Vol.14 n°9 september 1989

Vol.14 n°9 september 1989


p.49 What's New

p.81 Short Takes

Studio/1, Electronic Arts' decolorized version of Studio/8

DeScribe Word Publisher, an OS/2 word processor from Lennane Advanced Products

SuperGlueII, Solutions International's Macintosh utility

Ami Professional, Samna combines word processing and desktop publishing

POSTcard, an add-in card from Award Software that monitors your PC


p.90 Not Quite As Simple As 1-2-3

Release 3.0 of Lotus 1-2-3 has many new features and functions, but these improvements come with a price in performance.

[author : Andrew Reinhardt]

p.95 COVER STORY: The 486s Are Here!

Britain's Apricot is the first to announce a complete 80486-based system.

[author : Paul Lavin and Michael E. Nadeau]


p.103 Computing at Chaos Manor: The World on CD-ROMs

Jerry also looks at WORM drives and uninterruptible power supplies.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.117 The Unix /bin: Unix on Personal Computers: Why and How

There are some good reasons to install Unix on a personal computer.

[author : David Fiedler]

p.123 Down to Business: On the Road Again

Who says portables have limited capabilities?

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.127 Macinations: Disaster Recovery

Don's hard disk drive goes down, and getting back to work takes some doing.

[author : Don Crabb]

p.131 OS/2 Notebook: Talking to OS/2 Developers

Views on OS/2 from Dave Nanian, Doug Hamilton, and Martin Heller.

[author : Mark J. Minasi]

p.143 NetWorks: The Mailman Cometh

Like traditional mail, E-mail involves the delivery, storage, and security of messages.

[author : Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]


p.148 Product Focus: The Multiuser Solution

Multiuser operating systems have mainframe-style connectivity.

[author : Howard Eglowstein and Stanford Diehl]

p.165 ALR Revs Up MCA

The MicroFlex 7000 is the fastest MCA clone that we've tested to date.

[author : Bill Catchings and Mark L. Van Name]

p.173 Long Live the Low End

AST's 8-MHz Bravo/286 has both a small footprint and a small price.

[author : Roger C. Alford]

p.177 Data to Go

Sysgen's removable hard disk platter works on both the Mac and the PC.

[author : Don Crabb]

p.183 Mastering the PCX Format

PCX Toolkit from Genus lets you add PCX features to your graphics program.

[author : Bert Tyler]

p.189 A HyperCard for the PC

Brightbill-Roberts's HyperPAD brings Mac-like programming to DOS.

[author : Bob Stepno]

p.197 Arriba: The Painless PIM

Good Software's personal information manager is easy to use.

[author : Lamont Wood]

p.202 Reviewer's Notebook

A compilation of brief reviews and updates to previously published evaluations.


p.212 LAN Standards: Do You Need Them?

[author : Jonathan Schmidt]

p.221 The Glue for Internetworking

[author : William Stallings]

p.227 LAN-Aware DOS Programs

[author : Barry Nance]

p.235 Building Heterogeneous Networks

[author : L. Brett Glass]


p.244 Introduction: Database Trends

p.247 A Brave New World?

Fundamental changes are now occurring in database management. Where are we headed?

[author : Fabian Pascal]

p.259 Serving Up Data

Database servers provide centralized data management while preserving the individual user's independence.

[author : Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

p.267 Sharing the Wealth

Give your applications a global reach with a distributed DBMS.

[author : Ralph Davis]

p.277 A Family of Models

Are the days of the relational database numbered?

[author : Joseph Dawson]

p.291 The Data File. A guide to personal computer database systems.


p.296 A Bus Tour

EISA, ISA, MCA, NuBus ...here's what you need to know about what bus your next machine will use and why.

[author : George White]

p.305 Graphics Formats

A universal image format is much needed, but will it ever come about?

[author : Gerald L. Graef]

p.315 The Unix Shell

More than just a collection of commands, the Unix shell is often used to build applications.

[author : Greg Comeau]


p.323 Under the Hood: Laptop Technology Redux

Major innovations in small peripheral devices increase the laptop's utility.

[author : L. Brett Glass]

p.333 Some Assembly Required: Stalking the 8-bit Spectrum

How to circumvent a prickly problem when using the Mac's color palettes.

[author : Tom Thompson]


p.8 Editorial: A Billion Bits of BYTE

p.17 Microbytes

p.34 Letters, Ask BYTE, and Fixes

p.47 Chaos Manor Mail

p.391 Coming Up in BYTE

p.397 NEW Setting the Standards: 15 Years

p.400 Print Queue

p.404 Stop Bit


p.390 Editorial Index by Company

p.392 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.394 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

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