Vol.12 n°3 march 1987

Vol.12 n°3 march 1987

p.2 Contents


p.82 Introduction

p.84 Product Preview: The Commodore A2000

The new Amiga features slots and optional PC compatibility.

[author : Gregg Williams, Tom Thompson, and Richard Crehan]

p.101 Product Preview: Turbo BASIC

Turbo BASIC is Borland International's answer to Microsoft BASIC. It offers 8087 compatibility, fast and versatile compilation, recursion. and it's BASICA-compatible.

[author : George A. Stewart]

p.113 Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build a Trainable Infrared Master Controller

This device can control all your home entertainment equipment.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.127 Programming Insight: Building a Random-Number Generator

The authors present a Pascal routine for very-long-cycle random-number sequences.

[author : Brian Wichmann and David Hill]

p.129 Programming Project: Installing Memory-Resident Programs with C

Use C programs to extend DOS.

[author : Brian Edginton]

THEME: Image Processing

p.140 Introduction

p.143 Probing Space by Camera

Image processing began as a spin-off from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

[author : Ken Sheldon]

p.151 Digital Image Processing in Art Conservation

Digital image processing enables a research team to peer below the surface of the Mona Lisa and trace the painting's evolution.

[author : John F Asmus]

p.169 Introduction to Image Processing Algorithms

The author describes a generic image processing system that you can assemble and use to implement some algorithms.

[author : Benjamin M. Dawson]

p.191 Low-Cost Image Processing

You can build an inexpensive but powerful image processing workstation around the Amiga.

[author : Charles McManis]

p.197 PreScript

This proposed standard would streamline the process of capturing and manipulating image data.

[author : Ken Sheldon]


p.204 Introduction

p.207 Reviewer's Notebook

[author : Cathryn Baskin]

p.209 A Trio of 8-MHz PC AT Compatibles

Three machines that vary in options, software, and price.

[author : Stan Miastkowski]

p.215 AT&T's TrueVision Image Processing System

This system lets you capture, digitize, and manipulate real-time images.

[author : Robert Tinney]

p.217 Four Laser Printers

Offerings from Canon, BDS, Quadram, and QMS.

[author : Arthur Little]

p.223 PC Scheme: A Lexical LISP

An implementation of Scheme for IBM PC compatibiles.

[author : William G. Wong]

p.226 Concurrent PC DOS

Support for multiple programs and external terminals.

[author : Wayne Rash Jr.]

p.228 Wendin's Operating System Toolbox

Help for creating your own operating system.

[author : Jason Levitt]

p.235 PFS: First Choice

Word processing, a spreadsheet, telecommunications, and file management.

[author : Larry D. Allen]

p.237 WriteNow for the Macintosh

A word processor that picks up where MacWrite left off.

[author : Mick O'Neil]

p.238 CAD-3D

Three-dimensional modeling for the Atari ST.

[author : Rusel DeMaria]

p.244 Review Feedback

Readers respond to previous reviews.


p.248 Introduction

p.251 Computing at Chaos Manor: The Curse of Chaos Manor

A lack of working computers gave Jerry an especially chaotic month.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.271 Applications Only : Status Report

Ezra reveals his biases by mentioning which products he uses regularly.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]

p.279 BYTE U.K.: Taking Control

Dick plays with three systems that let a microcomputer control events in the real world.

[author : Dick Pountain]

p.291 According to Webster: Amiga Developers Conference.

New products and books lor the Amiga are appearing.

[author : Bruce Webster]


p.311 Amiga

p.316 Atari ST

p.324 IBM PC and Compatibles

p.330 Apple II/Macintosh

p.340 BASIC

p.344 Pascal


p.6 Editorial: The Enigma of the Amiga 2000

p.9 Microbytes

p.16 Letters

p.29 What's New

p.49 Events and Clubs

p.52 Ask BYTE

p.58 Circuit Cellar Feedback

p.67 Book Reviews

p.301 Chaos Manor Mail

p.400 BOMB and Coming Up in BYTE

p.401 Ediiorial Index by Company

p.403 Reader Service


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