Vol.15 n°1 january 1990

Vol.15 n°1 january 1990


p.285 The BYTE Awards

The best and the brightest of products and technologies in 1989.

[author : the BYTE Staff]




Portable Mainframe, Opus Systems introduces the first portable RISC workstation

LapLink Mac III, move files from one Mac to another with this program from Traveling Software

Intelligent Graphics Controller 20, Hewlett-Packard's powerful dedicated graphics processor

Gray F/X, Xerox Imaging Systems offers a gray-scale raster editor

Fax96, simple and low-COST faxing from Fremont Communications


p.94 Apollo Shrinks the Workstation Price Tag

Apollo introduces the world's most affordable workstation.

[author : Ben Smith]


p.99 Computing at Chaos Manor: A Matter of Style and Grammar

Seeking a new word processor, and it's upgrade time at Chaos Manor.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.115 The Unix /bin: Answers to Some Good Questions

Our columnist answers the most commonly asked questions, including "Which Unix for you?"

[author : David Fiedler]

p.123 Down to Business: Cheap and Easy Publishing

You may not need all the bells and whistles to look like a pro.

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.129 Macinations: The Big Four for Mac Databases

A survey of the four top relational database development systems.

[author : Don Crabb]

p.137 OS/2 Notebook: A First Look at HPFS

OS/2 1.2's new High Performance File System allows bigger, faster, and safer hard disk drives.

[author : Mark J. Minasi]

p.145 Net Works: AppleTalk Phase 2 and You

How will AppleTalk Phase 2 affect your LAN? The answer depends on what you're using and what your needs are.

[author : Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]


p.152 Product Focus: Just What the Hard Disk Doctor Ordered

The BYTE Lab looks at 14 hard disk utilities that can protect against data loss and optimize your hard disk.

[author : Stan Wszola, Howard Eglowstein. and Tom Thompson]

p.169 Sizing Up the Cube

The NeXT Computer-advanced features, fair performance.

[author : Tom Thompson and Ben Smith]

p.177 Born to Travel

XT-class laptops from GRID and Sharp offer the right mix of features for computing en route.

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.183 Hard Drivin' Mac

Utility software distinguishes 300-megabyte Mac hard disk drives from MicroNet, Racet, and Jasmine.

[author : Rick Grehan]

p.197 PostScript in the Palm of Your Hand

Pacific Data's new cartridge gives HP Lasedet II printers easy PostScript compatibility.

[author : Howard Eglowstein]

p.203 Mac Adapters Embrace Ethernet

Apple, Asante Technologies, and Compatible Systems adapters give Macs an easy entree into swift Ethernet networks.

[author : Stanford Diehl]

p.207 Mainframe Math on a PC

Macsyma, the grande dame of computer algebra, is finally available for PCs.

[author : Peter Wayner]

p.213 Glockenspiel Puts C++ to Work

CommonView applies C + + to graphical user interface programming.

[author : Andrew Schulman]

p.219 Develop Advanced Expert Systems

Gold Hill's new expert-system shell works with Microsoft Windows.

[author : Rodd Halstead]

p.225 New Tricks for Your Laser Printer

Dan Bricklin's PageGarden takes laser printing beyond most application programs.

[author : G. Michael Vose]

p.229 Reviewer's Notebook

A compilation of brief reviews and updates to previously published evaluations.


p.234 Introduction: THE STATE OF CHIPS

p.237 Farewell to Chips?

Semiconductor technology is approaching its theoretical and practical limits. Where do we go from here?

[author : Bob Ryan]

p.251 The High-Octane Semiconductor

Chip makers move gallium arsenide from curiosity to practicality.

[author : Phillip Robinson]

p.261 A Marriage Made in Silicon

BiCMOS proves that good things come in pairs.

[author : Bob Ryan]

p.271 Creating Custom Chips

EPLDs are fast becoming the device of choice for fast turnaround or rapidly changing design tasks.

[author : Trevor Marshall]

p.282 Semiconductor Sources

Your guide to the companies with the latest and greatest.


p.298 State of the BBS Nation

Whatever your electronic appetites, you can feed them on a BBS.

[author : Lamont Wood and Dana Blankenhorn]

p.305 The Mac State of Mind

A look at some expert-system shells and AI languages for your Macintosh.

[author : Daniel W. Rasmus]

p.317 Expert Systems and HyperCard

HyperCard can be ideal for creating knowledge-based systems.

[author : Ron Evans]

p.327 Configuring Parallel Programs, Part 2

The Netherlands has a C compiler for parallel processing with the INMOS transputer.

[author : Dick Pountain]


p.337 Under the Hood: Math Coprocessors

A look at what they do, and how they do it.

[author : L. Brett Glass]

p.351 Some Assembly Required: Stroke-Character Graphics

Rick Grehan

Using stroke characters in PC graphics mode.


p.8 Editorial: Project Notify

p.17 Microbytes

p.32 Letters, Ask BYTE, and Fixes

p.47 Chaos Manor Mail

p.414 Coming Up in BYTE

p.416 Print Queue

p.420 Stop Bit


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p.408 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

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