Vol.9 n°3 march 1984

Vol.9 n°3 march 1984

p.2 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.28 Build a Third-Generation Phonetic Speech Synthesizer

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

The latest development in phonetic speech synthesis is the Silicon Systems SSI263 chip.

p.47 User's Column: New Machines, Networks, and Sundry Software

Chaos Manor is inundated with new computers.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.81 BYTE West Coast: A First Look at Dayflo

A free-form database gets you closer to your ideas.

[author : Ezra Shapiro]


p.93 Feigning Reality

This month's theme articles explore the use of software models to solve real-world problems.

[author : Art Little]

p.95 Computer Simulation: What It Is and How It's Done

An introduction to modeling and computer simulation as they apply to microcomputers.

[author : Richard Bronson]

p.106 Simulating Reality with Computer Graphics

One of the most intriguing branches of computer science promises to get even more exciting in the future.

[author : Peter R. Sørensen]

p.138 Simulation of Weighted Voting: The Banzhaf Index

In choosing and electing candidates, sometimes a small political party has the greatest influence.

[author : Philip A. Schrodt]

p.157 Queue Simulation

A microcomputer can help you manage waiting lines.

[author : E. Hart Rasmussen]

p.179 A Risky Business - An Introduction to Monte Carlo Venture Analysis

The author explains a simple method for analyzing business risks.

[author : Pat Macaluso]

p.194 Simulation and Graphics on Microcomputers

Some graphic examples may be worth a thousand words.

[author : Ronald R. Miller]

p.204 Going Further

A compendium of conferences, organizations, books, and software for microcomputer simulationists.

[author : Charles A. Pratt]


p.213 Reviewer's Notebook

BYTE's product-review editor comments briefly on the Wang Professional Computer, DEC's Rainbow, and other systems.

[author : Rich Malloy]

p.214 Compupro's System 816/C and System 68K - the Two and Only

Compupro's new reversibles are 8085/8088 on one side and 68000 on the other.

[author : Ed Teja]

p.224 Microsoft Flight Simulator

Even experienced pilots should find this program useful and challenging.

[author : Stan Miastkowski]

p.236 The Eagle PC

A clone with a few improvements and a few mistakes.

[author : Tom Wadlow]

p.246 STSC APL* Plus and IBM PC APL: Two APLs for the IBM PC

The IBM version of APL is simpler and more conservatively designed; the STSC version is more powerful and more expensive.

[author : Jacques Bensimon]

p.268 Chalk Board's Powerpad and Leonardo's Library

A new large touch panel for the Atari 400/800, the Commodore 64, and the Apple II comes with a wide selection of software.

[author : Elaine Holden]

p.274 Simulated Computer II

A graphic demonstration of how a microprocessor operates is also an easy introduction to assembly language.

[author : Richard Grehan]

p.282 Bank Street Writer

This word processor is simple enough for children but powerful enough for many adult writers.

[author : Mario Pagnoni]

p.288 SPOC: The Chess Master

A close look at a significant chess program for the IBM PC.

[author : Emil Flock and Jonathan Silverman]

p.296 M.U.L.E.

Beneath its clever packaging lies a fascinating economic simulation.

[author : Gene Smarte]

p.301 The Witness

A murder-mystery game for detectives whose business is trouble.

[author : Dennis Barker]


p.306 The Tandy TRS-80 Model 2000: A Powerful New MS-DOS Machine

Performance advantages and an attractive price will make this 80186-based machine the new Tandy standard-bearer.

[author : Rich Malloy]

p.320 A Closer Look at the IBM PCjr

Two BYTE editors compare the PCjr to the PC and evaluate its performance and expandability

[author : G. Michael Vose and Richard S. Shuford]

p.336 The Japan Shows: An Update on the Japanese Computing Scene

NEC introduces an impressive 16-bit computer, and Canon shows a remarkable, inexpensive laser printer.

[author : Richard Willis]

p.352 The User Goes to COMDEX, 1983

Sorting through a plethora of booths and products, Jerry manages to find some worthwhile merchandise.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.371 Pascal's Design Flaws: Modula-2 Solutions and Pascal Patches

The authors look at seven subtle problems with Pascal and how Modula-2 avoids them.

[author : Mark C. Johnson and Allen Munro]

p.393 Trademarking Software Packages

Trademark clearance can prevent litigation and loss of hard-earned goodwill.

[author : Robert Greene Sterne and Perry J. Saidman]

p.400 An EPROM Simulator

[author : Albert S. Woodhull]

This versatile project includes battery backup.

p.411 Simulation with Electronic Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet programs make a career change.

[author : Art Matheny]


p.4 Editorial: Where BYTE Is Going


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p.418 BYTE's User to User

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p.438 Event Queue

p.458 Clubs and Newsletters

p.462 Software Received

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p.541 Unclassified

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