Vol.13 n°4 april 1988

Vol.13 n°4 april 1988

p.2 Contents


p.67 What's New

p.89 Short Takes

Sharp PC-4521, a laptop with a hard disk drive

Sprint 1.0, Borland's third-generation word processor

Quad386XT, Quadram's booster board for the PC

Desk Jet, a quiet ink-jet printer from HP

WordStar 2000 3.0, an upgrade with 662 features

ZCM-1490, Zenith's high-resolution color monitor

Microsoft Windows 2.0, a step toward OS/2


p.103 Microsoft Languages Update

These new versions of five language products offer a bridge to OS/2.

[author : the BYTE Staff]

p.113 dBASE IV: A Paradox Killer?

The new version of Ashton-Tate's package is going to make life tougher for competitors like Paradox and R:base.

[author : Nicholas Baran]


p.118 Product Focus: The Best of the 24-pin Printers

Dot-matrix printers are now good enough that you don't have to apologize for using one. BYTE Labs looks at 37 of the finest.

[author : George A. Stewart]

p.131 The WYSEpc 386

Price, performance, and ciesign highlight this 80386-based system.

[author : Ed McNierney]

p.137 Commodore Opens the Amiga

The expandable Amiga 2000 can provide MS-DOS compatibility.

[author : Charlie Heath]

p.144 Laser Printing Without Lasers

The Taxan Crystal Jet and the Data Technology CrystalPrint VIII demonstrate the potential of liquid-crystal-shutter printers.

[author : Rick Cook and Paul Schauble]

p.150 Getting the Bugs Out

AT Probe and Periscope III-two hardware-assisted debuggers with some unique features.

[author : Ross M. Greenberg]

p.163 Two Fast C Compilers for PCs

Microsoft introduces an improved version of its C Compiler and QuickC.

[author : Namir Clement Shammas]

p.168 New Power for FORTRAN

SVS FORTRAN from SAIC and Micro Way's NDP FORTRAN take advantage of the 80386 and its coprocessors.

[author : Carl Byington]

p.181 Interleaf Publisher for the Macintosh II

This publishing system includes good and bad features from the personal-computer and workstation worlds.

[author : Paul Kahn]

p.189 Review Update


p.193 Computing at Chaos Manor: Memories, Memories

Jerry looks at Fastback Plus, Golden Bow products, extended versus expanded memory, and new items from Logitech.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.211 Applications Only: Two Big Winners

Ezra highly recommends both Decision Pad and QuicKeys.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]

p.217 IN DEPTH: Memory Management

p.218 Introduction

p.219 Overview of Memory Management

Many of the memory management techniques for mainframes are migrating to the world of microcomputers.

[author : Randall L. Hyde]

p.227 OS/2 Virtual Memory Management

A look at how OS/2's hardware and software data structures work together to provide virtual memory, dynamic linking, and sharing of code.

[author : Vic Heller]

p.237 Marrying Unix and the 80386

How a Unix kernel design takes advantage of the 80386's memory management hardware.

[author : Carl Hensler and Ken Sarno]

p.249 Macintosh Memory Management

With the Mac's generalized design, you can use the same software on a Mac 512KE or on a Mac II.

[author : Alan Anderson]

p.256 Resource Guide


p.263 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: The SmartSpooler Part 1: The Spooler Hardware

SmartSpooler improves computing throughput with slow peripherals.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.273 Dynamic Linking in OS/2

Dynlinks make OS/2 programs smaller, more efficient, and easier to upgrade.

[author : Gordon Letwin, Chief Architect, Systems Software, Microsoft Corp]

p.285 When Facts Get Fuzzy

Add fuzzy logic to your Turbo Prolog programs and they'll be able to cope with the uncertainties of real-world situations.

[author : Bradley L. Richards]

p.293 Faster Than Fast Fourier

The fast Hartley transform is twice as fast as the fast Fourier and uses only half the computer resources.

[author : Mark A. O'Neill]


p.6 Editorial: The New BYTE Lab

p.11 Microbytes

p.22 Letters

p.32 Chaos Manor Mail

p.36 Ask BYTE

p.51 Book Reviews

p.339 Coming Up in BYTE


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