Vol.14 n°8 august 1989

Vol.14 n°8 august 1989

p.4 Contents


p.49 What's New

p.81 Short Takes

Portfolio, the new portable from Atari

Altima One, a good luggable

Finesse, Logitech's low-cost desktop publishing

Macro Mind Director, video production on the Mac

MultiPius, desktop management from SunFlex


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p.90 Cover Story: The Ever-Shrinking, Ever-Expanding Laptops

Agilis and Zenith introduce innovative new laptop computers .

Agilis and Zenith announce tiny computers that broaden the market for laptops.

[author : Nick Baran and Michael E. Nadeau]


p.99 Computing at Chaos Manor: The Great Power Spike

A freak accident leaves Jerry extolling the humble surge suppressor.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.113 NEW The Unix /bin: A Calm Approach to Unix

The average Unix user never has to worry about many of the system nuances.

[author : David Fiedler]

p.119 Down to Business: Neither Snow, Nor Chicago ...

Comdex brought some good news for business users.

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.125 Macinations: The Way of Things Considered

There are many ways to accomplish something, but only a few of them are right.

[author : Don Crabb]

p.129 OS/2 Notebook: Glimmers of Acceptance

Microrim and Logitech announced exciting new OS/2 products at Comdex.

[author : Mark Minasi]

p.135 NetWorks : Growing Pains

Your LAN operating system can spell the difference between control and chaos.

[author : James Y. Bryce]


p.142 Product Focus: Desktop Power to Go

When you need computing power to go, one of these 11 portable PCs should suit your needs.

[author : Stanford Diehl and Stan Wszola]

p.161 The Painlessly Portable PC

NEC's petite UltraLite computer is actually fun to take with you on the road.

[author : Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

p.167 Ultra Graphics

Pixelworks' Ultra Clipper brings enhanced graphics to MCA computers.

[author : Bradley Dyck Kliewer]

p.171 Modula-2 and OS/2 Join Forces

Three Modula-2 compilers take advantage of OS/2's features.

[author : Andrew Schulman]

p.177 A New World for DOS

Explore uncharted waters in DOS with intelligent DOS shells from Lotus and Traveling Software.

[author : Stan Miastkowski]


p.187 Editorial: System 7.0 and the Macintosh IIcx

[author : Don Crabb]

p.191 Short Takes

Spectrum/24, Showcase F/X, MaxPage 1.2

p.196 FIRST IMPRESSIONS: System 7.0: The Next-Generation Mac Operating System

[author : Tom Thompson]

p.199 List Manager Techniques

[author : Jan Eugenides]

p.205 HyperTalk Program Design

Richard D. Lasky


p.214 Introduction: Neural Networks

p.217 Time to Get Fired Up

IBM PCs, Macs, and personal workstations can run neural-network simulations that learn and train themselves.

[author : Klaus K. Obermeier and Janet J. Barron]

p.227 What's Hidden in the Hidden Layers?

The contents can be easy to find with a geometrical problem, but the hidden layers have yet to give up all their secrets.

[author : David S. Touretzky and Dean A. Pomerleau]

p.235 Building Blocks for Speech

Modular neural networks may be the answer to the problem of machine-based speech recognition.

[author : Alex Waibel and John Hampshire]

p.244 Neural Networks: Theory and Practice

A guide to neural-network ideas and products.


p.246 Dealing with a Digital World

Powerful digital-signalprocessing chips are finding their way into personal computers and workstations.

[author : David A. Mindell]

p.259 VLIW : Heir to RISC?

In the race to maximize CPU performance, a new architecture called VLIW may be the next step after RISC chips.

[author : Peter Wayner]


p.265 Under the Hood: Hard Disk Maintenance Software

How low-level hard disk optimizers work and what they can do for you.

[author : L. Brett Glass]

p.279 Some Assembly Required: If Memory Serves ...

[author : Rick Grehan]

A library of memory management routines that will help you avoid a fragmented heap.


p.8 Editorial : Hold onto Your Hat (and Your Wallet)

p.17 Microbytes

p.35 Letters, Ask BYTE, and Fixes

p.47 Chaos Manor Mail

p.331 Coming Up in BYTE

p.340 Print Queue

p.344 Stop Bit


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