Vol.14 n°7 july 1989

Vol.14 n°7 july 1989


p.250 A Guide to GUIs

Your complete guide to 12 state-of-the-art graphical user interfaces.

[author : Frank Hayes and Nick Baran]


p.57 What's New

p.89 Short Takes

DeskJet Plus, Hewlett-Packard improves a winner

PixelPaint 2.0, big improvements from SuperMac Technology

HyperPAD, Brightbill-Roberts' desktop manager with hypertext power

Mitsubishi Smart Mouse, useful for specialized applications

Counterpart, a security device from Fifth Generation Systems


p.99 Apple's 32-Bit QuickDraw Covers the Spectrum

Color imaging for the Mac II and SE/30 takes a leap forward with this new program.

[author : Tom Thompson]

p.104 Clash of the Object-Oriented Pascals

Quick Pascal and Turbo Pascal 5.5 are both friendly environments for object-oriented programming.

[author : Jon Udell]


p.109 Computing at Chaos Manor: Computers vs. Taxes

Jerry wages his annual battle with taxes and breaks in a new Northgate computer.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.125 Applications Plus: Is Bigger Better?

Is the industry paying too much attention to bells and whistles and not enough to simplicity?

[author : Ezra Shapiro]

p.129 OS/2 Notebook: Figuring Out CONFIG.SYS

A discussion of how to set up a typical CONFIG.SYS file under OS/2.

[author : Mark Minasi]

p.137 Down to Business: Dawn of the Dead Disk

When your hard disk suddenly crashes, all is not necessarily lost.

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.143 Macinations: Learn on Me

The Mac is changing the face of computer-aided instruction.

[author : Don Crabb]

p.148 NetWorks: The LAN Road to OSI

The OSI reference model is the framework within which international communications standards are developed.

[author : Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]


p.154 Product Focus: Battle of the Network Stars

The BYTE Lab takes a look at five different PC-LAN operating systems.

[author : Steve Apiki, Stanford Diehl, and Rick Grehan]

p.173 IBM's New Speed King

The Model 70-A21 is the fastest of the PS/2s, but it's slower than its competition.

[author : Caroline Halliday]

p.177 Color by Numbers

The Tektronix Phaser CP slashes the cost of PostScript-compatible color output.

[author : Kent Quirk]

p.181 EMS with a Cache

The Elite 16 Plus HyperCache board from Profit Systems boosts EMS 4.0 performance.

[author : Jeff Holtzman]

p.187 Breaking the Memory Barrier with 386|VMM

This 80386-based virtual memory manager from Phar Lap lets you build large applications.

[author : Martin Heller]

p.193 Powerful Portable 3-D Graphics

Develop portable three-dimensional graphics with Ithaca Software's HOOPS.

[author : Bradley Dyck Kliewer]

p.201 Text Retrieval with a Twist

Folio Views advances text management technology with a new indexing scheme.

[author : Dennis Allen]

p.207 The Flying Spreadsheet

Informix Software's WingZ for the Mac is stiff competition for Excel.

[author : Don Crabb]


p.212 Introduction: Distributed Processing

p.215 Take Your Pick

From client/servers to parallel processing, distributed processing uses a variety of methods to share resources.

[author : Gilbert Wai]

p.225 A Transparent Environment

With transparency, you can have a distributed and heterogeneous environment without making big changes to your existing software.

[author : Bruce J. Walker and Gerald J. Popek]

p.235 Remote Control

Remote procedure calls offer a solution to the problem of distributed processing over a network.

[author : Carl Manson and Ken Thurber]

p.241 The Paperless Office

You no longer need a superminicomputer to use document image processing.

[author : Dean Hough]

p.248 Distributed Processing Roundup

Some products that distribute processing over different architectures, operating systems, or networks.


p.250 Cover Story: A Guide to GUIs

Your complete guide to 12 state-of-the-art graphical user interfaces.

[author : Frank Hayes and Nick Baran]

p.259 The Qsim Simulation Toolkit

Qsim lets you use your personal computer to model all kinds of systems, from banks to breweries.

[author : Roy E. Kitnbrell, Linda Correll, and Robert Bass]


p.269 Under the Hood: The Light at the End of the LAN

The new FDDI standard lets optical LANs move more data more efficiently.

[author : L. Brett Glass]

p.277 Some Assembly Required: Object-Oriented Mac Windows

Software that protects you from some of the hassles of Macintosh windows programming.

[author : Jonathan Amsterdam]


p.8 Editorial: New Unix Benchmarks

p.17 Microbytes

p.34 Letters and Ask BYTE

p.55 Chaos Manor Mail

p.331 Coming Up in BYTE

p.340 NEW Print Queue

p.344 NEW Stop Bit


p.330 Editorial Index by Company

p.332 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.334 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

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