Vol.8 n°8 august 1983

Vol.8 n°8 august 1983

p.2 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.46 The C Language

Designed to make programs portable, fast, and compact. C is the language of choice for many programmers. This month's theme articles survey the reasons why.

[author : Bruce Roberts]

p.48 The C Language and Models for Systems Programming

A happy medium between low- and high-level languages, C provides a model for efficient programming.

[author : Stephen C. Johnson and Brian W. Kernighan]

p.64 A C Language Primer, Part 1: Constructs and Conventions

A guided tour through Cs keywords and functions.

[author : James Joyce]

p.82 Comparing C Compilers for CP/M-86

A look at which compilers for CP/M-86 systems are best suited to particular purposes, most cost-effective, and easiest to use.

[author : Jerry Houston, Jim Brodrick, and Les Kent]

p.110 Five C Compilers for CP/M-80

[author : Christopher O. Kern]

How C compilers for the CP/M-80 operating system stack up.

p.134 Nine C Compilers for the IBM PC

A discriminating look at the C compilers available for this lucrative software market.

[author : Ralph A. Phraner]

p.172 Managing Software Development with C

Choosing a good programming environment can affect programming ease and code quality more than you might imagine.

[author : Jason Linhart]

p.186 The Unix Tutorial, Part 1: An Introduction to Features and Facilities

An overview of Bell Laboratories' Unix operating system and its toolbox of utilities.

[author : David Fiedler]

p.212 A Survey of C and Unix Resources

A guide to materials, courses, and on-line instruction in C.

[author : Walter Zintz]

p.222 What Is a Software Tool?

How to use Unix and C to design programs that in turn will help you to design other programs.

[author : Rebecca Thomas]

p.243 The Unix C Compiler in a CP/M Environment

A look at how compatible the standard C compiler is when it's used under CP/M.

[author : Matthew Halfant]

p.268 Annotated C: A Bibliography of the C Language

Where to find books, articles, and reviews on C. Features

[author : Terry A. Ward]

p.36 Build a Power-Line Carrier-Current Modem

Now your computer can communicate over electrical power wiring.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.286 Chisel Your Code with a Profiler

Execute compiler programs at the rate of assembly-language programs, but at a fraction of the effort and cost.

[author : Dennis Leas and Paul Wintz]

p.292 A New Shape Subroutine for the Apple

A flicker-free animation scheme for the Apple II.

[author : Richard T. Simoni Jr.]

p.312 The Debate Goes On ...

Jerry looks at programming languages, from APL to Modula-2.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.331 The IBM PC and the Intel 8087 Coprocessor, Part 1: Overview and Floating-Point Assembly-Language Support

This software utility makes it easy to add powerful floating-point, integer, and BCD arithmetic operations from assembly language.

[author : Tim Field]

p.386 Curious Coordinates for Computer Graphics

Cartesian coordinates are not always the best choice for all plotting tasks.

[author : Roger Millikan]

p.401 BYTE West Coast: The Future of Software Design

Microsoft's chairman of the board analyzes today's software issues and predicts the directions software will take tomorrow.

[author : William Gates]

p.404 The 8086-An Architecture for the Future, Part 3: Instruction Set Continued

In the last article of this series, the author discusses program transfers, string manipulations, and processor-control instructions.

[author : Stephen A. Heywood]

p.434 User's Column: Epson QX-10, Zenith Z-29, CP/M-68K, and More

Our resident user reviews new products and answers some old mail.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.456 Voice Lab, Part 2, Menu-Driven Routines for Digital Speech Synthesis and Analysis

Modular routines are well suited to speech synthesis and analysis.

[author : John E. Hoot]

p.477 Help In Apple III Pascal

Adding on-line instructions that will come to your aid anywhere in application software.

[author : AI Evans]


p.4 Editorial: DEC IBM, and Athena


p.10 Letters

p.378 Programming Quickie: A Cross-Reference Utility for IBM PC BASIC

p.394 Technical Forum: A Gauss-Jordan Elimination Method Program

p.430 Book Reviews: CBASIC User Guide : An Assembly Language Course

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