Vol.8 n°2 february 1983

Vol.8 n°2 february 1983

p.3 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.33 The Lisa Computer System

State-of-the-art hardware and software are combined in this new machine that literally anyone can use.

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.54 Build a Handheld LCD Terminal

A single-line display is quite adequate for many troubleshooting and monitoring applications.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.68 Apple's Enhanced Computer: The Apple IIe

For about the same price as the II, the IIe gives you a variety of exciting new features and capabilities.

[author : Robin Moore]

p.90 An Interview with Wayne Rosing, Bruce Daniels, and Larry Tesler

Three key members of Apple's engineering staff discuss the development of the Lisa computer system.

[author : Chris Morgan, Gregg Williams, and Phil Lemmons]

p.118 The Enhanced VIC-20, Part 1: Adding a Reset Switch

How to add a convenient feature to your VIC-20.

[author : Joel Swank]

p.130 The World of Standards

The process for producing American National Standards is full of checks and balances.

[author : Chuck Card, R. Donald Prigge, Josephine L. Walkowicz, and Marjorie F. Hill]

p.146 Welcome to the Standards Jungle

An in-depth look at the confusing world of computer connections.

[author : Ian H. Witten]

p.182 A Proposed Floppy-Disk Format Standard

A brief description of a proposed format that will allow you to interchange disks from several systems.

[author : Chuck Card]

p.194 The Proposed ANSI BASIC Standard

The committee asks for your opinion.

[author : Ronald Anderson]

p.203 NAPLPS: A New Standard for Text and Graphics, Part 1: Introduction, History, and Structure

A close look at an important and controversial new communications standard.

[author : Jim Fleming and William Frezza]

p.256 Realizing Graphics Standards for Microcomputers

Use of the Virtual Device Interface graphics system will make portable graphics application software possible.

[author : Fred E. Langhorst and Thomas B. Clarkson III]

p.272 The IEEE Standard for the S-100 Bus

Standardization helps manufacturers design compatible components independently.

[author : Mark Garetz]

p.314 Problem Oriented Language, Part 3: Assembling the Modules

The final segment of this article describes assembling the modules into a complete programming system.

[author : Mark Finger]

p.347 User's Column: Confessions, Pascal Prime, Wescon, and Perfect Writer

Our resident critic comments on Wescon and text editors.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.392 Shape-Table Graphics for the TRS-80

Draw complex shapes with a single command.

[author : Dan Rollins]

p.452 Passing Untyped Parameters In UCSD Pascal

An assembler-language function and a "trick" combine in a parameter-passing method.

[author : Eliakim Willner]

p.458 A Terminal Program for the TRS-80 Model III

A world of information is just a phone call away.

[author : Ralph L. James]


p.302 The Scribble Text Processor

[author : Christopher O. Kern]

p.366 LDOS Utilities

[author : Tim Daneliuk]


p.6 Editorial: Standards: The Love/Hate Relationship

p.14 Letters

p.28, 127, 370, 433, 441 BYTE's Bits

p.370, 374 Book Reviews: 68000 Assembly Language Programming; A Practical Introduction to Computer Graphics

p.371 Technical Forum: The Magic of the Monte Carlo Method

p.378 System Notes: A High-Resolution Analog-to-Digital Converter for the TRS-80


p.434 Event Queue

p.441 Books Received

p.442 Ask BYTE

p.444 Clubs and Newsletters

p.446 Software Received

p.468 What's New?

p.525 Unclassified Ads

p.526 BOMB. BOMB Results

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In This Issue

Microcomputer enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the release of Apple's new machines, the Lisa and the IIe (featured in our cover photo by Mike Blake). Officially announced on January 19, these computers, especially the Lisa, are big news. Rumors have been rife about Apple's new products for quite a while, but now the speculation has come to an end and BYTE features three exclusive articles about them. Gregg Williams writes an in-depth description of "The Lisa Computer System," Robin Moore reviews "Apple's Enhanced Computer: The Apple IIe," and Chris Morgan, Gregg Williams, and Phil Lemmons interview three key members of the Lisa design team.

A boon to microcomputer users and a bane to many manufacturers, standards are a current hot topic within the computer industry. This month we feature several articles on the topic of standards, including "The IEEE Standard for the S-100 Bus" by Mark Garetz, "Realizing Graphics Standards for Microcomputers" by Fred E. Langhorst and Thomas B. Clarkson III, "A Proposed Floppy-Disk Format Standard" by Chuck Card, and part I of "NAPLPS: A New Standard for Text and Graphics" by Jim Fleming and William Frezza. Also featured this month: Steve Ciarcia tells how to "Build a Handheld LCD Terminal," Jerry Pournelle writes about "Confessions, Pascal Prime, Wescon, and Perfect Writer," and Joel Swank starts our new series on the Commodore VIC-20.