Vol.21 n°4 april 1996

Cover Story

p.44 When Silicon Hits its Limits. What's next?

What will storage, memory, and processors look like in the next century? Here's the scoop on some promising technologies that will change computing.

[author : Tom Thomson]

p.48 Creating Holographic Storage

p.54 Whatever Happened to Josephson Junctions?

Network Project

p.85 E-Mail Adventures

We add mail service to the BYTE Site and mine a rich vein of mail-enabled Web applications.

[author : Jon Udell]


p.55 Work Flow Without Fear

Don't let fundamental mistakes doom your workflow system to failure.

[author : Kelly Trammell]

p.61 The Word on VLIW

Intel and HP want to speed up their future CPUs with riskier-than-RISC VLIW technology. We explain the hopes and the hazards.

[author : Dick Pountain]

p.64NA 1 Installations: When COBOL Is Cool

When it downsized. First Image easily parted with its mainframes. But the information-management company couldn't wean itself from COBOL.

Special Report

p.89 How to Make Windows 95 Work for You

p.91 Dock and Play—Almost

p.99 OLE's Missing Links

p.105 Underground Upgrades for Windows 95

p.111 Better Connections in Windows

p.117 When Networking Is Not Working

State of the Art

p.65 The Middleware Riddle

Between the desktop and the server lies middleware. But just what the heck is it?

[author : Edmund X. Dejesus]

p.67 The Muddle in the Middle

The fundamental concepts you need to understand and compare middleware.

[author : John R. Rymer]

p.71 Middle(ware) Management

Practical advice on implementing middleware technology sucessfully.

[author : Salvatore Salamone]

p.79 The Ultimate Middleware

With the World Wide Web, who needs middleware?

[author : John Kador]

News & Views

p.24 First Web PCs Arrive

The first low-cost Web PCs are almost here, as Teknema and View Call ready their $500 Internet appliances.

p.25 Java Chips Boost Applet Speed

Three new processors, designed for a range of devices, should crank up the performance of Java programs.

p.26 R5000 Cuts 3-D Cost

Mips chip engineers bend the metal to fit the software. This new CPU will mean faster, less expensive 3-D workstations.

p.30 New CPUs Signal Bener Multimedia PCs

MMx technology will help x86 chips process video and audio.

p.38 Phar Lap's Embeddable Kernel

A new Win32 API-compatible real-time embedded kernel lets you leverage your experience in writing Windows applications.

[theme : Code Talk]

p.34 New NT to Offer Win 95 Look, Internet Links

No thanks, Win 95. Some corporate IS managers say they plan to upgrade directly to a new version of Windows NT slated for mid-'96.

p.187 What's New

Sys Technology's 200-MHz Performance Pro 200 workstation proves that two disks are better than one: the latest version of Symantec's Act! gives Psion 3A users contact management and scheduling capabilities: plus more new hardware and software.


p.129 A Hot Cup of Java

The first official release of Sun's Java Web programming language may have trouble living up to all the buzz.

[author : Andrew Singleton] [theme : Programming Languages]

p.133 Notes 4.0: Now It's Webware

With field-level replication and improved administration tools, Lotus Notes 4 continues to lead the workgroup field. But its Visual Basic-like OCX tools and Internet connections make it a powerhouse on the Web, as well.

[author : Steve Gillmor] [theme : Workgroup Software]

p.138 E-Mail Without Wires

The Megahertz AllPoints radio modem lets you send E-mail and faxes from almost anywhere, including the train.

[author : Peter Wayner] [theme : Mobile Communications]

p.142 Hey Baby, Call Me at My IP Address

Things you hear in a geeky bar? No. It's a review of software that lets you make long-distance calls over the Internet.

[author : Peter Wayner] [theme : Internet Phones]

p.145 Holes in the Neural Network

SPSS tries to throw neural networks at statistical analysis, but PCs may lack the power for serious model-building.

[author : Ben Smith]

p.147 Visual Toolkits for Audio Apps

With the right component software, you can slap together a robust interactive voice-response system in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

[author : Brett Glass] [theme : Componentware]

p.151 One Gig to Go

With a 1-gigabyte capacity and the speed of a hard disk, Iomega's Jaz may be the ultimate floppy disk.

[author : G. Armour Van Horn] [theme : Storage]

p.154 Software Roundup: Big Decision: Warp vs. Windows

Comparing the three major 32-bit OSes for Intel-based PC's: OS/2 Warp, Windows 95, and Windows NT.

[author : Tadesse W. Giorgis] [theme : Operating Systems]

p.158 Lab Report: 13 Notebooks with Video Muscle

For road warriors who need presentation power, we test 13 Pentium-based multimedia notebooks that are blazingly fast and packed with features.

[author : Jim Kane and John McDonough] [theme : Multimedia Notebooks]


p.162 Zoom in on High-Quality Video

p.164 How We Tested

Core Technologies

p.177 How to Make Pentium Pros Cooperate

Intel's Pentium Pro has multiprocessor support build in. Four such CPUs can work in concert to achieve a stable system environment.

[author : John Hyde] [theme : CPUs]

p.179 How Copland Communicates

Open Transport brings a platform-independant networking and I/O interface to the Macintosh, paving the way for future networking technologies.

[author : Tom Thompson] [theme : Operating Systems]

p.183 Windows NT Event Logging

NT's event-logging system provides a robust mechanism for tracking processing errors. Here's how to get the most from it.

[author : Terry Frederick] [theme : Programming]

p.185 Marrying ISDN to the OS

Tighter integration between ISDN and the operating system will improve remote connectivity.

[author : Jeffrey Fritz and Salvatore Salamone] [theme : Networks]


p.169 Pournelle: The Fragrant and the Foul

Jerry picks his favorite products of 1995—and bestows a few Onions as well.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.41 Books and CD-ROMs: Baby's First Java Book

A latté guide to Sun's Java; an entertaining history of the computing business; and a CD-Rom that will prepare you for the auto dealer's showroom.

[author : Rex Baldazo, Stanford Diehl, and Rich Friedman]

p.236 Commentary: A Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Snazzy graphics might look great on the Web, but plain old text is the key to widespread access.

[author : Bob Logue]

p.10 Editorial: But Sir, I Have No Pornograph!

[author : Raphael Needleman]

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