Vol.8 n°9 september 1983

Vol.8 n°9 september 1983

p.2 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.33 Computing on the Run

Incorporating new design concepts, innovative hardware, and easy-to-use software, portable computers are proof that you can take it with you. This month's theme articles and reviews explore the issues that affect the portable marketplace, the advances in technology, and some of the latest models.

[author : Stanley J. Wszola]

p.34 How to Choose a Portable

You're sure you want one, but which one? With at least 50 models to choose from, deciding on a portable is no easy matter. This article and the accompanying computer comparison table will help you make an informed choice.

[author : Stanley J. Wszola]

p.51 High-IQ Modems

The more intelligent the modem, the more it can disappear into the background of your computer system and provide unattended communications capability

[author : Stephen Durham]

p.66 Developing a Truly Portable Visicalc

Hewlett-Packard's adaptation of Visicorp's popular electronic-spreadsheet program for its HP-7S portable computer doesn't sacrifice the program's compatibility with other Visicalc products.

[author : William T. Johnson]

p.80 The Gavilan - A Full-Function Portable Computer

The machine's designer details the evolution of this completely self-contained system with integrated software.

[author : F. John Zepecki]

p.94 Inside CMOS Technology

An overview of how complementary metal-oxide semiconductor memory chips are manufactured and a look at three of them - Intel's 80C51, National Semiconductor's NSC800, and CMOS dynamic RAM.

[author : Martin B. Pawloski, Tony Moroyan, and Joe Altnether]

p.127 The Challenge of Hard-Disk Portability

How one hard-disk-drive manufacturer worked around the problems of designing a removable hard disk.

[author : David A. Sutton]

p.139 The Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100

This powerful portable with its built-in, well-integrated software is just what the author ordered.

[author : Mahlon G. Kelly]

p.166 The New Microfloppy Standards

From the beginning, size has been a bone of contention among microfloppy-disk manufacturers. In today's marketplace, the 3½-inch disk has emerged as the de facto standard.

[author : Thomas Jarrett]


p.178 The HP-75 Portable Computer

Hewlett-Packard's entry into the mid-priced portable computer fray offers powerful real-time scheduling capabilities

[author : Rowland Archer Jr.]

p.188 The Access Portable Computer

This portable comes with a host of software and practically all the hardware you'll ever need.

[author : Terry Kepner]

p.193 Epson's HX-20 and Texas Instruments' CC-40

The HX-20 offers an integrated microcassette and printer. So far, the CC-40 doesn't fulfill its potential; it lacks peripherals and software.

[author : David Ramsey]

p.208 The Pied Piper Portable Computer

[author : Seth P. Bates]

Because it does not include a monitor, this low-cost Z80 computer makes lightweight portability possible.

p.212 The Kaypro II

A complete system that offers dependable hardware and extensive software, the Kaypro II is a practical solution for many applications.

[author : Roger Fager and John Bohr]

p.226 The Corona Portable

This reasonably priced system with its eye-catching display offers stiff competition to other IBM PC-compatible machines.

[author : Rich Malloy]


p.20 Build the Micro D-Cam Solid-State Video Camera, Part I: The IS32 Optic RAM and the Micro D-Cam Hardware

A 64K-bit dynamic RAM chip is the visual sensor in this digital image camera.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.230 A Report on the Consumer Electronics Show

Coleco's Adam dominated the summer CES in Chicago, but that wasn't all the exhibition offered. Our West Coast Bureau Chief surveyed the scene.

[author : Phil Lemmons]

p.233 The Next Five Years In Microcomputers

Our prescient user forecasts the trends that will influence the microcomputer industry over the next five years.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.246 The Second BYTE Games Contest Winners

This year's competition turned up five outstanding diversions: a tank-versus-tank battle, an arcade-style chase that takes place on a moving·barbecue grill, a simulated juggling game, a maze-and-dots game, and a survival strategy challenge.

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.250 Update on Personal Computing In Japan

At the Japan Microcomputer Show '83 in Tokyo, notebook-size and hand-held computers were the center of attraction.

[author : Phil Lemmons]

p.257 The Unix Tutorial, Part 2: Unix as an Applications-Programs Base

Make Unix more useful from both a user-interface and an applications perspective.

[author : David Fiedler]

p.283 BYTE West Coast: Just Rewards for Programmers

Some programmers have superstar status. while others crank out code for a weekly paycheck. What's an enterprising programmer to do? .

[author : Barbara Robertson]

p.289 A C Language Primer, Part 2: Tool Building In C

In this second and finat part, the author explains how code can be packaged into a general-purpose function and employed in solving more than one problem.

[author : James Joyce]

p.307 User's Column: Eagles, Text Editors, New Compliers, and Much More

Jerry turns his eye to eclectic subjects.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.331 The IBM PC and the Intel 8087 Coprocessor, Part 2: Interfacing to IBM Pascal

The 8087 Numeric Data Processor can speed up most Pascal programs by a factor of three.

[author : Tim Field]

p.356 Echonet, Part 1: A Flexible Programming System

This interactive system lets you link programs in countless combinations to create larger, more complex programs.

[author : C. Bradford Barber]

p.376 Data File Management Methods

A simple data file management system will help you organize your files with minimal maintenance.

[author : Robert B. Johnson]

p.385 An Introduction to Layered Protocols

Once you understand layered protocols, you can evaluate network architectures of data-communications products.

[author : Michael Witt]

p.411 Does Your Printer Work with Wordstar?

How to get around the compatibility problems that arise from using the popular word-processing program with your IBM Pc.

[author : Charles Stephenson]

p.419 In-Circuit Emulation for the Apple II Computer

Adding a simple circuit converts your Apple into a host for testing a target system's hardware and software.

[author : John D. Ferguson]

p.445 Add Multiple Tasks to Your Communication and Control Program

By using a compact set of routines called a multitask kernel, you can handle several tasks concurrently.

[author : Jerry Holter]

p.549 An Operations Research Scheduling Program

A scheduling algorithm can help you determine the best sequence for processing a set of disparate tasks.

[author : Walter A. Stark Jr. and Richard A. Reid]


p.4 Editorial: The FAA and Portables


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p.403 Programming Quickie: Cipher via Computer: The One-time Pad

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