Vol.19 n°8 august 1994

News & Views

p.26 OS/2 Gets Lean and Mean

IBM has released the first beta of a new version of OS/2 for Windows: a 32-bit operating system that will run well on 4-MB PCs. But support for APIs for future versions of Windows is uncertain.


p.30 Hubs Branch Out of the Wiring Closet

When combining hubs with devices that give users WAN access, vendors are making sure the components complement each other so that the combination is often better than what you'd get if you bought the pieces separately.


p.34 IBM Plans Ambitious Network

This fall, IBM will introduce Intelligent Communications, a set of communications services that span the gulf between different access providers, mail systems, delivery media, and user devices.

p.44 Help for Patent Fever

New products and services are out that can help a developer file a patent application or search for prior patents.


p.44 Add Seamless ZIP Support to Your Windows Applications

DynaZIP lets you build Windows-based C/C++ or Visual Basic programs that can read and write standard ZIP files.


p.48 CorelDraw 5.0 Adds Better Image-Editing Tools

CorelDraw 5.0 offers an improved PhotoPaint image-editing application and numerous new image-editing tools.


p.48 Kurzweil Brings Voice Dictation to Windows

At least three Windows voice-dictation programs will be available by year-end. Kurzweil Applied Intelligence's Voice for Windows 1.0 is the first.


p.202 What's New

The Quartet provides four PCI ports; Enable for Windows integrates five applications; and more.

[theme : NEW PRODUCTS]

Cover Story

p.90 Managing the New Document

As compound document architectures make their way into the desktop computing mainstream, the way we manage documents is fundamentally changing.

[theme : DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT] [author : Andy Reinhardt]

p.92 Standards Efforts Aim to Ease Interoperability

p.100 Distributed Document Management with OLE and OpenDoc

p.104 Image Retrieval for Compound Documents


p.55 Fine-Tune LANtastic

The LANtastic API gives you an unprecedented degree of control over your network configuration.

[theme : PROGRAMMING] [author : Amin R. Ismail and Rhonda Copley]

p.67 Silicon in Reverse

Reversible logic circuits promise to radically decrease the power requirements of future VLSI chips.

[theme : LOW-POWER TECHNOLOGY] [author : Peter Wayner]

p.68 Low-Power Chip Technology

p.78 Cache Advantage

CPUs get the glory, but cache type and organization are just as critical in determining system performance.

[theme : David F. Bacon] [author : David F. Bacon]

State of the Art

p.108 Back of the Bus

Connecting add-on devices to your computer can be an exercise in frustration. New buses promise to simplify the process.

[theme : BUS TECHNOLOGY] [author : Russell Kay]

p.111 SCSI and Beyond

New standards clarify the future direction and higher-speed capabilities of this long-established workhorse interface for PC, Macintosh, and Unix platforms.

[author : Dinah McNutt]

p.112 Purchasing Hints, Troubleshooting Tips

p.117 Seriously Serial

Two new serial buses contend for desktop acceptance - the low-speed Access.bus and the high-speed P1394/Fire Wire. Each has special strengths.

[author : Mark Clarkson]

p.118 Pumping Up the Parallel Port

p.123 Fibre Channel Speeds Up

Here's a new route to the fast lane on the serial superhighway, opening up the capabilities of optical-fiber connections and incorporating other buses and protocols.

[author : John Bryan]


p.129 Software Roundup: Virus-Prevention NLMs

As the computing world becomes increasingly interconnected through LANs, wide-area links, the Internet, and on-line services, corporations are more vulnerable to the threat of computer viruses. BYTE evaluates a convenient and effective solution: antivirus software that works as NetWare NLMs. We test seven products for performance, effectiveness, usability, and versatility.


p.137 Flatbed Color Professionals

New color flatbed scanners from Agfa, Microtek, and Umax provide a price/performance balance that should appeal to graphics professionals. You may not need your local color service's drum scanner for image processing.

[author : G. Armour Van Horn]

p.143 Apple Redefines the Notebook

The latest PowerBooks set a new standard for notebook computers: built-in Ethernet, an innovative trackpad, optional PCMCIA expansion, 16-bit color, stereo sound, and a fast 68040 processor upgradable to PowerPC. Tom Thompson tests the new PowerBooks.

[theme : SYSTEMS] [author : Tom Thompson]

p.147 Blazing the Path

DEC's LinkWorks delivers a multiplatform - Unix, OpenVMS, PC, and Macintosh - work-flow system. If groups in your organization collaborate on the creation and development of documents, images, or data, LinkWorks can provide an effective set of tools for automating your most complex work-flow tasks.

[author : Ben Smith]

p.153 SPARC Workstations to Go

SPARC portables from RDI, Sun, and Tadpole put workstation computing on the road. These systems have at least a 50-MHz MicroSparc CPU, 32 MB of RAM, 340 MB of internal SCSI storage, and a color TFT display. All include software to handle such mobile problems as rapidly reconfiguring between different network situations. Apiki tests for performance, features, and portability.

[theme : SYSTEMS] [author : Steve Apiki]

p.159 "The" Debugger Is Aptly Named

This program is an essential tool for developing native PowerPC programs.

[theme : DEVELOPMENT TOOLS] [author : Tom Thompson]

p.164 Lab Report: 21 Pyrotechnic Pentiums

Our application tests identify the best Pentium systems for general business and high-performance computing.

[theme : PENTIUMS]

p.166 Best Pentiums for General Purpose Windows

p.166 486DX4: A 100-MHz Alternative to Pentiums

p.169 Best Pentiums for High-Performance Windows

p.171 Best Pentiums for Unix Applications

p.174 How We Tested;

p.176 Beating the Heat

p.176 Honorable Mention

Core Technologies

p.183 Functional Programming Comes of Age

Following a decade of crucial research breakthroughs, functional programming languages are catching on, even in the realms of parallel programming and real-time systems.

[theme : PROGRAMMING] [author : Dick Pountain]

p.184 The Erlang Language

p.185 A Different Kind of RISC

Hewlett-Packard's PA-RISC 7200 superscalar processor is not typical, and neither is its performance: It's likely to hold the title of "fastest RISC in town" for the immediate future.

[theme : CPUS] [author : Dick Pountain]

p.187 System 7.5: A Step Toward the Future

System 7.5 is a significant evolutionary step toward a new Mac OS.

[theme : OPERATING SYSTEMS] [author : Tom Thompson]

p.191 SNMP Version 2

SNMP is maturing as evidenced by the added functionality of SNMP 2.

[theme : NETWORKS] [author : William Stallings and Ben Smith]


p.193 Pournelle: Traveling Light

Jerry experiments with minimalist computing

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.49 Books and CD-ROMs: Embedded Systems Programming

Developing embedded systems, a Holocaust story on CD-ROM, and a look at the future of publishing.

[author : Rick Grehan and Tom Thompson and Michael Nadeau]

p.252 Commentary: R.I.P. Commodore 1954-1994

[author : Tom R. Halfhill]

A look at the company that introduced millions to personal computing.

p.10 Editorial

[author : Dennis Allen]

p.18 Letters

How to preserve a sense of community in neighborhoods while still enjoying on-line communities.

p.205 Reader Survey


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