Vol.21 n°7 july 1996

Cover Story

p.68 Groupware Strategies

Notes or Web-based groupware? The answer will surprise you.

[author : Bill Roberts]

p.145 The 1996 Readers' Choice Awards

BYTE readers pick their favorite hardware and software.

[author : Tom Thompson]

Special Report

p.119 NT Everywhere

p.121 4.0 Isn't for Everyone

p.127 NetWare: Fight or Switch?

p.133 NT and the Net

p.137 NT Server's Growing Pains

Web Project

p.115 Lessons Learned

Our Webmaster shares advice distilled from a year of builduig www.byte.com.

[author : Jon Udell]

State of the Art

p.80 Brave New Interface Worlds

People and computers will work together more efficiently as interfaces become more intuitive.

[author : Alan Joch]

p.83 GUIs Get a Facelift

Innovative interfaces will change the way developers write software, and the way users interact with it.

[author : Tom R. Halfhill]

p.93 VR Meets Reality

A new generation of tools will take virtual reality out of the realm of psychedelia.

[author : Dick Pountain]

p.99 What Pupils Teach Computers

Eye-tracking systems bring people eye-to-eye with their computers.

[author : Alan Jock]

p.151 The Network in the Server

Two new architectures promise to significantly boost the performance of next-generation servers.

[author : Tom Thompson]


p.26 Richer, Thinner Notebooks Arrive

p.27 Geoprocessing Goes Prime Time

p.28 Better Images through Micromirrors

p.30 OpenDoc: A Better OLE Than OLE?

p.32 Ten Reasons to Buy Duplex Printers

p.32 ISDN: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

p.32 Codetalk

p.34 RoboCop, Meet Robo Fire Fighter

p.36 How NT 4.0 Merges Win APIs... Right!

p.36 HP Takes the Lead in Workstation Performance


p.49 OpenDoc Says OLE to Developers

IBM is now positionning OpenDoc as a superset of OLE. It takes a bit of extra programming, but the technology actually does work.

[author : Emily R. Vander Veer] [theme : Operating Systems]

p.53 Life in the fast LANE

Your LAN can start taking advantage of speedy ATM.

[author : Salvatore Salamone] [theme : Networks]

p.59 x86 Enters the Multimedia Era

Intel's new MMX instructions will bring faster multimedia processing to x86-compatible CPUs.

[author : Tom R. Halfhill] [theme : CPUs]

p.63 Diagnosing Token-Ring Ailments

Here's how to write software that looks out for problems on the network.

[author : Barry Nance] [theme : Programming]


p.14 Triumphant Technologists

[author : Mark Schlack]


p.19 Readers write ahout Unix and NT, the Web PC, and how Microsoft blew it with ISDN.


p.41 The New OS in the Blue Box

With twin PowerPC 603 processors and a brand-new multithreaded OS, the BeBox is ready to go.

[author : Raymond Ga Côté]

p.42 The Next Big Thing on the Web

Next's development tools helped create the World Wide Web. Now WebObjects could make it more interactive.

[author : Rohit Khare]

p.47 Solving the Chinese Puzzle

The WisdomPen is a handwriting that Marco Polo would've died for.

[author : William Zhao]

p.48 PDA Packs Power in Your Pocket

The Palm Pilot is one of the most useful PDAs yet.

[author : Peter Wayner]


Reader service

Inquiry Reply Cards: 136A-D, 208A-B

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p.208 Alphabetical Order

p.210 Product Category

p.212 Editorial Index by Company


p.159 Womb-to-Tomb C++ Development

Borland's new C++ 5.0 Development Suite provides enough tools to carry your application from inception to deployment.

[author : Rick Grehan]

p.161 Forging a new medium

Strata's MediaForge 2.0 is a powerful multimedia authoring environment for Windows 95 and NT.

[author : Stanford Diehl]


p.157 Battle of the Web Site Builders

[author : Rex Baldazo]

ich one is better: Microsoft's FrontPage or Netscape's LiveWire? It de pends.

Lab Reports

p.102 5 Reliable Servers for Remote Access

We test servers that can help you escape getting caught in a network jam.

[author : Jim Kane and Dorothy Hudson] [theme : Lab Report: Hardware]]

p.110 Six Comm Programs That Speak Windows 95

[author : Tadesse W. Giorgis] [theme : Lab Report: Software]

What's New

p.214 Previews of an urban navigator and a Macintosh ISDN pod.


p.163 Comments on Code

Why C is a disaster, and other ruminations on programming.


p.220 Digital Imagery

New digital cameras from Kodak and Polaroid.

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