a laser printer.

p.109 The OS/2 Applications Family

[author Ray Duncan]

Let's clear up the confusion about what it will take to run programs under OS/2.

p.121 Product Preview: A Spiritual Heir to the Macintosh

[author Ezra Shapiro]

The Canon Cat is Jef Raskin's version of a "people's computer."

p.125 Product Preview: The Archimedes A310

[author Dick Pountain]

An early look at what may be the world's fastest personal computer.

p.135 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Circuit Cellar AT Computer, Part 2

[author Steve Ciarcia]

Steve reveals the circuitry for his AT-on-a-board.

p.147 THEME: Heuristic Algorithms

p.148 Introduction

[author G. Michael Vose]

p.149 Zero-Knowledge Proofs

[author Peter Wayner]

A new heuristic method lets you prove your identity without revealing a password.

p.155 Back-Propagation

[author William P. Jones and Josiah Hoskins]

A generalized delta learning rule, demonstrated with a neural-network simulation written in C.

p.165 Optimizing Compilers

[author Mark Roberts]

Techniques for generating more efficient code.

p.173 A Search Strategy for Commonsense Logic Programming

[author Paul V. Haley]

The incorporation of heuristics into modern languages could give us the ability to write "smart" programs.

p.177 Mathematical Reasoning

[author Leon Sterling]

An equation solver written in Prolog that uses heuristic methods.

p.183 Neural-Network Heuristics

[author Gary Josin]

Three heuristic algorithms that learn from experience.


p.194 Reviewer's Notebook

[author Curtis Franklin Jr.]

p.197 The Macintosh II

[author Bruce F. Webster]

The newest Mac features a 68020 CPU, NuBus slots, and color.

p.202 The GRiDLite Laptop

[author John Unger]

GRiD's portable computer combines advanced features with mundane hardware.

p.203 The Wang LapTop

[author Alex Lane]

A portable to bridge the gap between Wang and IBM PC computing environments.

p.209 The Definicon DSI-780

[author Dave Thomas]

Equip your IBM PC with a 16-MHz 68000 microprocessor.

p.214 Laser Printer Times Four

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

Lower prices and higher capabilities characterize these printers.

p.223 Three C Language Screen-Utility Packages for PCs

[author Jonathan Robie]

A comparison of the windows for Data, C-Worthy, and Vitamin C screen utilities.

p.229 Advantage C++ and Guidelines C++

[author Mark Mallets]

C++ compilers for the IBM PC and its compatibles.

p.237 Equation Solvers

[author George A. Stewart]

A look at two packages for mathematical computing without programming.

p.242 Personal Consultant Plus

[author Ernest R. Tello]

A LISP-based expert system shell for personal computers.

p.244 Guide

[author William Hershey]

Hypertest comes to the Macintosh.

p.249 KERNEL

p.251 Computing at Chaos Manor: New Life for Lucy

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry reincarnates Lucy.

p.269 Applications Only: ???


p.267 From BIX

From BYTEnet (617) 861-9764

On disk or in print see card after 304


p.6 Editorial: BIX's New Pyramid 9820

p.10 Letters and Review Feedback

p.28 Chaos Manor Mail

p.37 Microbytes

p.45 What's New

p.65 Events

p.68 Ask BYTE

p.74 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.81 Book Reviews

p.330 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

p.331 Editorial Index by Company

p.333 Reader Service


p.275 Macintosh

p.280 IBM PC

byte_1987_11.jpg byte_1987_11_index.jpg

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Vol.12 n°12 Fall 1987

Inside the IBM PCs

p.6 Editorial: The Meaning of SAA

[author G. Michael Vose]

p.11 What's New

p.33 The Technical Implications of the PS/2

[author G. Michael Vose]

p.49 TSRs Past and Future: MS-DOS and OS/2

[author Ray Duncan]

p.59 The 32-bit Micro Channel

[author Jon Shiell]

p.67 PS/2 Video Programming

[author Richard Wilton]

p.83 Comparing IBM's Micro Channel and Apple's NuBus

[author Ciro Cornejo and Raymond Lee]

p.97 Spying on Windows

[author Michael Geary]

p.115 The State of Numerics

[author Stephen S. Fried]

p.125 286/386 Protected-Mode Programming

[author Joel Barnum]

p.133 The IBM RT Gets Connected

[author Jason Levitt]

p.143 Application Input Drivers

[author Jeremy Sagan]

p.159 Better Batch Files Through Assembly Language

[author William J. Claff]

p.173 IBM PC Family BIOS Comparison

[author Jon Shiell]

p.185 Comparing Disk-Allocation Methods

[author Greg Weissman]

p.193 Rating the IBM Compatibles

[author Robert G. Brookshire]

p.201 Windows for BASIC

[author John W. Ross]

p.215 Pipes and Filters

[author Paul Baker]

p.219 A Timing-Independent BIOS

[author Howard N. Cohen and John Hanel]

p.225 Three Bus Interface Designs for the PC

[author James R. Drummond]

p.264 BOMB

p.265 Editorial Index by Company

byte_1987_11.jpg byte_1987_11_index.jpg byte_1987_11_index2.jpg

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Vol.12 n°13 november 1987


p.67 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

Turbo Pascal 4.0

XyWrite III Plus

Daily Wheel, Scientific Wheel, and Professional Wheel

Hauppauge 386 Motherboard

Colorizer 1 .0

p.109 The New Generation: MPW Compiler Lets Mac II's 68020 Shine

[author the BYTE Editorial Staff]

The numbers are revealing... and deceiving.

First Impressions

p.111 QuickBASIC 4.0

[author G. Michael Vose]

QuickBASIC finally delivers on the promise of its name.

p.119 Three New Spreadsheets

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Products from Borland, Microsoft, and WordPerfect get set to take on the industry leader, Lotus 1-2-3 .

p.123 MultiFinder for the Macintosh

[author Gregg Williams]

Apple's new multitasking operating system for the Macintosh computers.


p.134 The Compaq Portable 386

[author Tom Thompson]

Compaq's second-generation 80386 portable provides power in a small package.

p.143 The IBM PS/2 Model 80

[author Curtis Franklin Jr. and Richard Grehan]

A tower of power from IBM.

p.153 Acer 1100 and Micro 1 386+

[author Ed McNierney]

Two 80386 personal computers that combine power and affordability.

p.161 80286 Accelerators

[author Raymond GA Cote]

Eleven products from three categories: replacement, switcher, and multiprocessor boards.

p.169 BIX Product Focus: Accelerator Boards

[author Curtis Franklin Jr.]

BIX users talk about what they want from accelerator boards (and accelerator-board manufacturers).

p.177 Accelerator Boards for the Macintosh SE

[author Laurence H. Loeb]

Two 68020 plug-in boards that enhance the capabilities of the Mac SE.

p.180 Traveling Modems

[author Pete White]

These two units pack all the standard features in a very small size.

p.187 Three FORTRAN 77 Compilers

[author David W. Burleigh]

These compilers bring mainframe features to 8086-and 80286-based microcomputers.

p.196 High C 386

[author Matt Trask]

A C compiler for the 80386 world.

p.205 ANSYS-PC/Linear and MSC/pal2

[author Nicholas M. Baran]

Two finite-element programs for the IBM PC.

p.212 Master Tracks Pro MIDI Sequencer

[author Donald Swearingen]

A MIDI-based music sequencer for the Macintosh.

p.216 WordCruncher

[author Rubin Rabinovitz]

A text-retrieval program that rivals the mainframes'.


p.225 Computing at Chaos Manor: On the Road to Karlsruhe

[author Jerry Pournelle]

A trip to Germany gives a new hard disk portable its first road test.

p.241 Applications Only: Split Decisions

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Mixed feelings about word processors.

p.249 IN DEPTH: Workstation Technology

p.250 Introduction

p.251 A World of Workstations

[author Phillip Robinson]

An overview of the current crop of workstations.

p.261 Workstation Resource Guide

p.265 Comparison of Windowing Systems

[author Hal L. Stern]

A look at four leading systems-two kernel-based and two networked-based.

p.275 PHIGS: Programmer's Hierarchical Interactive Graphics Standard

[author Martin Plaehn]

Providing a common base for graphics hardware and applications program developers.

p.291 Distributed Processing: The State of the Art

[author W. Anthony Mason]

A look at two experimental operating systems : Carnegie-Mellon's MACH and Stanford's V.


p.303 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Circuit Cellar IC Tester, Part 1: Hardware

[author Steve Ciarcia]

This versatile tester can save you hours of troubleshooting.

p.317 Focus on Algorithms: Spraying and Smudging

[author Dick Pountain]

Algorithms of interest for simulating the act of freehand painting.

p.325 Recursion + Data Structures = Anagrams

[author Mike Morton]

Careful data-structure design can lead to considerable improvements in the performance of your programs.

p.339 A Fast CRC

[author Jerry LeVan]

A table-lookup algorithm for calculating the XMODEM CRC.

p.345 The Turing Machine

[author Isaac Malitz]

The TM is simple enough to describe on a single sheet of paper, yet it can mimic a modern computer.

p.363 A C Interface

[author Don F. Ridgway]

Easy access to the ANSI device services.


p.6 Editorial: BYTE Gets Ready for 1988

p.11 Microbytes

p.18 Letters and Review Feedback

p.33 Chaos Manor Mail

p.36 Ask BYTE

p.38 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.51 Book Reviews

p.410 Coming Up in BYTE

p.411 Editorial Index by Company

p.413 Reader Service


From BIX: see 371

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On disk or in print: see card after 384

byte 1987 december byte 1987 december byte 1987 december

Vol.12 n°14 december 1987


p.67 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

Toshiba PageLaser12

Lahey Personal FORTRAN 77

PC-Elevator 386


The Complete Answering Machine


Awesome I/O Card

MacScheme + Toolsmith

First Impressions

p.109 HyperCard

[author Gregg Williams]

Become your own Mac programmer.

p.120 New Generation: Fast Math

[author Tom Thompson]

A comparison between the new Motorola 68882 and the current 68881.


p.124 High-Speed Memory Boards for ATs

[author Barry Nance]

Upgrade your AT's memory without downgrading performance.

p.133 BIX Product Focus: Memory-Expansion Boards for the IBM PC AT

[author Curtis Franklin Jr.]

Subtle considerations to bear in mind when planning a memory upgrade.

p.141 The PC's Limited 38616

[author Mark L. Van Name]

A PC AT-compatible that's built for speed.

p.145 The Zenith Z-183

[author John Unger]

Zenith's latest laptop is better than others, but not the best.

p.153 Atari's Mega 4

[author Jim Kent]

This 4-megabyte machine is a new version of the ST.

p.161 Three Accelerator Boards for the Macintosh Plus

[author Chris Crawford]

Hardware add-ons that significantly boost the Mac Plus's performance.

p.165 Saba Handscan

[author John McCormick]

A hand-held text scanner for use with IBM PC programs.

p.169 Three PC-based Desktop-Publishing Programs

[author James Cavuoto]

PageMaker, Ventura Publisher, and GEM Desktop Publisher.

p.178 FastCAD 1.10

[author Phillip Robinson]

Computer-aided design for the IBM PC and compatibles.

p.180 Carbon Copy Plus

[author Ruse! DeMaria]

A comprehensive telecommunications software package.

p.185 Marshal Pascal and Pascal-2

[author Mark Bridger]

Two compilers that offer more power than Turbo Pascal 3.0.

p.190 SCO Xenix 386

[author Edwin J. Lau]

Unix for 80386-based personal computers.


p.199 Computing at Chaos Manor: The Old Shell Game

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Looks at Zenith's eaZy PC and Mannesmann Tally's MT-910 laser primer.

p.215 Applications Only: Holiday Cheer

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Looking for fun, our man falls in love and replaces his old rodent.

p.223 IN DEPTH: Natural Language

p.224 Introduction

p.225 Natural-Language Processing

[author Klaus K. Obermeier]

A look at the various approaches used in this area of artificial intelligence

p.233 Natural-Language Resource Guide

p.237 Modeling the Brain

[author Matthew Zeidenberg]

A neural-network approach to natural-language processing and similar problems may be the key to building systems that "learn."

p.251 The Intelligent Assistant

[author Gary G. Hendrix and Brett A. Walter]

The design decisions behind Q&A's natural-language interface.

p.261 DOS in English

[author Alex Lane]

A Turbo Prolog program can get your message across to an IBM PC in your own words.

p.269 Natural-Language Processing in C

[author Herbert Schildt]

Opening the door for direct human-computer dialogues.


p.283 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Circuit Cellar IC Tester Part 2: Software and Operation

[author Steve Ciarcia]

Turbo Pascal software makes this inexpensive tester possible.

p.291 Information Theory

[author Ramachandran Bharath]

Measuring how much information a message contains.

p.301 The State of Chinese Computing

[author John H. Maier]

The twenty-first century might be the century of the Pacific Basin.

p.307 Three-Dimensional Perspective Plotting

[author Tyrone Daulton]

With perspective, you can realistically depict a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional screen.

p.317 Ferret: An Image Processor

[author Clifford Harris]

The age of visual discovery in astronomy is drawing to a close as electronic devices replace human observers.

p.329 Mapping the World in Pascal

[author Robert Miller and Francis Reddy]

Five procedures that let you map the Earth on a computer.

p.337 Mimicking Mountains

[author Tom Jeffery]



p.6 Editorial: The "B" Word

p.11 Microbytes

p.18 Letters and Review Feedback

p.33 Chaos Manor Mail

p.36 Ask BYTE

p.44 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.51 Book Reviews

p.387 Coming Up in BYTE


p.386 Editorial Index by Company

p.389 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.391 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

Inquiry Reply Cards: after 392


From BIX: see 304

From BYTEnet: call (617) 861-9764

On disk or in print: see card after 345

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