Vol.14 n°2 february 1989

Vol.14 n°2 february 1989

p.2 Contents


p.65 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

MegaMate, the little drive that could

MKS Make and MKS Lex and Yacc, Unix tools for DOS

Wordbench, a writer's word processor

DataSentry, inexpensive data security

Language Systems FORTRAN, for the Mac forces

Sourcer, a machine code disassembler


p.109 Paradox 3: Neither Enigma nor Riddle

Borland's DBMS is serious competition for dBASE IV.

[author : Stan Miastkowski and Nick Baran]

p.113 Cover Story: The Mac SE Takes Off

The newest version of the Mac SE runs rings around its predecessor

[author : Nick Baran]


p.121 Computing at Chaos Manor: Ready Line Overload

Jerry's COMDEX report and more.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.139 Applications Plus: New Friends and Old

Ezra's friends are Framework III, the Canon Cat, and The Perfect Career.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]

p.145 Down to Business: Getting into Bigger LANs

As your office grows, a traditional central server LAN becomes the obvious choice.

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.151 Macinations: Hey Apple, I Need a Laptop

The time has come for a portable Mac that doesn't strain arms or credit lines.

[author : Don Crabb]

p.157 OS/2 Notebook: Electing the PM

An inexpensive OS/2 workstation that runs Presentation Manager.

[author : Mark Minasi]

p.163 COM1: The ABCs of X-, Y-, and ZMODEM

XMODEM has spawned a host of file-transfer protocols, and each has its merits.

[author : Brock N. Meeks]


p.170 Product Focus: Smoothing Out C

Optimizing C compilers combine speed, high-level convenience and low-level power.

[author : Steve Apiki and Jon Udell]

p.189 A Pair of Sophisticated Laptops

The Zenith SupersPort 286 and Mitsubishi MP-286L have desktop computing power and convenient laptop size.

[author : John Unger]

p.197 A PS/2 in Channel Only

The Tandy 5000 MC combines PS/2 compatibility with traditional PC features.

[author : Mark L. Van Name]

p.205 Three Assemblers for MS-DOS

Borland's TASM and OPTASM challenge the long-dominant MASM.

[author : Michael Blaszczak]

p.211 Full Impact

Ashton-Tate's spreadsheet for the Mac features presentation graphics.

[author : Diana Gabaldon]

p.217 dBASE IV Arrives

An improvement over dBASE III Plus in functionality, power, and ease of use.

[author : Malcolm Rubel]


p.226 Introduction: Personal Workstations

p.229 Two Worlds Converge

The personal workstation: what you get when you cross a user-friendly workstation with a powerful personal computer.

[author : Nick Baran]

p.235 The Current Crop

Depending on where you start and what you spend, you can turn your personal computer into a workstation.

[author : Bill Nicholls]

p.245 Worth the RISC

The RISC chips now on the market deliver powerful performance at low cost.

[author : Trevor Marshall and Jane Morrill Tazelaar]

p.251 How Fast Is Fast?

The best way to predict how well a system will perform is to test it yourself.

[author : Bill Kindel]

p.255 Art + 2 Years = Science

Surveying the state of the art in personal-work station graphics.

[author : Phillip Robinson]

p.265 Networking with Unix

Greg Comeau

NFS and RFS are feasible choices for creating a shared Unix workstation environment.

p.270 The Players A guide to the companies offering personal-workstation products.


p.274 Digital Paper

A new breed of write-once optical media that can store up to a gigabyte on floppy disk-size cartridges.

[author : Dick Pountain]

p.283 Turbo Pascal Windowing System

TWindows lets you add windows to all your Turbo Pascal programs.

[author : Charles J. Butler]


p.293 Under the Hood: Hard Disk Interfaces

The interface you pick can dramatically affect your system's performance.

[author : Brett Glass]

p.301 Some Assembly Required: Trees 'n Keys, Part 2

Continuing last month's look at keyed file systems, Rick takes a closer look at the data file.

[author : Rick Grehan]


p.6 Editorial: The End of Application Software?

p.11 Microbytes

p.24 Letters

p.33 Chaos Manor Mail

p.38 Ask BYTE

p.51 Book Reviews

p.347 Coming Up in BYTE


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