Vol.8 n°1 january 1983

Vol.8 n°1 january 1983

p.3 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.30 The Compaq Computer

The latest IBM-compatible microcomputer, this portable machine can run all IBM system software, and it costs less than the Personal Computer.

[author : Mark Dahmke]

p.40 Microcomputing, British Style

Our Senior Editor braved the crowds and the clamor of the fifth Personal Computer World Show to bring us this firsthand account.

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.54 Build the Circuit Cellar MPX-16 Computer System, Part 3

The final installment describes the design of the MPX-16, which is I/O compatible with the IBM Personal Computer.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.86 Heath's HER0-1 Robot

This microcomputer-controlled robot demonstrates the principles of automation and robotics.

[author : Steven Leininger]

p.100 IBM's "Secret" Computer: the 9000

IBM Instruments Inc. manufacturers a 68000-based instrumentation computer that could become a powerful business machine.

[author : Chris Morgan]

p.128 The Next Generation of Microprocessor

Before too long. integrated-circuit manufacturers will be marketing single-chip processors that directly implement high-level languages in hardware.

[author : Timothy Stryker]

p.152 Maximizing Power In Multiuser Architectures

A system design combines the advantages of a single-processor multiuser system with those of both loosely and tightly coupled networks.

[author : Mark Garetz]

p.166 Personal Computers In the Eighties

A recent study shows that the market potential for the next decade is enormous.

[author : Greggory S. Blundell]

p.186 Meet You at the Fair

A first-person report of the $ 12.5-million high-tech rock concert sponsored by Steve Wozniak.

[author : Philip A. Schrodt]

p.198 Public Key Cryptography

An introduction to a powerful cryptographic system for use on microcomputers.

[author : John Smith]

p.234 Atari Player-Missile Graphics In BASIC

The Atari computer offers a unique way to manipulate graphics in a BASIC program.

[author : Paul S. Swanson]

p.254 Problem Oriented Language, Part 2: Writing a Module

Develop a problem oriented program with simplified data input.

[author : Mark Finger]

p.283 Eratosthenes Revisited: Once More through the Sieve

A closer look at a benchmark prime-number program and various Pascal and C compilers.

[author : Jim Gilbreath and Gary Gilbreath]

p.371 Vector Graphics for the TRS-80

How to incorporate machine-language graphics into your BASIC programs.

[author : Dan Rollins]

p.396 Simulation of Simple Digital Logic through a Computer-Aided Design System

Computer-aided design for hobbyists.

[author : Robert McDermott]

p.418 User's Column: Burnouts, Bargains, and Two Sleek Portables

The tireless industry critic mourns Ezekial and seeks comfort from the exquisite Adelle, who happens to be an Otrona Attache.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]


p.110 Apple-Cat II

[author : James A. Pope]

p.330 Whitesmiths C Compiler

[author : Larry Reid and Andrew P. McKinlay]

p.346 Analyst and Qsort by Structured Systems Group

[author : Jack L. Abbott]

p.364 The Timex/Sinclair 1000

[author : Billy Garrett]

p.446 Supervyz and Organizr: Two Menu-Driven Front Ends for CP/M

[author : Christopher O. Kern]


p.6 Editorial: New Hardware

p.14 Letters

p.222, 381 System Notes: Exploring the Commodore VIC-20; Autograph: A Plotting Subroutine in TRS-80 Level II BASIC

p.272, 276, 386 Book Reviews: Teletext and Videotex in the United States; Structured Systems Programming; Silent Witness: A Novel of Computer Crime

p.387, 454 Programming Quickies: Another Binary to BCD Conversion Routine; High-Speed Pascal Text File I/O

p.386, 468, 475, 479, 485 BYTE's Bits

p.391 BYTE's Bugs


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p.470 Event Queue

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p.481 Ask BYTE

p.486 What's New?

p.541 Unclassified Ads

p.542 BOMB, BOMB Results

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p.4 In This Issue

The microcomputer industry is still moving along at a good clip. New and improved products proliferate and the battle for shelf space and consumers' cash is as heated as ever. This month we feature several of the latest offerings and look ahead at the shape of things to come. Showcased in our cover photo, by Paul Avis, are three such items: the Compaq computer, a portable unit that boasts complete compatibility with the IBM Personal Computer; the HERO-1 Robot from Heath Co., an educational device that demonstrates principles of automation and robotics; and the Epson QX-10/Valdocs System, a machine noteworthy for the way in which its software and hardware are integrated (for a product description see September 1982 BYTE, page 54). Chris Morgan describes "IBM's 'Secret' Computer: the 9000," Billy Garrett reviews "The Timex/Sinclair 1000," Timothy Stryker discusses "The Next Generation of Microprocessor," and Greggory S. Blundell looks at "Personal Computers in the Eighties." Gregg Williams reports on his recent trip to the Personal Computer World Show in London in "Microcomputing, British Style." Philip A. Schrodt gives us a first-person report of the U.S. Festival, a high-tech rock concert, in "Meet You at the Fair." Steve Garcia concludes his three-part article "Build the Circuit Cellar MPX-16 Computer System." Plus we have our regular features and reviews.