Vol.7 n°12 december 1982

Vol.7 n°12 december 1982

p.3 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.42 Build the Circuit Cellar MPX-16 Computer System, Part 2

A continued description of an 8088-based system that shares its principles of operation with the IBM Personal Computer.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.83 Game Plan 1982

A section devoted entirely to games and gaming begins here.

p.84 The Coinless Arcade - Rediscovered

With so many games available for microcomputers and cartridge systems, you can play forever.

[author : Pamela Clark and Gregg Williams]

p.92 The Vectrex Arcade System

A vector-display game system brings true arcade adventures into the home - all for less than $200.

[author : Pamela Clark]

p.94 Board to Death

Can you tell an Apple from a TRS-80 when they're stripped of their outer trappings? Find out by taking this quiz that tests your skill in recognizing printed-circuit boards.

p.96 Design Techniques and Ideals for Computer Games

Atari's prized and prolific creator of games discusses some of the special techniques he uses.

[author : Chris Crawford]

p.112 Charge!

A trajectory game that shoots electrons through stationary ions. It's the second-place winner in the BYTE Game Contest.

[author : C. Anthony Ray]

p.124 Cosmic Conquest

The first-place winner in the BYTE Game Contest is a realtime space strategy game.

[author : Alan Sartori-Angus]

p.142 BYTE Game Grid:

p.142 Ricochet

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.150 Action Games for the VIC-20

[author : Russell Kavanagh]

p.160 Deadline

[author : Chris Morgan]

p.162 Penetrator

[author : Stan Wszola]

p.167 Character Editor for the Atari

Explore the Atari's ANTIC 4 and 5 modes.

[author : Tim Kilby]

p.222 User's Column: A Slew of Languages, a Slap at Documentation, and a Curse at Keyboards

Unaccustomed as he is to voicing his opinions, Jerry drops just a few hints.

[author : Jerry Pournelle]

p.260 The Soundchaser Computer Music Systems

Two new synthesizers make headway in the evolutionary process toward the ultimate computer music system.

[author : Robert A. Moog]

p.278 A Brief Introduction to Electronic Music Synthesizers

Modern-day synthesizers are direct descendants of analog computers.

[author : Robert A. Moog]

p.288 The 8051 One-Chip Microcomputer: A Most Powerful Microcontroller

Hardware-intensive applications can show off the power of hardware.

[author : Howard Boyet and Ron Katz]

p.314 Problem Oriented Language, Part 1: A New Method of Input

Data entry can be shortened and simplified by using Problem Oriented Language.

[author : Mark Finger]

p.372 Practical Dynamic-Memory System Design

A straightforward look at design with dynamic devices.

[author : Rob Belics]

p.414 Test Your Memory Using the Barber-Pole Algorithm

Useful diagnostic information is not hard to obtain, as an example coded for the 8080 processor shows.

[author : H. R. Pinnick Jr.]

p.486 A Versatile Low-Cost Microprocessor Controller Module

Add intelligence to your latest project at minimal expense.

[author : David L. Craig]


p.206 Microshell and Unica: Unix-Style Enhancements for CP/M

[author : Christopher Kern]

p.250 Autocontrol's AC-85: A CP/M System on One Board

[author : joAnne Benedict]

p.392 Multidos: A New TRS-80 Disk Operating System

[author : Rowland Archer]

p.404 Condor Series 20 DBMS

[author : Jack L. Abbott]


p.6 Editorial: The Play's the Thing

p.14 Letters

p.38, 202 BYTE's Bits

p.182, 390 Product Description: Lotus Development Corporation's 1-2-3; The Lobo Max-80

p.202, 389 Book Reviews: PET/CBM BASIC; 8080/Z80 Assembly Language: Techniques for Improved Programming

p.389, 403 BYTE's Bugs

p.398, 448 System Notes: GRPRINT: An Apple Utility Program for Dot-Matrix Printers; A Little Apple SOS with Your Pascal


p.505 Clubs and Newsletters

p.506 Ask BYTE

p.508 Software Received

p.512 Books Received

p.514 Event Queue

p.518 Cumulative Index Update

p.532 What's New?

p.589 Unclassified Ad5

p.590 BOMB, BOMB Results

p.591 Reader Service

p.83 In This Issue

Video games are taking the country by storm, They provide thousands of youngsters and adults alike with hours of exciting play. Their attraction forms a complex web of challenge, high-speed action, and intrigue. Video games offer a temporary alternative to workaday problems and worries. And, as Robert Tinney's cover suggests, they transport you into another world. Swiftly moving out of the arcades and into the homes, video games for microcomputers have grown into a booming industry of their own, In keeping with this national game wave and the playful spirit of the holiday season, we have put together a section devoted exclusively to games (see page 83), Game Plan 1982 includes "The Coinless Arcade-Rediscovered" by Pamela Clark and Gregg Williams; reviews of four games in BYTE's new Game Grid; the first-and second-place Game Contest Winners, " Cosmic Conquest" by Alan Sartori-Angus and "Charge !" by C. Anthony Ray, respectively; an article by Chris Crawford of Atari on "Design Techniques and Ideals for Computer Games," a quiz called "Board to Death" that will test your skill in recognizing printed-circuit boards;, and more, We have our first annual update of the BYTE Cumulative Index, We present the second part of Steve Ciarcia's three-part article "Build the Circuit Cellar MPX-16 Computer System." Gregg Williams describes "Lotus Development Corporation's 1-2-3," And we have Jerry Pournelle's User's Column plus our regular features and reviews,