Vol.12 n°13 november 1987

Vol.12 n°13 november 1987

p.2 Contents


p.67 What's New

p.97 Short Takes

Turbo Pascal 4.0

XyWrite III Plus

Daily Wheel, Scientific Wheel, and Professional Wheel

Hauppauge 386 Motherboard

Colorizer 1 .0

p.109 The New Generation: MPW Compiler Lets Mac II's 68020 Shine

The numbers are revealing... and deceiving.

[author : the BYTE Editorial Staff]

First Impressions

p.111 QuickBASIC 4.0

QuickBASIC finally delivers on the promise of its name.

[author : G. Michael Vose]

p.119 Three New Spreadsheets

Products from Borland, Microsoft, and WordPerfect get set to take on the industry leader, Lotus 1-2-3 .

[author : Ezra Shapiro]

p.123 MultiFinder for the Macintosh

Apple's new multitasking operating system for the Macintosh computers.

[author : Gregg Williams]


p.134 The Compaq Portable 386

Compaq's second-generation 80386 portable provides power in a small package.

[author : Tom Thompson]

p.143 The IBM PS/2 Model 80

A tower of power from IBM.

[author : Curtis Franklin Jr. and Richard Grehan]

p.153 Acer 1100 and Micro 1 386+

Two 80386 personal computers that combine power and affordability.

[author : Ed McNierney]

p.161 80286 Accelerators

Eleven products from three categories: replacement, switcher, and multiprocessor boards.

[author : Raymond GA Cote]

p.169 BIX Product Focus: Accelerator Boards

BIX users talk about what they want from accelerator boards (and accelerator-board manufacturers).

[author : Curtis Franklin Jr.]

p.177 Accelerator Boards for the Macintosh SE

Two 68020 plug-in boards that enhance the capabilities of the Mac SE.

[author : Laurence H. Loeb]

p.180 Traveling Modems

These two units pack all the standard features in a very small size.

[author : Pete White]

p.187 Three FORTRAN 77 Compilers

These compilers bring mainframe features to 8086-and 80286-based microcomputers.

[author : David W. Burleigh]

p.196 High C 386

A C compiler for the 80386 world.

[author : Matt Trask]

p.205 ANSYS-PC/Linear and MSC/pal2

Two finite-element programs for the IBM PC.

[author : Nicholas M. Baran]

p.212 Master Tracks Pro MIDI Sequencer

A MIDI-based music sequencer for the Macintosh.

[author : Donald Swearingen]

p.216 WordCruncher

A text-retrieval program that rivals the mainframes'.

[author : Rubin Rabinovitz]


p.225 Computing at Chaos Manor: On the Road to Karlsruhe

A trip to Germany gives a new hard disk portable its first road test.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.241 Applications Only: Split Decisions

Mixed feelings about word processors.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]

p.249 IN DEPTH: Workstation Technology

p.250 Introduction

p.251 A World of Workstations

An overview of the current crop of workstations.

[author : Phillip Robinson]

p.261 Workstation Resource Guide

p.265 Comparison of Windowing Systems

A look at four leading systems-two kernel-based and two networked-based.

[author : Hal L. Stern]

p.275 PHIGS: Programmer's Hierarchical Interactive Graphics Standard

Providing a common base for graphics hardware and applications program developers.

[author : Martin Plaehn]

p.291 Distributed Processing: The State of the Art

A look at two experimental operating systems : Carnegie-Mellon's MACH and Stanford's V.

[author : W. Anthony Mason]


p.303 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Circuit Cellar IC Tester, Part 1: Hardware

This versatile tester can save you hours of troubleshooting.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.317 Focus on Algorithms: Spraying and Smudging

Algorithms of interest for simulating the act of freehand painting.

[author : Dick Pountain]

p.325 Recursion + Data Structures = Anagrams

Careful data-structure design can lead to considerable improvements in the performance of your programs.

[author : Mike Morton]

p.339 A Fast CRC

A table-lookup algorithm for calculating the XMODEM CRC.

[author : Jerry LeVan]

p.345 The Turing Machine

The TM is simple enough to describe on a single sheet of paper, yet it can mimic a modern computer.

[author : Isaac Malitz]

p.363 A C Interface

Easy access to the ANSI device services.

[author : Don F. Ridgway]


p.6 Editorial: BYTE Gets Ready for 1988

p.11 Microbytes

p.18 Letters and Review Feedback

p.33 Chaos Manor Mail

p.38 (p.36) Ask BYTE

p.40 (p.38) Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.51 Book Reviews

p.410 Coming Up in BYTE

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