Vol.13 n°8 august 1988

Vol.13 n°8 august 1988

p.2 Contents


p.67 What's New

p.89 Short Takes

Dell System 220, a small but powerful desktop system

T-DebugPLUS 4.0, symbolic debugging for Turbo Pascal 4.0

Cambridge Computer Z88, small is beautiful

Grammatik III, comprehensive grammar checking

Watcom C 6.0, a class act

Paradox OS/2, a solid entrée into OS/2 applications


p.101 Computing at Chaos Manor: A Fond Farewell

Is Jerry's old friend Zeke II retiring to greener pastures?

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.115 Applications Plus: New Directions

The column's horizons are expanded, and GrandView defines a new class of software.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]

p.121 Down to Business: Staking Out the Territory

What trends are most important to business users? This new column starts with some thoughts on networking and database servers.

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.125 Macinations: What's Up with Apple?

New columnist Don Crabb discusses Macintosh products and issues.

[author : Don Crabb]

p.131 OS/2 and You: Why OS/2?

The debut of this column covers some of OS/2's attractive features.

[author : Mark Minasi]

p.135 COM1: The Wired Society

Noted telecommunicator Brock N. Meeks surveys the communications landscape.

[author : Brock N . Meeks]


p.140 25-MHz Computing Buzzsaws

From Compaq, Everex, Intel, and SimpleNet, here they come: the first of the 25-MHz 80386-based AT clones.

[author : Rick Grehan]


p.148 Product Focus: Communications According to Script

Stand-alone communications packages that can handle a communications session unattended.

[author : Steve Apiki and Stan Diehl]

p.162 Variations on the 20-MHz Theme

The Tatung TCS-8000, Proteus 386A, and Everex Step 386/20 offer a range of performance and capabilities.

[author : Ed McNierney]

p.173 Four Surrogate Mice

PC-Trac, FastTRAP, Trackball Plus, and Felix offer the functionality of a mouse without the hassle.

[author : Jeff Holtzman]

p.185 Unix for the Mac II

Transform the Mac II into a Unix workstation with A/UX.

[author : David Betz and Eva M. White]

p.195 VersaCAD on a Mac

The MS-DOS-based drafting tool is now available in a Macintosh edition.

[author : Paul Tuten]

p.200 Review Update


p.202 Introduction: The C Language

p.205 The State of C

Originally designed for systems programming, C has become one of the most widely used languages in the world.

[author : Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie]

p.215 A Better C?

The C++ language is a superset of C that supports data abstraction and object-oriented programming.

[author : Bjarne Stroustrup]

p.219 It's an Attitude

A mechanism for doing object-oriented programming in conventional C.

[author : Jonathan S. Linowes]

p.226 Resource Guide


p.229 Making the Move to OS/2

[author : Robert E. Shostak, John Socha, Linda Dudinyak, and David P. Reed]

Top programmers from Borland, Norton, and Lotus talk about what it took to port their programs to OS/2.


p.239 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Why Microcontrollers?, Part 1

A tutorial perspective of the Intel 8031/8051 microcontroller family.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.249 Some Assembly Required: The Pitfalls of Porting, Part 2

Porting an MS-DOS application to the Mac is discussed.

[author : Rick Grehan]


p.6 Editorial: Touching All the Bases

p.11 Microbytes

p.22 Letters

p.33 Chaos Manor Mail

p.38 Ask BYTE

p.51 Book Reviews

p.291 Coming Up in BYTE


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