Vol.12 n°6 june 1987

Vol.12 n°6 june 1987

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p.100 First Impressions: The IBM PS/2 Computers

The Personal System/2-including a 32/16-bit bus, new operating systems, and new graphics systems-redefines IBM's microcomputer standards.

[author : the BYTE Editorial Staff]

p.116 Product Description: Microsoft's New DOS

With OS/2, Microsoft makes a break for the future while remaining true to the past.

[author : Eva White and Richard Grehan]

p.129 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build a Gray-Scale Video Digitizer, Part 2

An imaging system with remarkable features for the price.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.143 Programming Project: A Contouring Subroutine

Use this BASIC program to represent any three-dimensional surface on a flat plane.

[author : Paul D. Bourke]

p.155 Programming Insight: Polynomial Curve Fitter

This BASIC program finds a polynomial function to fit a set of data points.

[author : William G. Hood]

p.161 68000 Machines: Atari 520ST Projects

An interface board for the Atari ST cartridge port.

[author : Tim G. Hunkler]

THEME: Computer-Aided Design

p.173 Introduction

p.177 Data Structures in CAD Software

A description of image types and their computer representation.

[author : Larry Pfortmiller]

p.187 The CADcompiler

A logic design tool with a twist.

[author : Arthur W. Crooke]

p.199 Computer-Aided Routing of Printed Circuit Boards

An examination of Lee's Algorithm and possible improvements.

[author : Stephen E. Belter]

p.209 IGES

One answer to the problems of CAD database exchange.

[author : Ralph J. Mayer]

p.217 CAD for Building Chips

Silicon compilers and the automated building of VLSI circuits.

[author : Steve Trimberger and Jim Rowson]


p.227 Reviewer's Notebook

[author : Cathryn Baskin]

p.229 Beyond Turbo

Two 12-MHz machines from PC ' s Limited and Wells American.

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.235 Turbo-Amiga

An Amiga peripheral that's more like a high-performance clone.

[author : Warren Block]

p.238 Pick of the Litter

An overview of eight computer mice.

[author : William H. Murray and Chris H. Pappas]

p.245 Four C Language Interpreters

Run/C, Run/C Professional, C-terp, and Instant-C .

[author : John Unger]

p.250 Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit

Pull-down menus, multitasking, device independence, and more.

[author : David and Lee Hart]

p.256 Smalltalk/V Release 1.2

Inexpensive object-oriented programming for the IBM PC and compatibles.

[author : Mat Davis]

p.265 Acquaint

A frame-based, knowledge-development system and expert-system tool.

[author : Ernest R. Tello]

p.272 Zoomracks II

This text-database manager features a unique visual interface.

[author : Tyler Sperry]


p.281 Computing at Chaos Manor: Puttering with Yin and Yang

Short-shrift time prompts a look at several products.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.297 According to Webster: Processor Wars

Bruce considers the new Macs, the Access 386, and Professional Pascal.

[author : Bruce Webster]

p.317 Focus on Algorithms: Run-Length Encoding

This column premieres with a look at the simplest algorithm for compressing data.

[author : Dick Pountain]

p.321 Applications Only: AI, AI,Oh!

VP-Expert is an inexpensive expert-system program that actually works.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]


p.6 Editorial: Liberation and Fragmentation

p.16 Letters and Review Feedback

p.32 Chaos Manor Mail

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p.45 What's New

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p.68 Ask Byte

p.74 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.81 Book Reviews

p.378 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

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p.325 Macintosh

p.332 Atari ST

p.334 Amiga


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