Vol.12 n°12 fall 1987 - Inside the IBM PCs

Vol.12 n°12 fall 1987 - Inside the IBM PCs

p.3 Contents

p.6 Editorial: The Meaning of SAA

[author : G. Michael Vose]

p.11 What's New

p.33 The Technical Implications of the PS/2

[author : G. Michael Vose]

p.49 TSRs Past and Future: MS-DOS and OS/2

[author : Ray Duncan]

p.59 The 32-bit Micro Channel

[author : Jon Shiell]

p.67 PS/2 Video Programming

[author : Richard Wilton]

p.83 Comparing IBM's Micro Channel and Apple's NuBus

[author : Ciro Cornejo and Raymond Lee]

p.97 Spying on Windows

[author : Michael Geary]

p.115 The State of Numerics

[author : Stephen S. Fried]

p.125 286/386 Protected-Mode Programming

[author : Joel Barnum]

p.133 The IBM RT Gets Connected

[author : Jason Levitt]

p.143 Application Input Drivers

[author : Jeremy Sagan]

p.159 Better Batch Files Through Assembly Language

[author : William J. Claff]

p.173 IBM PC Family BIOS Comparison

[author : Jon Shiell]

p.185 Comparing Disk-Allocation Methods

[author : Greg Weissman]

p.193 Rating the IBM Compatibles

[author : Robert G. Brookshire]

p.201 Windows for BASIC

[author : John W. Ross]

p.215 Pipes and Filters

[author : Paul Baker]

p.219 A Timing-Independent BIOS

[author : Howard N. Cohen and John Hanel]

p.225 Three Bus Interface Designs for the PC

[author : James R. Drummond]

p.264 BOMB

p.265 Editorial Index by Company