Vol.14 n°11 fall 1989 - IBM Special edition

Vol.14 n°11 fall 1989 - IBM Special edition

p.8 Editorial: More Bang for Your Bucks

[author : Fred Langa]

p.13 Megahertz Madness

[author : the BYTE Staff]

p.49 Benchmarks at a Glance: 1989

[author : Stanford Diehl]

p.56 Redefining the Standards

[author : Martin Heller]

p.67 The 80486: A Hardware Perspective

[author : Ron Sartore]

p.79 Stretching DOS to the Limit

[author : Frank Hayes]

p.87 The State of OS/2

[author : Mark J. Minasi]

p.95 AIX on the PS/2s

[author : Ben Smith]

p.105 Looking Beyond the DOS Prompt

[author : Stan Miastkowski]

p.123 Using Expanded Memory

[author : David M. Yancich]

p.131 Serving Many Masters

[author : Brian T. Anderson and Marcy A. Puhnaty]

p.143 Clash of the Graphics Titans

p.159 Is It Really Super?

[author : Bill Nicholls]

p.175 SQL: A Database Language Sequel to dBASE

[author : Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

p.185 Unix Filenames for Turbo Pascal

[author : Jim Kerr]

p.195 Which LAN?

[author : Richard Watson]

p.203 The Language of Lasers

[author : Kent Quirk]

p.209 A Standards Dictionary

[author : L. Brett Glass]

p.221 Optimizing Numeric Coprocessing

[author : Stephen Fried]

p.229 Inventing the PC's Future

[author : Gordon A. Campell]

p.264 Editorial Index by Company

p.269 The Status of Applications Software: Late

[author : Dennis Allen]

p.276 The Wages of Sin

[author : Pete Wilson]


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