Vol.12 n°10 september 1987

Vol.12 n°10 september 1987

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p.101 A Programmer's Introduction to OS/2

Writing your first OS/2 application.

[author : Ray Duncan]

p.110 The New Generation: A Closer Look

Some surprises about the relative speeds of 80386 and 68020 machines.

[author : Richard Grehan]

p.115 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Circuit Cellar AT Computer, Part 1: AT Basics

A faster, smaller, and more efficient 100 percent compatible AT CPU board.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.123 Programming Project: Crafting Reusable Software in Modula-2

Careful program design results in safe, reusable program libraries.

[author : Hanna Oktaha and René Berber]

p.129 Programming Insight: Teaching Old Screens New Tricks

Create fancy screen displays for your homegrown programs.

[author : Michael J. Sorens]

p.137 Constructing an Associative Memory

This nonlinear neural network runs on your PC.

[author : Bart Kosko]

p.146 Karmarkar's Algorithm

A method for solving large linear programming problems.

[author : Andrew M. Rockett and John C. Stevenson]

p.161 THEME: Printer Technologies

p.162 Introduction

p.163 Color Printing

If the growth of color printing has been slower than expected, it isn't for lack of technologies.

[author : Naomi M. Luft]

p.177 Vector-to-Raster Algorithms

Disguising vector information as raster data.

[author : Dick Pountain]

p.187 Page Printers

[author : Rick Cook]

New developments will help reduce cost and improve resolution.

p.199 Print Quality

Rating printer technologies requires a set of objective definitions for print quality.

[author : Lars Jansson]

p.209 Engineering Close-Ups : Taming the Hot Heads

Using CAD to design more efficient print heads.

[author : Keith B. Davenport]

p.215 Matrix-Line Printing

This alternative to a serial moving-head design uses an eight-inch-wide bank of print hammers.

[author : Mark Hohneker]

p.221 Color Thermal-Transfer Printing

This process is simple in principle but challenging in its implementation.

[author : Julio Guardado]

p.225 Designing a High-Speed Page Printer Controller

[author : Phil Ellison]

This design proves that the controller doesn't have to bottleneck the printing system.

p.229 Strip-Buffer vs. Full-Page Bit-Map Imaging

[author : Bert Douglas]

This approach minimizes memory requirements .


p.236 Reviewer's Notebook

[author : Cathryn Baskin]

p.239 The Kaypro 386

This machine delivers two to three times the performance of the IBM PC AT.

[author : Ray Duncan]

p.245 Mail-Order Performance

The Proteus-286GT from Proteus Technology and the GV-286 from PC Designs.

[author : Frederick D. Davis]

p.253 The NEC MultiSpeed

An inexpensive portable with a fast microprocessor.

[author : David Satz]

p.257 The Micro Clipper Graphics Subsystem

This two-board subsystem provides enhanced graphics for PC-based CAD systems.

[author : Charles Weston]

p.263 PC-MOS/386

An 80386 operating system that combines multitasking, advanced task communications, and PC-DOS compatibility.

[author : Richard Grehan]

p.266 Actor 1.0

A fast, memory-efficient alternative to Smalltalk.

[author : Leonard Moskowitz]

p.269 ALS Prolog

A Prolog compiler that acts like an interpreter.

[author : Alex Lane]

p.277 Benchmarking dBASE III Compilers

Offerings from Nantucket, Wordtech Systems, and Fox Software.

[author : Malcolm C. Rubel]

p.281 DESQview 2.00

Windows, concurrent processing, virtual memory , and more.

[author : John McCormick]

p.287 KERNEL

p.289 Computing at Chaos Manor: In the Chips

Fast Kat becomes even faster.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.307 Applications Only: Potpourri

Ezra looks at a database, a telecommunications package, and more.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]


p.285 From BIX

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p.6 Editorial : Mere Conservatism or Fear, Uncertainty ,and Doubt?

p.12 Letters and Review Feedback

p.28 Chaos Manor Mail

p.37 Microbytes

p.45 What's New

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p.68 Ask BYTE

p.72 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.81 Book Reviews

p.378 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

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p.317 Apple

p.318 Macintosh

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