Vol.14 n°6 june 1989

Vol.14 n°6 june 1989

p.65 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

Dell 325, a quality 80386 machine

Volkswriter 4, an updated version from Lifetree

ComputerEyes, Digital Vision offers low-cost digitizing on the Macintosh

DataFinder and ScriptView, Paradox helpers from TSR Systems and Farpoint Systems

NeuroShell, a problem-solving program from Ward Systems Group

System Sleuth, DTG's system utility package


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p.109 Cover Story: The Fastest 80386s Ever?

Preliminary tests suggest ALR will continue to dominate the DOS performance arena.

[author : Rich Malloy]

p.114 Greased Lightning

The Zenith Z-386/33 features true 33-MHz performance and EISA-ready architecture.

[author : Jon Udell]


p.119 Computing at Chaos Manor: The Hunt for Bad Sectors

Jerry goes after bad sectors on his hard disk drive.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.137 Applications Plus: Then and Now in Word Processing

Mac users are getting word processors with "the right stuff." Users of other systems will benefit by this trend.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]

p.143 Down to Business: Just a Few Fax

How well do personal computer fax boards work with tabletop models?

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.146 Macinations: A Macintosh Who's Who

A guide for those of us who have lost track of which Mac has what.

[author : Torn Thompson]

p.151 OS/2 Notebook: OS/2 Disk Geography

Mapping your hard disk under OS/2.

[author : Mark Minasi]

p.157 Net/Works: Anatomy of a LAN Operating System

To understand LANs, you have to dissect the functional layers of the LAN operating system.

[author : Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]


p.162 Product Focus: 4800 Bits, No Errors

The BYTE Lab takes a look at 17 2400-bps modems equipped with data compression and error correction.

[author : Steve Apiki and Stanford Diehl]

p.175 Big Mac Power in a Small Mac Box

Apple's Mac SE/30 promises to be the company's price/performance leader.

[author : Torn Thompson]

p.181 Dead Heat

To choose between the Tandon and FiveStar computers, you have to look beyond performance.

[author : John Unger]

p.187 Handy Scanners

A look at hand-held scanners from The Complete PC, DFI, Logitech, KYE, Comar Systek, and Skyworld Technology.

[author : Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

p.195 Debunking 16-bit VGA

Design limitations compromise potential speed improvements on 16-bit adapters.

[author : Bradley Dyck Kliewer]

p.201 Smalltalk/V Comes to the Mac

Digitalk's program puts pure object-oriented programming on the Macintosh.

[author : Ray Valdes]

p.205 Domesticating Microsoft Windows

CASE:W from CASEWorks takes some of the pain out of Windows programming.

[author : Alex Lane]

p.209 Claris CAD

The first CAD program from Claris may provide serious competition to VersaCAD for the Mac.

[author : Paul Tuten]

p.213 Corel Draw Shows Great Promise

This advanced drawing and graphics program could be the best yet for the IBM PC AT.

[author : Sue Rosenberg]


p.217 Editorial: A Source of Mac Information

[author : Laurence H. Loeb]

p.219 Short Takes

SuperPaint 2.0

Swivel 3D

p.225 Pushing Standard File to the Limit

[author : Jan Eugenides]

p.235 The Mac Interface: Showing Its Age

[author : Don Crabb]

p.241 A Portable Companion for the Macintosh

[author : Laurence H. Loeb]

p.249 Mixed Blessings

[author : Jerry Pournelle]


p.254 Introduction: Security

p.257 How Safe Is It?

A look at data encryption and other basic security measures.

[author : Martin Kochanski]

p.267 Secret Codes

A discussion of the fundamentals of computer cryptography.

[author : Asael Dror]

p.275 Know Thy Viral Enemy

It's more important than ever to guard your data and your system against infection by computer viruses.

[author : Ross M. Greenberg]

p.285 Personal and Private

The major approaches to microcomputer security, and the pick of the products in each category.

[author : Peter Stephenson]

p.290 The Safety Zone

A sampling of the security products currently available.


p.294 PC-DOS: Pulling Out the Stops

The latest versions of PC-DOS have features that speed up file access for applications

[author : Fetchi Chen]

p.303 An End to Dueling Rules

A handy Prolog program called Spot helps you validate and verify rule bases.

[author : Alex Lane]

p.313 The Ultimate Upgrade

The BYTE Lab turned a standard IBM PC AT into a personal workstation-but was it worth it?

[author : Stanford Diehl]


p.321 Under the Hood: Modern Modem Methods

A look at how modems achieve their high performance.

[author : L. Brett Glass]

p.327 Some Assembly Required: Directory Assistance, Part 2

Understanding the MS-DOS, Unix, and Macintosh HFS file-systems helps when you run into trouble.

[author : Rick Grehan]


p.8 Editorial: Checking Out the New 80486 and 68040

p.13 Microbytes

p.28 Letters and Ask BYTE

p.49 Chaos Manor Mail

p.53 Book Reviews

p.379 Coming Up in BYTE


p.378 Editorial Index by Company

p.380 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.382 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

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