Vol.8 n°3 march 1983

Vol.8 n°3 march 1983

p.3 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.26 Build the ECM-103, an Originate/Answer Modem

The Texas Instruments TMS99532 forms the heart of a Bell-103-compatible modem.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.34 The Enhanced VIC-20, Part 2: Adding a 3K-Byte Memory Board

Supplement the VIC-20's standard 5K bytes of RAM and eliminate those annoying "out-of-memory" messages.

[author : Joel Swank]

p.44 A User's View of COMDEX

An impressionistic report of one of the largest gatherings of computer dealers and manufacturers.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.56 The Promise of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording

As the Japanese seem to have realized already. PMR represents the next level of recording technology.

[author : Clark E. Johnson Jr.]

p.68 New Developments In Floppy Disks

New advances in floppy-disk-drive technology spurs intense competition.

[author : Tom Moran]

p.86 Optical-Memory Media

Some background on how optical disks work, who makes them, and how much data they can hold.

[author : Edward Rothchild]

p.110 Will Removable Hard Disks Replace the Floppy?

Improved data-storage technologies may eventually eliminate floppy disks.

[author : Larry Sarisky]

p.122 The Winchester Odyssey, From Manufacturer to User

A look at drives, OEMs, and the cost of doing business.

[author : Jim Toreson]

p.130 Building a Hard-Disk Interface for an S-100 Bus System, Part 1: Introduction

The first in a series of articles on interfacing a Winchester disk drive to an S-100 bus CP/M microcomputer.

[author : Andrew C. Cruce and Scott A. Alexander]

p.152 NAPLPS: A New Standard for Text and Graphics, Part 2: Basic Features

How to encode text and simple graphics elements in a standard and efficient manner.

[author : Jim Fleming]

p.218 User's Column: Sage In Bloom, Zeke II, CBIOS Traps, Language Debate Continues

The·consummate computer user tackles his new writing machine.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.262 A Faster Binary Search

An important technique results in faster-running applications programs and shorter response times.

[author : Dr. L. E. Larson]

p.295 Data Collection with a Microcomputer

Using a TRS-80 Model I for environmental research saves time and money.

[author : Dr. Mahlon G. Kelly]

p.310 Build This Memory, Part 1: How to Construct a Low-cost Memory with 4116 Memory Devices

Take advantage of the low price of the 4116-type memory.

[author : Cameron Spitzer]

p.331 A Peek Into the IBM PC

An assembly-language program enables an Epson printer to display all 256 characters used by the IBM PC.

[author : Tim Field]

p.389 Keywords In a Fuzzy Context

CBASIC programs for bibliographic search tell you the degree to which various articles meet your requirements.

[author : Thomas A. Smith]

p.418 ROTERP: An Interpretive Language for Robot Control

High-level languages may help bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and the home experimenter's robot.

[author : Gary Liming]

p.436 Using SOUND Arguments for High-Precision RTTY

How to generate radioteletype audio frequencies from an Atari 800.

[author : Scott Persson]

p.453 Binary-Format Number Storage on the Apple II Disk

A machine-language routine to read and write binary data to a text file.

[author : David Eyes]


p.190 MP/M II

[author : Stephen Schmitt]

p.247 BYTE Game Grid: Project Nebula

[author : Keith Carlson]

p.248 Legionnaire

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.251 Omega Race for the VIC-20

[author : Stanley J. Wszola]

p.256 Quickcode

[author : Adam B. Green]

p.282 Hayes's Stack Smartmodem

[author : Norman C. McEntire]


p.6 Editorial: The Software Revolution: Where Will We Store All Those Programs?

p.14 Letters

p.22 BYTE's Bugs

p.307, 450 Programming Quickies: Add Dimensions to Your BASIC; Computing Telescope Parameters with the OSI Superboard II

p.380, 462 System Notes: Circles and Ellipses on the Apple II; Adding a Trace to North Star BASIC

p.474 Event Queue

p.478, 486 BYTE's Bits

p.484 Software Received

p.487 Ask BYTE

p.490 Books Received

p.491 Clubs and Newsletters


p.497 What's New?

p.557 Unclassified Ads

p.558 BOMB, BOMB Results

p.559 Reader Service

In This Issue

Sophisticated new operating systems and multitasking software promise to alter significantly the way we use personal computers. Because of the farge memory requirements of the new software, we're sure to see changes for the better in the nature of external storage devices. New technologies for mass storage will become even more critical as the software revolution continues to escalate. As Robert Tinney's cover suggests, personal computers will need a large quantity of high-speed mass storage to hold all the software and other data that we'll generate. Our theme articles address the latest developments in mass storage. Clark E. Johnson Jr. discusses "The Promise of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording;" Tom Moran looks at "New Developments in Floppy Disks," Edward Rothchild writes about "Optical-Memory Media," Larry Sarisky explores the question "Will Removable Hard Disks Replace the Floppy?" Jim Toreson concentrates on "The Winchester Odyssey," and in the first of a three-part series Andrew C. Cruce and Scott A Alexander discuss "Building a Hard-Disk Interface for an S-100 Bus System." Plus we have part 2 of "NAPLPS, A New Standard for Text and Graphics," the second installment in the VIC-20 series, "Adding a 3K-Byte Memory Board," a review of MP/M II from Digital Research, and BYTE's Game Grid. Steve Ciarcia tells you how to "Build the ECM-103, an Originate/Answer Modem," and more.