Vol.14 n°1 january 1989





p.67 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

Extend, a powerful simulation program for the Macintosh

Irwin ModeL 5080, backing up's not hard to do

Jumbo, a tape backup unit for peanuts

dBASE IV, setting the new standard

For the Record, getting your affairs in order


p.162 Product Focus: Graphic Details

[author Stanford Diehl and Steve Apiki]

A look at 21 high-end, IBM PC-compatible digitizing tablets

p.179 Strengthening the Lineup

[author Caroline Halliday]

The PS/2 model 70 machines provide 32-bit processing power on the desktop.

p.189 A Portable with Punch

[author Mark L. Van Name]

The luggable Dolch P.A.C. 386-20C provides top performance and expandability.

p.195 A Great Communicator

[author Nick Baran]

Intel's Connection CoProcessor offers fax, file transfer, and E-mail capabilities.

p.201 Pixels on the March

[author Bradley Dyck Kliewer]

A look at the IBM 8514/A and Artist 10 MC graphics coprocessor boards for the IBM PS/2s.

p.213 IntegrAda

[author Karl Nyberg and Jon Udell]

This Ada Programming Support Environment for IBM PCs falls short of the standard.

p.223 QuickBASIC Comes to the Macintosh

[author Namir Clement Shammas]

A handy tool for exploring the Toolbox and building Macintosh applications.

p.233 Opus I

[author Phillip Robinson]

Roykore Software's duet for graphics and data.

p.239 Symbolic Math on the Mac

[author Peter Wayner]

With strong mathematic powers and excellent graphics functions, Mathematica has almost too many ways to do things.


p.109 Computing at Chaos Manor: To the Stars

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry ponders on portables and examines game designs.

p.127 Applications Plus: The Blight of Bloated Software

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Word processors used to be lean and mean-are they getting too big?

p.135 Down to Business: So, Maybe You Do Need a LAN

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

The kind of network you need depends on what you need to share and how much there is of it.

p.143 Macinations: Hooked on Smalltalk-80 for the Mac

[author Don Crabb]

A new implementation of this language makes it a winner.

p.151 OS/2 Notebook: 1988 in Review: OS/2's First Year

[author Mark Minasi]

For an operating system less than a year old, OS/2 is doing well.

p.155 COM1: Making Applications Talk

[author Brett Glass]

The Communicating Applications Specification could take the pain out of file transfers.


p.249 Introduction: PC Communications

p.253 Fiber vs. Metal

[author James Y. Bryce]

Fiber optics is no longer considered too complicated and expensive for routine use.

p.259 Looking for Trouble

[author Harry Saal]

If you manage a LAN, you must be able to identify software problems and analyze their causes.

p.267 The Data Bandits

[author William M. Adney and Douglas E. Kavanagh]

When connected to a network, you must protect your data from viruses, theft, and accidental destruction.

p.273 Dialing Up 1990

[author Brock N. Meeks]

The next decade of dial-up communications software is already upon us.

p.281 Whither the Modem?

[author John H. Humphrey and Gary S. Smock]

The authors gaze into the future of modern modem technology.

p.285 OS/2 Hits the Networks

[author Ken Thurber]

What you need to know if you want to run OS/2 on your LAN.

p.293 When One LAN Is Not Enough

[author William Stallings]

Having more than one type of LAN in a corporation calls for internetworking protocols and devices.

p.301 Understanding NetBIOS

[author Brett Glass]

With LANs proliferating, it pays to understand NetBIOS, a widely implemented interface.

p.309 A Logical Choice

[author Ralph Davis]

The communications protocol APPC lays the foundation for true distributed processing.

p.317 Making the Connection

[author Ed Tittel]

Networking IBM PCs, Macs, and VAXes can boost desktop power and productivity.


p.327 The BYTE Awards

[author the BYTE staff]

Our editors and columnists give nods of approval to this year's best products.

p.343 What Lies Ahead

[author the BYTE staff]

Musings about the future of computing by Marvin Minsky, Grace Hopper, and other pioneers and visionaries past and present.

p.353 The X Window System

[author Dick Pountain]

Born as a means to network graphics workstations, MIT's X Window is gaining ground as a windowing system for Unix.


p.363 Under the Hood: The Token Ring

[author Brett Glass]

Our newest columnist examines IBM's popular LAN standard.

p.379 Some Assembly Required: Trees 'n Keys, Part 1

[author Rick Grehan]

Search huge databases quickly with keyed file systems.


p.6 Editorial: PM, SunView, and the Mac

p.11 Microbytes

p.24 Letters

p.33 Chaos Manor Mail

p.38 Ask BYTE

p.51 Book Reviews

p.435 Coming Up in BYTE


p.434 Editorial Index by Company

p.436 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.440 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

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Vol.14 n°2 february 1989





p.65 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

MegaMate, the little drive that could

MKS Make and MKS Lex and Yacc, Unix tools for DOS

Wordbench, a writer's word processor

DataSentry, inexpensive data security

Language Systems FORTRAN, for the Mac forces

Sourcer, a machine code disassembler


p.109 Paradox 3: Neither Enigma nor Riddle

[author Stan Miastkowski and Nick Baran]

Borland's DBMS is serious competition for dBASE IV.

p.113 Cover Story: The Mac SE Takes Off

[author Nick Baran]

The newest version of the Mac SE runs rings around its predecessor


p.170 Product Focus: Smoothing Out C

[author Steve Apiki and Jon Udell]

Optimizing C compilers combine speed, high-level convenience and low-level power.

p.189 A Pair of Sophisticated Laptops

[author John Unger]

The Zenith SupersPort 286 and Mitsubishi MP-286L have desktop computing power and convenient laptop size.

p.197 A PS/2 in Channel Only

[author Mark L. Van Name]

The Tandy 5000 MC combines PS/2 compatibility with traditional PC features.

p.205 Three Assemblers for MS-DOS

[author Michael Blaszczak]

Borland's TASM and OPTASM challenge the long-dominant MASM.

p.211 Full Impact

[author Diana Gabaldon]

Ashton-Tate's spreadsheet for the Mac features presentation graphics.

p.217 dBASE IV Arrives

[author Malcolm Rubel]

An improvement over dBASE III Plus in functionality, power, and ease of use.


p.121 Computing at Chaos Manor: Ready Line Overload

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry's COMDEX report and more.

p.139 Applications Plus: New Friends and Old

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Ezra's friends are Framework III, the Canon Cat, and The Perfect Career.

p.145 Down to Business: Getting into Bigger LANs

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

As your office grows, a traditional central server LAN becomes the obvious choice.

p.151 Macinations: Hey Apple, I Need a Laptop

[author Don Crabb]

The time has come for a portable Mac that doesn't strain arms or credit lines.

p.157 OS/2 Notebook: Electing the PM

[author Mark Minasi]

An inexpensive OS/2 workstation that runs Presentation Manager.

p.163 COM1: The ABCs of X-, Y-, and ZMODEM

[author Brock N. Meeks]

XMODEM has spawned a host of file-transfer protocols, and each has its merits.


p.226 Introduction: Personal Workstations

p.229 Two Worlds Converge

[author Nick Baran]

The personal workstation: what you get when you cross a user-friendly workstation with a powerful personal computer.

p.235 The Current Crop

[author Bill Nicholls]

Depending on where you start and what you spend, you can turn your personal computer into a workstation.

p.245 Worth the RISC

[author Trevor Marshall and Jane Morrill Tazelaar]

The RISC chips now on the market deliver powerful performance at low cost.

p.251 How Fast Is Fast?

[author Bill Kindel]

The best way to predict how well a system will perform is to test it yourself.

p.255 Art + 2 Years = Science

[author Phillip Robinson]

Surveying the state of the art in personal-work station graphics.

p.265 Networking with Unix

Greg Comeau

NFS and RFS are feasible choices for creating a shared Unix workstation environment.

p.270 The Players A guide to the companies offering personal-workstation products.


p.274 Digital Paper

[author Dick Pountain]

A new breed of write-once optical media that can store up to a gigabyte on floppy disk-size cartridges.

p.283 Turbo Pascal Windowing System

[author Charles J. Butler]

TWindows lets you add windows to all your Turbo Pascal programs.


p.293 Under the Hood: Hard Disk Interfaces

[author Brett Glass]

The interface you pick can dramatically affect your system's performance.

p.301 Some Assembly Required: Trees 'n Keys, Part 2

[author Rick Grehan]

Continuing last month's look at keyed file systems, Rick takes a closer look at the data file.


p.6 Editorial: The End of Application Software?

p.11 Microbytes

p.24 Letters

p.33 Chaos Manor Mail

p.38 Ask BYTE

p.51 Book Reviews

p.347 Coming Up in BYTE


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Vol.14 n°3 march 1989





p.65 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

Carrier NET, when Carrier Current Technologies' package works, it works well

Turbo EMS, almost-magic EMS emulation from Lantana

PC-Write 3.0, Quicksoft's now-serious product

CCC Model 2400, Compu Com's 2400-bps modem for $95

Picture Publisher, Astral's image-editing package


p.162 Product Focus: Upscale Monitors

[author Steve Apiki and Stanford Diehl]

When you're selecting a monitor, bigness actually adds utility to a system.


p.274 Battle of the Chips

The 80286 vs. 80386, and an early look at two new SX-based machines.

p.177 Laptop Dilemma

[author Jeff Holtzman]

The Compaq SLT/286 and the Ogivar 286 offer different features for different needs.

p.191 Advanced Floppy Disk Drive Controllers

[author Jeff Holtzman]

Installing the right disk controller lets you share information stored on incompatible disk formats.

p.197 Extensible Text Editors for Programmers

[author Jon Udell]

BRIEF, EMACS, and Epsilon are powerful embedded languages that offer ultimate flexibility.

p.209 A Virtual Toolkit for Windows and the Mac

[author Ray Valdes]

XVT's libraries guarantee Mac-to-PC and PC-to-MAC portability.

p.221 Superbase 4

[author Nick Baran]

An intriguing database program, but does it promise more than it can deliver?


p.109 Computing at Chaos Manor: Chaos Manor Awards

[author Jerry Pournelle]

It was a very good year for computer users.

p.129 Applications Plus: Trackball Madness

[author Ezra Shapiro]

A tale of woe that points out the short life span of some input devices.

p.135 Down to Business: What Hath COMDEX Wrought?

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

All that glitters in Las Vegas may be just another COMDEX fact.

p.143 Macinations: A Macintosh Retrospective

[author Don Crabb]

The Macintosh is five years old. How has it affected the world of computers?

p.149 OS/2 Notebook: Not Quite COMDEX/2 Yet

[author Mark Minasi]

On the trail of the first OS/2 applications.

p.155 COM1: The Protocol Pack

[author Brock N. Meeks]

In this look at XMODEM, file transfer protocols are put through their paces.


p.224 begins after page 224

p.228 Introduction: Object-Oriented Programming

p.231 What's in an Object?

[author Dave Thomas]

Object-oriented programming allows you to build custom applications from existing ones easily.

p.245 Learning the Language

[author Peter Wegner]

Object-oriented languages may well become the standard method for programming in the 1990s.

p.255 Separation of Powers

[author Mahesh H. Dodani, Charles E. Hughes, and J. Michael Moshell]

The object-oriented paradigm shows great promise as the basis for achieving a mature userinterface technology.

p.265 The Next Step

[author Tom Thompson]

Object-oriented programming simplifies software development with the NeXT computer's NextStep.

p.270 Object-Oriented Resources

Languages, databases, and related products.


p.274 Cover Story: Battle of the Chips

[author Frank Hayes]

The powerful 80386 microprocessor and its stepchild, the 80386SX, take on the venerable 80286.


p.281 Under the Hood: Caching in on Memory Systems

[author Brett Glass]

How do designers make fast CPUs run with almost no wait states, in spite of slow memory?

p.287 Some Assembly Required: Trees 'n Keys, Part 3.

[author Rick Grehan]

In the final installment of this series, Rick discusses bringing the database together.


p.6 Editorial : OS/3 and Unix's Last, Best Hope

p.11 Micro bytes

p.24 Letters

p.33 Chaos Manor Mail

p.38 Ask BYTE

p.51 Book Reviews

p.335 Coming Up in BYTE


p.334 Editorial Index by Company

p.336 A lphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.338 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

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Vol.14 n°4 april 1989





p.65 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

SideKick for Presentation Manager, Borland's program is more than just a pretty face

PhotoMac, industrial-strength color processing from Data Translation

Wizard, Sharp's electronic organizer

Discus Rewritable, Advanced Graphics Applications' new optical disk drive

DOSTALK, a natural-language interface for MS-DOS from SAK Technologies


p.106 32.5 MHz and Climbing

[author Steve Apiki]

Rated for 33MHz and running at 32.5 MHz, SIA's 386/32 defines a new plateau.


p.170 Product Focus: Curing the Brownout Blues

[author Steve Apiki, Stanford Diehl, and Rick Grehan]

A look at uninterruptible power systems that will help you sleep better at night.

p.179 High-Tech Computing, Cafeteria Style

[author Mark L. Van Name]

Wells American's CompuStar offers performance in a custom-ordered tower design.

p.189 Full-Spectrum Scanners

[author Tom Thompson]

The Sharp JX-450 and the Howtek Scanmaster let you import color images quickly, easily, and affordably.

p.197 Extend

[author Ray Valdes]

An object-oriented simulation toolkit for the Mac from Imagine That!.

p.203 Mac Desktop : Presentation Software

[author Lawrence Stevens]

Cricket Software's Cricket Presents, Letraset's StandOut!, and Microsoft's PowerPoint help you create winning presentations.


p.111 Computing at Chaos Manor: Language Sojurn

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry explores the highways and byways of programming choices.

p.129 Applications Plus: Answers to My Mac Mess

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Readers rise to defend the Mac and offer solutions to system snafus.

p.135 Down to Business: Groping for Groupware

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

These packages of group productivity software might make life a bit less complicated.

p.141 Macinations: Smalltalk Can Be Cheap

[author Don Crabb]

A new version of Smalltalk/V for the Mac could give Smalltalk-80 a run for its money.

p.151 COM1: E-Mail Economics

[author Brock N. Meeks]

Don't measure E-mail services by their costs alone.

p.157 OS/2 Notebook: OS/2 for Cheap

[author Mark Minasi]

Mark presents part 2 of the inexpensive OS/2 workstation project.


p.206 Introduction: CASE

p.209 The CASE Philosophy

[author Michael Lucas Gibson]

The whole picture involves integrating corporate plans, systems design, and systems development into one system.

p.221 Methodology: The Experts Speak

[author Ken Orr, Chris Gane, Edward Yourdon, Peter P. Chen, and Larry L. Constantine]

Noted software engineers discuss the methodologies they helped develop.

p.235 The CASE Experience

[author Carma McClure]

CASE works. But do you need a tool, a toolkit, or a workbench? And how do you begin?

p.246 A CASE Workshop

[author Carma McClure]

A sampling of the many fine CASE tools that are available today.


p.292 The TRON Project

[author Ken Sakamura and Richard Sprague]

Will a unique operating system, chips, and software change the way we use computers?


p.249 Graphics Supplement


303 Under the Hood: The IBM PC BIOS

[author Brett Glass]

Knowing what goes on inside the BIOS is the key to making a system IBM PC-compatible.

p.311 Some Assembly Required: Floating-Point Revisited

[author Rick Grehan]

A floating-point package that's well suited to business applications.


p.6 Editorial: Open Everything

p.11 Microbytes

p.24 Letters and Ask BYTE

p.45 Chaos Manor Mail

p.51 Book Reviews

p.356 Coming Up in BYTE


p.355 Editorial Index by Company

p.357 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.359 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

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Vol.14 n°5 may 1989





p.65 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

Lotus Magellan, a DOS file management system

Virtual, Connectix offers more Mac RAM for less

Compaq Fixed Disk Drive Expansion Unit, 1.2 gigabytes of on-line storage

MultiBoot, Bolt's answer to OS/2's dual-boot problem

Disk Technician Advanced, Prime Solutions' program predicts hard disk drive problems


p.108 COVER STORY: Two Powerful Systems from Sun

[author Nick Baran]

The SPARCStation 1 and the Sun-3/80 offer workstation performance at PC prices.

p.113 Intel's Cray-on-a-Chip

[author Frank Hayes]

Intel's new high-speed 80860 RISC microprocessor features an on-chip FPU and a 3-D graphics processor.


p.178 Product Focus: The Third Dimension

[author Brad Holtz and Jon Udell]

Three-dimensional modeling brings new excitement to microcomputer-based CAD.

p.195 Computing in Hand

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

The Sharp Wizard and the Psion Organiser-two hand-held computers that pack a lot of functionality into a small size.

p.203 Easy Reading

[author Phillip Robinson]

TrueScan and OmniPage add page-recognition capabilities to the Mac or PC.

p.208C Mac Goes Fax

[author Don Crabb]

With fax modems for the Mac, claims of speed are less important than price and flexibility.


p.123 Computing at Chaos Manor: Springtime Renewal

[author Jerry Pournelle]

What was once old is now new again.

p.143 Applications Plus: Software Despotism: Truth and Fiction

[author Ezra Shapiro]

The software you use at work could become a thorny professional issue.

p.151 Down to Business: Uncommon Commonality

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

Software that works on a number of different machines can save time, trouble, and money.

p.157 Macinations: A Perfect Word Processor At Last?

[author Don Crabb]

The search for the ideal writer's tool for the Mac might be over.

p.163 OS/2 Notebook: Setting Up OS/2

[author Mark Minasi]

Installing OS/2? Here are a few tricks, and some traps to avoid.

p.178 COM1: The Mac Makes Connections

[author Brock N. Meeks]

Mac-to-mainframe connectivity is about to become a reality.

p.211 TopSpeed Modula-2

[author Barry Nance]

Produce efficient code in an integrated environment with JPI's compiler.

p.217 A Different Kind of CASE Tool

[author Andrew Schulman]

Sterling Castle's Logic Gem is both a code generator and a logic interpreter.

p.221 A Window on Word Processing

[author Lamont Wood]

Samna's Ami is one of the first word processors to take advantage of Microsoft Windows.


p.225 Introduction: Unix

p.227 Future Imperfect

[author David Fiedler]

A view of recent developments in the Unix operating system and processors.

p.237 One Man's Experience

[author John Unger]

Making the switch from DOS to Unix-a true story.

p.245 The Unix Connection

[author Ben Smith]

Many small systems never take advantage of the UUCP tools, nor of the worldwide network that the tools connect.

p.253 Safe and Secure?

[author Patrick Wood]

Unix comes with a lot of security systems, but it's up to you to turn them on and use them.

p.261 Interrupts Aren't Always Best

[author George E. Pajari]

The choice between interrupts and polling in a Unix device driver can significantly affect performance.


p.268 The Quest for the Molecular Computer

[author Mark A. Clarkson]

Can we make computers that are smaller than living cells and faster than light?

p.275 The Quantum Transistor

[author Mark Reed]

The rules of semiconductor physics don't apply on the molecular level.


p.283 Under the Hood: Digital Video Interactive

[author L. Brett Glass]

Digital audio, video, still pictures, and computer graphics form a personal computer environment.

p.291 Some Assembly Required: Directory Assistance, Part 1

[author Rick Grehan]

The directory could be the single most important data structure in your computer.


p.6 Editorial : A Lot of Company

p.11 Microbytes

p.24 Letters and Ask BYTE

p.45 Chaos Manor Mail

p.51 Book Reviews

p.343 Coming Up in BYTE


p.342 Editorial Index by Company

p.344 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.346 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

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Vol.14 n°6 june 1989




p.65 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

Dell 325, a quality 80386 machine

Volkswriter 4, an updated version from Lifetree

ComputerEyes, Digital Vision offers low-cost digitizing on the Macintosh

DataFinder and ScriptView, Paradox helpers from TSR Systems and Farpoint Systems

NeuroShell, a problem-solving program from Ward Systems Group

System Sleuth, DTG's system utility package


p.109 Cover Story: The Fastest 80386s Ever?

[author Rich Malloy]

Preliminary tests suggest ALR will continue to dominate the DOS performance arena.

p.114 Greased Lightning

[author Jon Udell]

The Zenith Z-386/33 features true 33-MHz performance and EISA-ready architecture.


p.162 Product Focus: 4800 Bits, No Errors

[author Steve Apiki and Stanford Diehl]

The BYTE Lab takes a look at 17 2400-bps modems equipped with data compression and error correction.

p.175 Big Mac Power in a Small Mac Box

[author Torn Thompson]

Apple's Mac SE/30 promises to be the company's price/performance leader.

p.181 Dead Heat

[author John Unger]

To choose between the Tandon and FiveStar computers, you have to look beyond performance.

p.187 Handy Scanners

[author Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

A look at hand-held scanners from The Complete PC, DFI, Logitech, KYE, Comar Systek, and Skyworld Technology.

p.195 Debunking 16-bit VGA

[author Bradley Dyck Kliewer]

Design limitations compromise potential speed improvements on 16-bit adapters.


p.119 Computing at Chaos Manor: The Hunt for Bad Sectors

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry goes after bad sectors on his hard disk drive.

p.137 Applications Plus: Then and Now in Word Processing

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Mac users are getting word processors with "the right stuff." Users of other systems will benefit by this trend.

p.143 Down to Business: Just a Few Fax

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

How well do personal computer fax boards work with tabletop models?

p.146 Macinations: A Macintosh Who's Who

[author Torn Thompson]

A guide for those of us who have lost track of which Mac has what.

p.151 OS/2 Notebook: OS/2 Disk Geography

[author Mark Minasi]

Mapping your hard disk under OS/2.

157 Net/Works: Anatomy of a LAN Operating System by Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings To understand LANs, you have to dissect the functional layers of the LAN operating system.

p.201 Smalltalk/V Comes to the Mac

[author Ray Valdes]

Digitalk's program puts pure object-oriented programming on the Macintosh.

p.205 Domesticating Microsoft Windows

[author Alex Lane]

CASE:W from CASEWorks takes some of the pain out of Windows programming.

p.209 Claris CAD

[author Paul Tuten]

The first CAD program from Claris may provide serious competition to VersaCAD for the Mac.

p.213 Corel Draw Shows Great Promise

[author Sue Rosenberg]

This advanced drawing and graphics program could be the best yet for the IBM PC AT.


p.254 Introduction: Security

p.257 How Safe Is It?

[author Martin Kochanski]

A look at data encryption and other basic security measures.

p.267 Secret Codes

[author Asael Dror]

A discussion of the fundamentals of computer cryptography.

p.275 Know Thy Viral Enemy

[author Ross M. Greenberg]

It's more important than ever to guard your data and your system against infection by computer viruses.

p.285 Personal and Private

[author Peter Stephenson]

The major approaches to microcomputer security, and the pick of the products in each category.

p.290 The Safety Zone

A sampling of the security products currently available.


p.217 Editorial: A Source of Mac Information

[author Laurence H. Loeb]

p.219 Short Takes

SuperPaint 2.0

Swivel 3D

p.225 Pushing Standard File to the Limit

[author Jan Eugenides]

p.235 The Mac Interface: Showing Its Age

[author Don Crabb]

p.241 A Portable Companion for the Macintosh

[author Laurence H. Loeb]

p.249 Mixed Blessings

[author Jerry Pournelle]


p.96 begins after page 96


p.294 PC-DOS: Pulling Out the Stops

[author Fetchi Chen]

The latest versions of PC-DOS have features that speed up file access for applications

p.303 An End to Dueling Rules

[author Alex Lane]

A handy Prolog program called Spot helps you validate and verify rule bases.

p.313 The Ultimate Upgrade

[author Stanford Diehl]

The BYTE Lab turned a standard IBM PC AT into a personal workstation-but was it worth it?


p.321 Under the Hood: Modern Modem Methods

[author L. Brett Glass]

A look at how modems achieve their high performance.

p.327 Some Assembly Required: Directory Assistance, Part 2

[author Rick Grehan]

Understanding the MS-DOS, Unix, and Macintosh HFS file-systems helps when you run into trouble.


p.8 Editorial: Checking Out the New 80486 and 68040

p.13 Microbytes

p.28 Letters and Ask BYTE

p.49 Chaos Manor Mail

p.53 Book Reviews

p.379 Coming Up in BYTE


p.378 Editorial Index by Company

p.380 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.382 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

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On disk or in prim: See card after 316

Vol.14 n°7 july 1989





p.57 What's New

p.89 Short Takes

DeskJet Plus, Hewlett-Packard improves a winner

PixelPaint 2.0, big improvements from SuperMac Technology

HyperPAD, Brightbill-Roberts' desktop manager with hypertext power

Mitsubishi Smart Mouse, useful for specialized applications

Counterpart, a security device from Fifth Generation Systems


p.250 A Guide to GUIs

[author Frank Hayes and Nick Baran]

Your complete guide to 12 state-of-the-art graphical user interfaces.


p.99 Apple's 32-Bit QuickDraw Covers the Spectrum

[author Tom Thompson]

Color imaging for the Mac II and SE/30 takes a leap forward with this new program.

p.104 Clash of the Object-Oriented Pascals

[author Jon Udell]

Quick Pascal and Turbo Pascal 5.5 are both friendly environments for object-oriented programming.


p.154 Product Focus: Battle of the Network Stars

[author Steve Apiki, Stanford Diehl, and Rick Grehan]

The BYTE Lab takes a look at five different PC-LAN operating systems.

p.173 IBM's New Speed King

[author Caroline Halliday]

The Model 70-A21 is the fastest of the PS/2s, but it's slower than its competition.

p.177 Color by Numbers

[author Kent Quirk]

The Tektronix Phaser CP slashes the cost of PostScript-compatible color output.


p.109 Computing at Chaos Manor: Computers vs. Taxes

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry wages his annual battle with taxes and breaks in a new Northgate computer.

p.125 Applications Plus: Is Bigger Better?

[author Ezra Shapiro]

Is the industry paying too much attention to bells and whistles and not enough to simplicity?

p.129 0S/2 Notebook: Figuring Out CONFIG.SYS

[author Mark Minasi]

A discussion of how to set up a typical CONFIG.SYS file under OS/2.

p.137 Down to Business: Dawn of the Dead Disk

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

When your hard disk suddenly crashes, all is not necessarily lost.

p.143 Macinations: Learn on Me

[author Don Crabb]

The Mac is changing the face of computer-aided instruction.

p.148 NetWorks: The LAN Road to OS!

[author Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

The OSI reference model is the framework within which international communications standards are developed.

p.181 EMS with a Cache

[author Jeff Holtzman]

The Elite 16 Plus HyperCache board from Profit Systems boosts EMS 4.0 performance.

p.187 Breaking the Memory Barrier with 386|VMM

[author Martin Heller]

This 80386-based virtual memory manager from Phar Lap lets you build large applications.

p.193 Powerful Portable 3-D Graphics

[author Bradley Dyck Kliewer]

Develop portable three-dimensional graphics with Ithaca Software's HOOPS.

p.201 Text Retrieval with a Twist

[author Dennis Allen]

Folio Views advances text management technology with a new indexing scheme.

p.207 The Flying Spreadsheet

[author Don Crabb]

Informix Software's WingZ for the Mac is stiff competition for Excel.


p.212 Introduction: Distributed Processing

p.215 Take Your Pick

[author Gilbert Wai]

From client/servers to parallel processing, distributed processing uses a variety of methods to share resources.

p.225 A Transparent Environment

[author Bruce J. Walker and Gerald J. Popek]

With transparency, you can have a distributed and heterogeneous environment without making big changes to your existing software.

p.235 Remote Control

[author Carl Manson and Ken Thurber]

Remote procedure calls offer a solution to the problem of distributed processing over a network.

p.241 The Paperless Office

[author Dean Hough]

You no longer need a superminicomputer to use document image processing.

p.248 Distributed Processing Roundup

Some products that distribute processing over different architectures, operating systems, or networks.


p.250 Cover Story: A Guide to GUIs

[author Frank Hayes and Nick Baran]

Your complete guide to 12 state-of-the-art graphical user interfaces.

p.259 The Qsim Simulation Toolkit

[author Roy E. Kitnbrell, Linda Correll, and Robert Bass]

Qsim lets you use your personal computer to model all kinds of systems, from banks to breweries.


p.269 Under the Hood: The Light at the End of the LAN

[author L. Brett Glass]

The new FDDI standard lets optical LANs move more data more efficiently.

p.277 Some Assembly Required: Object-Oriented Mac Windows

[author Jonathan Amsterdam]

Software that protects you from some of the hassles of Macintosh windows programming.


p.8 Editorial: New Unix Benchmarks

p.17 Microbytes

p.34 Letters and Ask BYTE

p.55 Chaos Manor Mail

p.331 Coming Up in BYTE

p.340 NEW Print Queue

p.344 NEW Stop Bit


p.330 Editorial Index by Company

p.332 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.334 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

Inquiry Reply Cards: after 336


From BIX: See 84

From BYTEnet: call (617) 861-9764

On disk or in print: See card after 240

Vol.14 n°8 august 1989





p.49 What's New

p.81 Short Takes

Portfolio, the new portable from Atari

Altima One, a good luggable

Finesse, Logitech's low-cost desktop publishing

Macro Mind Director, video production on the Mac

MultiPius, desktop management from SunFlex


p.90 Cover Story: The Ever-Shrinking, Ever-Expanding Laptops

[author Nick Baran and Michael E. Nadeau]

Agilis and Zenith introduce innovative new laptop computers .

Agilis and Zenith announce tiny computers that broaden the market for laptops.


p.142 Product Focus: Desktop Power to Go

[author Stanford Diehl and Stan Wszola]

When you need computing power to go, one of these 11 portable PCs should suit your needs.

p.161 The Painlessly Portable PC

[author Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

NEC's petite UltraLite computer is actually fun to take with you on the road.

p.167 Ultra Graphics

[author Bradley Dyck Kliewer]

Pixelworks' Ultra Clipper brings enhanced graphics to MCA computers.

p.171 Modula-2 and OS/2 Join Forces

[author Andrew Schulman]

Three Modula-2 compilers take advantage of OS/2's features.

p.177 A New World for DOS

[author Stan Miastkowski]

Explore uncharted waters in DOS with intelligent DOS shells from Lotus and Traveling Software.


p.99 Computing at Chaos Manor: The Great Power Spike

[author Jerry Pournelle]

A freak accident leaves Jerry extolling the humble surge suppressor.

p.113 NEW The Unix /bin: A Calm Approach to Unix

[author David Fiedler]

The average Unix user never has to worry about many of the system nuances.

p.119 Down to Business: Neither Snow, Nor Chicago ...

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

Comdex brought some good news for business users.

p.125 Macinations: The Way of Things Considered

[author Don Crabb]

There are many ways to accomplish something, but only a few of them are right.

p.129 OS/2 Notebook: Glimmers of Acceptance

[author Mark Minasi]

Microrim and Logitech announced exciting new OS/2 products at Comdex.

p.135 NetWorks : Growing Pains

[author James Y. Bryce]

Your LAN operating system can spell the difference between control and chaos.


p.214 Introduction: Neural Networks

p.217 Time to Get Fired Up

[author Klaus K. Obermeier and Janet J. Barron]

IBM PCs, Macs, and personal workstations can run neural-network simulations that learn and train themselves.

p.227 What's Hidden in the Hidden Layers?

[author David S. Touretzky and Dean A. Pomerleau]

The contents can be easy to find with a geometrical problem, but the hidden layers have yet to give up all their secrets.

p.235 Building Blocks for Speech

[author Alex Waibel and John Hampshire]

Modular neural networks may be the answer to the problem of machine-based speech recognition.

p.244 Neural Networks: Theory and Practice

A guide to neural-network ideas and products.


p.246 Dealing with a Digital World

[author David A. Mindell]

Powerful digital-signalprocessing chips are finding their way into personal computers and workstations.

p.259 VLIW : Heir to RISC?

[author Peter Wayner]

In the race to maximize CPU performance, a new architecture called VLIW may be the next step after RISC chips.


p.187 Editorial: System 7.0 and the Macintosh IIcx

[author Don Crabb]

p.191 Short Takes

Spectrum/24, Showcase F/X, MaxPage 1.2

p.196 FIRST IMPRESSIONS: System 7.0: The Next-Generation Mac Operating System

[author Tom Thompson]

p.199 List Manager Techniques

[author Jan Eugenides]

p.205 HyperTalk Program Design

Richard D. Lasky


p.80 begins after page 80


p.265 Under the Hood: Hard Disk Maintenance Software

[author L. Brett Glass]

How low-level hard disk optimizers work and what they can do for you.

p.279 Some Assembly Required: If Memory Serves ...

[author Rick Grehan]

A library of memory management routines that will help you avoid a fragmented heap.


p.8 Editorial : Hold onto Your Hat (and Your Wallet)

p.17 Microbytes

p.35 Letters, Ask BYTE, and Fixes

p.47 Chaos Manor Mail

p.331 Coming Up in BYTE

p.340 Print Queue

p.344 Stop Bit


p.330 Editorial Index by Company

p.332 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.334 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

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From BIX : See 338

From BYTEnet: call (617) 861-9764

On disk or in print: See card after 232

Vol.14 n°9 september 1989





p.49 What's New

p.81 Short Takes

Studio/1, Electronic Arts' decolorized version of Studio/8

DeScribe Word Publisher, an OS/2 word processor from Lennane Advanced Products

SuperGlueII, Solutions International's Macintosh utility

Ami Professional, Samna combines word processing and desktop publishing

POSTcard, an add-in card from Award Software that monitors your PC


p.90 Not Quite As Simple As 1-2-3

[author Andrew Reinhardt]

Release 3.0 of Lotus 1-2-3 has many new features and functions, but these improvements come with a price in performance.

p.95 COVER STORY: The 486s Are Here!

[author Paul Lavin and Michael E. Nadeau]

Britain's Apricot is the first to announce a complete 80486-based system.


p.148 Product Focus: The Multiuser Solution

[author Howard Eglowstein and Stanford Diehl]

Multiuser operating systems have mainframe-style connectivity.

p.165 ALR Revs Up MCA

[author Bill Catchings and Mark L. Van Name]

The MicroFlex 7000 is the fastest MCA clone that we've tested to date.

p.173 Long Live the Low End

[author Roger C. Alford]

AST's 8-MHz Bravo/286 has both a small footprint and a small price.

p.177 Data to Go

[author Don Crabb]

Sysgen's removable hard disk platter works on both the Mac and the PC.

p.183 Mastering the PCX Format

[author Bert Tyler]

PCX Toolkit from Genus lets you add PCX features to your graphics program.


p.103 Computing at Chaos Manor: The World on CD-ROMs

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry also looks at WORM drives and uninterruptible power supplies.

p.117 The Unix /bin: Unix on Personal Computers: Why and How

[author David Fiedler]

There are some good reasons to install Unix on a personal computer.

p.123 Down to Business: On the Road Again

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

Who says portables have limited capabilities?

p.127 Macinations: Disaster Recovery

[author Don Crabb]

Don's hard disk drive goes down, and getting back to work takes some doing.

p.131 OS/2 Notebook: Talking to OS/2 Developers

[author Mark J. Minasi]

Views on OS/2 from Dave Nanian, Doug Hamilton, and Martin Heller.

p.143 NetWorks: The Mailman Cometh

[author Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

Like traditional mail, E-mail involves the delivery, storage, and security of messages.

p.189 A HyperCard for the PC

[author Bob Stepno]

Brightbill-Roberts's HyperPAD brings Mac-like programming to DOS.

p.197 Arriba: The Painless PIM

[author Lamont Wood]

Good Software's personal information manager is easy to use.

p.202 Reviewer's Notebook

A compilation of brief reviews and updates to previously published evaluations.


p.244 Introduction: Database Trends

p.247 A Brave New World?

[author Fabian Pascal]

Fundamental changes are now occurring in database management. Where are we headed?

p.259 Serving Up Data

[author Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

Database servers provide centralized data management while preserving the individual user's independence.

p.267 Sharing the Wealth

[author Ralph Davis]

Give your applications a global reach with a distributed DBMS.

p.277 A Family of Models

[author Joseph Dawson]

Are the days of the relational database numbered?


p.212 LAN Standards: Do You Need Them?

[author Jonathan Schmidt]

p.221 The Glue for Internetworking

[author William Stallings]

p.227 LAN-Aware DOS Programs

[author Barry Nance]

p.235 Building Heterogeneous Networks

[author L. Brett Glass]

p.291 The Data File A guide to personal computer database systems.


p.296 A Bus Tour

[author George White]

EISA, ISA, MCA, NuBus ...here's what you need to know about what bus your next machine will use and why.

p.305 Graphics Formats

[author Gerald L. Graef]

A universal image format is much needed, but will it ever come about?

p.315 The Unix Shell

[author Greg Comeau]

More than just a collection of commands, the Unix shell is often used to build applications.


p.323 Under the Hood: Laptop Technology Redux

[author L. Brett Glass]

Major innovations in small peripheral devices increase the laptop's utility.

p.333 Some Assembly Required: Stalking the 8-bit Spectrum

[author Tom Thompson]

How to circumvent a prickly problem when using the Mac's color palettes.


p.8 Editorial: A Billion Bits of BYTE

p.17 Microbytes

p.34 Letters, Ask BYTE, and Fixes

p.47 Chaos Manor Mail

p.391 Coming Up in BYTE

p.397 NEW Setting the Standards: 15 Years

p.400 Print Queue

p.404 Stop Bit


p.390 Editorial Index by Company

p.392 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.394 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

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From BIX: See 312

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On disk or in print: See card after 80

Vol.14 n°10 october 1989





p.49 What's New

p.81 Short Takes

PageMaker for OS/2 Presentation Manager, Aldus puts desktop publishing in the fast lane

Think C 4.0, a major upgrade from Symantec

DeskWriter, Hewlett-Packard's ink jet printer for the Mac

HyperAccess/5, Hilgraeve adds many new features

DOS Mounter, a utility from Dayna to use with Apple's FDHD hyperStore-816 and SmartCache PM3011, caching disk controllers from Perceptive Solutions and Distributed Processing Technology


p.111 VROOMM Goes the Spreadsheet

[author Rich Malloy]

Borland's new Quattro combines the advantages of Excel with Lotus 1-2-3 compatibility.


p.98 The Portable and the Powerful

[author Tom Thompson and Frank Hayes]

Apple's Portable Mac finally arrives, accompanied by the impressive Mac IIci.


p.160 Product Focus: The Optical Option

[author Steve Apiki and Howard Eglowstein]

WORM and erasable optical disk systems offer practical, large-scale storage.

p.181 MCA Meets SX

[author Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

IBM's PS/2 Model 55 SX and American Mitac's MPS2386 combine MCA with the 80386SX

p.187 Color Printer Quells Price-Tag Blues

[author Tom Thompson]

ColorQuick offers Mac users a slow but effective alternative to pricey thermal printers.

p.191 Speed Separates Two Portable Printers

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

Kodak and Toshiba take different routes to design printers for the road.


p.115 Computing at Chaos Manor: Disasters and Diversions

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry tries to revive a damaged floppy disk and glories in using new CD-ROM products.

p.131 The Unix /bin: The Root to Happiness

[author David Fiedler]

Working with Unix has its privileges-literally.

p.143 OS/2 Notebook: A Compendium of OS/2 Applications

[author Mark J. Minasi]

A new OS/2 application guide lists hundreds of programs.

p.144E Macinations: Crimes of the Heart?

[author Don Crabb]

Don delineates his Macintosh wish list.

p.151 Down to Business: IBM's Vision for Your Office

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

OfficeVision brings IBM's grand plan into view.

p.155 NetWorks: Breaking Down the Barriers

[author Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

A look at the issues you'll face if you try to integrate PCs and Macs on a LAN.

p.195 Four Debuggers in One

[author Martin Heller]

The MultiScope OS/2 debugger from Logitech challenges Microsoft's CodeView.

p.201 X Window System on the March

[author Tom Yager]

A look at 386/ix X11, a new 80386 X Window system from Interactive Systems.

p.211 Visually Map Your Data

[author Stan Miastkowski]

Mapping Information Systems' MapInfo puts your dBASE III data on the map-literally.

p.217 How Super Is SuperCard?

[author Richard D. Lasky]

Silicon Beach's improvement on HyperCard's features may have been costly in performance.


p.228 Introduction: Optical Technologies

p.231 Computing With Light

[author H. John Caulfield]

Optical computers combine the best of the electronic and optical worlds.

p.239 The Nitty Gritty Optical Band

Optical developments occur in the "nitty gritty" aspects of packaging, interconnections, ICs, and signaling:

p.240 Levels of Light

[author Joseph W. Goodman]

Optical interconnections are one route to high-speed computing.

p.244 Joining Forces

[author Donald J. Channin]

Optoelectronics combines optics and electronics on a single chip.

p.249 Reflected Light

[author Gary T. Forrest]

Laser technology has an impact on everything from laser ???

p.259 Gigabytes On-Line

[author James J. Burke and Bob Ryan]

Erasable optical disk drives will change your notions of mass storage.

p.266 Read/Write Optical Subsystems

A guide to optical drive systems that let you store your own data.


p.268 The 25th Birthday of BASIC

[author Bill Gates]

Microsoft's chairman and coauthor of Microsoft BASIC tells where BASIC has been and where it's going.

p.279 Occam II

[author Dick Fountain]

The Occam II language is designed for parallel processing.

p.287 Hands-On Parallel Processing

[author Geoffrey C. Fox, Alex W. Ho, Paul Messina, and Terry Cole]

How to assemble a functional hypercube using Macs and AppleTalk


p.297 Under the Hood: Disk Caching

[author L. Brett Glass]

How to evaluate different disk-caching schemes.

p.303 Some Assembly Required: Two Tin Cans and Some String, Part 1

[author Rick Grehan]

The first of a two-part series comparing AppleTalk and NetBIOS.


p.8 Editorial: Hip-Deep and Rising

p.17 Microbytes

p.32 Letters and Ask BYTE

p.48C Chaos Manor Mail

p.351 Coming Up in BYTE

p.360 Print Queue

p.364 Stop Bit


p.350 Editorial Index by Company

p.352 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.354 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

Inquiry Reply Cards: after 356


From BIX: See 358

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On disk: See card after 248

Vol.14 n°11 fall 1989




p.8 Editorial: More Bang for Your Bucks

[author Fred Langa]

p.13 Megahertz Madness

[author the BYTE Staff]

p.49 Benchmarks at a Glance: 1989

[author Stanford Diehl]

p.56 Redefining the Standards

[author Martin Heller]

p.67 The 80486: A Hardware Perspective

[author Ron Sartore]

p.79 Stretching DOS to the Limit

[author Frank Hayes]

p.87 The State of OS/2

[author Mark J. Minasi]

p.95 AIX on the PS/2s

[author Ben Smith]

p.159 Is It Really Super?

[author Bill Nicholls]

p.175 SQL: A Database Language Sequel to dBASE

[author Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

p.185 Unix Filenames for Turbo Pascal

[author Jim Kerr]

p.195 Which LAN?

[author Richard Watson]

p.203 The Language of Lasers

[author Kent Quirk]

p.209 A Standards Dictionary

[author L. Brett Glass]

p.221 Optimizing Numeric Coprocessing

[author Stephen Fried]

p.105 Looking Beyond the DOS Prompt

[author Stan Miastkowski]

p.123 Using Expanded Memory

[author David M. Yancich]

p.131 Serving Many Masters

[author Brian T. Anderson and Marcy A. Puhnaty]

p.143 Clash of the Graphics Titans

p.229 Inventing the PC's Future

[author Gordon A. Campell]

p.264 Editorial Index by Company

p.269 The Status of Applications Software: Late

[author Dennis Allen]

p.276 The Wages of Sin

[author Pete Wilson]


From BIX: See 239


Vol.14 n°12 november 1989





p.??? What's New

p.??? Short Takes

Excel for OS/2 with Presentation Manager, Microsoft's spreadsheet for OS/2

Cornerstone SinglePage XL, a monitor for desktop publishing

Prograph 1.2, a pictorial development system from Gunakara Sun Systems

TekColor for the Macintosh, a color-matching system from Tektronix

FormWorx System 2, an updated forms-processing package


p.??? Two Affordable 486s Psst! Wanna Buy an 80486 Cheap?

[author Michael E. Nadeau and Frank Haves]

Cheetah's and ALR's new 80486 systems offer more performance for less money.

p.??? A PC in Your Pocket

[author Nick Baran]

The Poqet PC has all the power of an IBM PC, yet it's as small as a videocassette.


p.93 EISA Arrives

[author Nick Baran]

Introducing the Hewlett-Packard Vectra 386, one of the first EISA machines.


p.178 Product Focus: The Brains Behind the Graphics

[author Steve Apiki, Howard Eglowstein, and Rick Grehan]

The BYTE Lab looks at 11 intelligent graphics controllers that bring new speed and flexibility to PC graphics.

p.201 DEC's RISC Powerhouse

[author Ben Smith and Rob Mitchell]

The DECstation 3100 shows strength as a number-crunching workstation.

p.211 The LAN Terminal Alternative

[author Bill Catchings and Mark L. Van Name]

Looking for a diskless PC? These two 80286-based machines from Wyse and TeleVideo might fit your needs.

p.219 LAN Aid: Mac Booster Modules

[author Tom Thompson]

Enhanced connection modules from Dayna and TOPS offer a boost for LocalTalk networks.

p.225 DAT Drive Eases Mac Backups

[author Don Crabb]

GigaTrend's pioneering DAT drive helps monied Mac users easily store gigabytes of data.

p.233 X.25 Pads Performance

[author Stephen Satchell]

Hayes' X.25 modem produces installation headaches, but its accuracy and speed are worth the fuss.


p.121 Computing at Chaos Manor: The Installation Blues

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry looks at disk-based reference materials, a floppy disk controller, and educational software.

p.139 The Unix /bin: Customizing for Comfort

[author David Fiedler]

A series of environment variables let you tailor Unix to your own liking.

p.147 Down to Business: Serving Business

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

Sharing a database doesn't require a mainframe anymore

p.153 Macinations: Research à la Mac

[author Don Crabb]

Don gets a new scientific CD-ROM and uses the new Macs.

p.159 OS/2 Notebook: Getting Your Priorities Straight

[author Mark J. Minasi]

Fine-tuning OS/2's multitasking priorities.

p.167 NetWorks: Everyone into the Pool

[author Barry Nance]

The most common LAN gateways are "modem-pooling" devices used over common dial-up lines.

p.241 Ease into Mac Programming

[author Ray Valdes]

Master the Mac Interface with Prototyper from SmethersBarnes.

p.247 microExplorer in Action!

[author Alex Lane]

Texas Instruments' microExplorer turns the Mac II into a Lisp machine.

p.255 For Power Users Only

[author Edward Reno]

Lotus 1-2-3 release 3.0 has a lot of welcome changes, but did Lotus go far enough?

p.265 Alpha Four: No Programming Required

[author Malcolm C. Rubel]

Alpha Four from Alpha Software provides a menu-driven alternative to dBASE file formats.

p.271 The Power of the Press

[author Jon Udell]

Interleaf's Technical Publishing Software 4.0 for Unix systems is a peek at high-end publishing.

p.287 Reviewer's Notebook

Three price/performance systems, tools that make Windows painless, a mouse for 1-2-3, and more.


p.296 Introduction: 32 Bits and Above

p.299 Are 32 Bits Enough?

[author Steve Krueger]

One prediction for the future.

p.307 Seeking a Wide Berth

[author Ron Sartore]

Wider memory isn't necessarily faster memory.

p.323 Revenge of the CISCs

[author Michael Slater and John H. Wharton]

Will the 80486 and the 68040, heirs to the dynasties built by Intel and Motorola, slow the RISC bandwagon?

p.341 A Virtual Crowd

Learn how PC, Mac, and Unix systems let you use your hard disk as program memory.

p.342 Virtual Memory: The Next Generation

[author Robert Moote]

p.350 Mac VM Revealed

[author ???]

p.361 DOS at RISC

[author Colin Hunter and John Banning]

Binary porting lets you run DOS applications on the latest Unix workstations.

p.371 Clearing the Air

[author Bill Blagdan]

Some 32-bit software issues to consider, including 80386-specific versus 32-bit software and various aspects of OS/2.

p.376 Upward Mobility Turn your present computer into a 32-bit powerhouse.


p.380 A New Twist on an Old Technology

[author Jay Bretzmann]

With agreements on digital audio tape near, manufacturers are teaching an old technology new tricks.

p.391 Paper, Magnets, and Light

[author Robert R. Gaskin]

A quick tour through almost 100 years of off-line computer mass storage.

p.403 The ABCs of Digital Type

[author John Collins]

The advent of digital type has brought variety, flexibility, and a few problems to publishing.

p.411 Mach: The Model for Future Unix

[author Avadis Tevanian Jr. and Ben Smith]

Will a new, object-oriented kernel change the face of Unix?


p.417 Under the Hood: Inside EISA

[author L. Brett Glass]

The Extended Industry Standard Architecture emerges from the lab to challenge IBM's Micro Channel Architecture.

p.427 Some Assembly Required: Two Tin Cans and Some String, Part 2

[author Rick Grehan]

The investigation of network interfaces continues, this time with the popular NetBIOS.


p.8 Editorial: What Slump?

p.17 Microbytes

p.32 Letters and Ask BYTE

p.47 Chaos Manor Mail

p.475 Coming Up in BYTE

p.484 Print Queue

p.488 Stop Bit


p.474 Editorial Index by Company

p.476 Alphabetical Index to Advertisers

p.478 Index to Advertisers by Product Category

Inquiry Reply Cards. after 480


From BIX: See 400

From BYTEnet: call (617) 861-9764

On disk: See card after 416

Vol.14 n°13 december 1989





p.49 What's New

p.81 Short Takes

Wallaby, a Macintosh compatible laptop

WordPerfect 5.1, supports a mouse and pull-down menus

Vellum, Ashlar's two dimensional CAD for the Mac

TrackMan Stationary Mouse, a new input device from Logitech

Generic 3D Drafting, simple but elegant CAD

KDS-1984 TriSync, a largescreen color monitor from Sampo


p.154 Product Focus: Making a Case for CASE

[author the BYTE Staff]

Choosing a CASE tool is a matter of methodology and computing environment.

p.179 Downsizing the Desktop

[author Stephen Satchell]

The 80386SX-based ADC Power lite 386's small, integrated design makes for easy repairs.


p.93 Laptops Forever

[author Frank Hayes, Michael E. Nadeau, and Stan Miastkowski]

New laptops from Compaq, GRiD, Toshiba, and Zenith point to the future of small computing.

p.185 Upscale Acer

[author Jeff Holtzman]

Is Acer's 1100/33 just another 33-MHz PC clone?

p.189 How to Put 16 Million Colors to Work

[author Tom Thompson]

The first wave of boards has arrived to help Mac IIs process 16 million colors.

Here's how they stack up.

p.199 Power to the Programmer

[author Fred Hommel]

Watcom joins the 32-bit crowd with a new C compiler.

p.205 High-Fashion Unix on a PC

[author Ben Smith]

HP's Accelerated X Window Display Server lets you use your AT as an X Window workstation.

p.211 Clipper Applications Get SQL

[author Marc Schnapp]

The Library from Planet Software lets Clipper developers link applications to SQLBase.

p.217 Move Over, PageMaker

[author Diana Gabaldon]

TimeWorks' Publish It brings new features to Mac desktop publishing that PageMaker lacks.


p.107 Computing at Chaos Manor: A Look Backward and Forward

[author Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry reminisces about the beginnings of microcomputers and looks at today's new products.

p.123 The Unix /bin: Unix Workstations Connect

[author David Fiedler]

A discussion on networking Unix workstations.

p.129 Down to Business: A Helping Hand

[author Wayne Rash Jr.]

A new workstation lets disabled users perform any function through the use of voice commands alone.

p.133 OS/2 Notebook: OS/2 Multitasking Revisited

[author Mark J. Minasi]

A simple program that lets you experiment with the priority mechanism.

p.137 Macinations: A Tale of Two Operating Systems

[author Don Crabb]

The Mac OS versus OS/2: Are you after performance or productivity?

p.141 NetWorks: When One Drive Is Enough

[author Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings]

Do personal computers attached to LANs need hard disk drives?

p.223 Manage It with Pictures

[author Lamont Wood]

Project Scheduler 4 from Scitor Corp. offers graphically based project management for under $700.

p.229 What Price Color PostScript?

[author Howard Eglowstein]

QMS's new ColorScript 100 Model 10 printer promises color PostScript at a groundbreaking price.

p.234 Reviewer's Notebook

A compilation of brief reviews and updates to previously published evaluations.


p.240 Introduction: Sound and Image Processing

p.243 Sounds and Images

An overview of what's going on in the world of computer sight and sound.

p.245 Sounds

[author Gene Smarte]

p.248 Images

[author Walt Penney]

p.259 Putting DSPs to Work

[author Bobby Saffari]

DSPs have become the unifying factor between sound and image processing for microcomputers.

p.277 Beyond Pattern Recognition

[author Raymond Kurzweil]

Practical speech-recognition applications require a bit of intelligence.

p.293 Changing Perceptions of Reality

[author Benjamin M. Dawson]

A variety of techniques that let you edit images in a variety of ways.

p.309 Pepperoni and Paperwork

[author Ira Scherr]

How one company combined image, speech, voice, and fax to create a verbal document retrieval system.

p.320 Words and Pictures

PC boards for voice recognition and image processing.


p.324 Ten Years of Rows and Columns

[author Tracy Robnett Licklider]

A decade ago, Frankston and Bricklin revolutionized the software world with the electronic spreadsheet.

p.333 The Intel 80860

[author Neal Margulis]

A close look at Intel's newest RISC design.

p.349 Configuring Parallel Programs

[author Dick Pountain]

A new tool that will make it easier to write software for parallel processing.

p.353 The Wizards of the Media Lab

[author Janet J. Barron]

Researchers are exploring new ways for humans to interact with technology.

p.363 Making Waves

[author Mark Waller]

The implications of packet radio are far-reaching.

p.371 Electronic Oxford

[author Eric Giguere]

Years in the making, the electronic edition of the classic English dictionary nears completion.


p.377 Under the Hood: Protected Mode

[author L. Brett Glass]

Enhanced modes of Intel microprocessors provide greater address reach and safe multitasking.

p.387 Some Assembly Required: Input: Keep It Clean

[author Rick Grehan]

Our IMAN program lets you build input screens that users can't mess up.


p.8 Editorial: The Last Word on the SX?

p.17 Microbytes

p.32 Letters, Ask BYTE, and Fixes

p.48C Chaos Manor Mail

p.435 Coming Up in BYTE

p.444 Print Queue

p.448 Stop Bit


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