Vol.7 n°2 february 1982

Vol.7 n°2 february 1982

p.3 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.38 Build a Computerized Weather Station

An ambitious variation on a simple project to collect data on prevailing winds.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.72 A Homebrew Graphics Digitizer

Two potentiometers and an elegant mechanical device make an inexpensive digitizer.

[author : Neal Atkins and Enrique Castro-Cid]

p.91 The Atari Tutorial, Part 6: Atari BASIC

A better understanding of Atari BASIC will have you writing more powerful programs.

[author : Lane Winner]

p.122 The Input/Output Primer, Part 1: What Is I/O?

The first in a six-part input/output series that will explain the way computers talk with the world.

[author : Steve Leibson]

p.148 FIT - A Federal Income Tax Program in UCSD Pascal

This program will teach you some fine points of the Pascal language, and it may even save you money.

[author : Edward Heyman]

p.194 Build an EPROM Emulator

Dual-port memory can simplify software developments.

[author : Eric C. Rehnke]

p.212 Tax Tips for Computer Owners

A new law provides tax breaks if you use your computer for business.

[author : Melvyn Feuerman and Melvyn Moller]

p.225 A Guided Tour of Apple Pascal Units and Libraries

Creating new Pascal Units lets you add powerful features to the Apple II.

[author : Ross Tonkens]

p.258 Voice Synthesis for the Color Computer, Third in a Series

Explore digital recording and playback techniques for the Color Computer.

[author : William Barden, Jr.]

p.290 Pascal NOW, Let Pascal Balance Your NOW Account

Investigate some theoretical issues of data relationships within the context of an eminently practical program.

[author : Thomas E. Doyle]


p.32 The Flexibility of VisiPiot

[author : Robert E. Ramsdell]

p.204 Two Tax Aids

[author : Mary Jo Kvam]

p.219 Dithertizer II

[author : Joe Tomas]

p.252 Omniterm: Smart Terminal Program for the Eighties

[author : Bob Liddil]


p.6 Editorial: Report from COMDEX

p.18 Letters

p.216, 372 Book Reviews: Beyond Games: Systems Software for Your 6502 Personal Computer; How to Become a Successful Computer Consultant

p.248 Technical Forum: A Fast Approximation for Fast Fourier

p.327, 376 BYTE's Bugs


p.338 BYTE's Bits

p.340, 413 System Notes: 6809 Machine-Code Disassembler; Double-Width Silentype Graphics for Your Apple

p.365 Ask BYTE

p.373 Clubs and Newsletters

p.377 Event Queue

p.386 Software Received

p.387 Books Received

p.425 What's New?

p.478 Unclassified Ads

p.479 Reader Service

p.480 BOMB. BOMB Results

In This Issue

It's time again to start worrying about your annual accounting to Uncle Sam. April 15 is only two months away. And it's probably time you sat down to crunch out those numbers. As Robert Tinney's cover suggests, staying warm by your computer is an attractive alternative to braving the cold winter winds. To help ease the pain, we review two software packages designed specifically for computing taxes. If you have access to UCSD Pascal, Edward Heyman's federal income tax program can help you avoid overpayments and lost interest. In "Tax Tips for Computer Owners" Melvyn Feuerman and Melvyn Moiler discuss tax breaks for computer owners.

This month we begin another new series: The Input/Output Primer by Steve Leibson. The six-part tutorial will take you through computer interfacing from simple serial and parallel ports to IEEE-STD-488. The Atari Tutorial continues with a look at Atari BASIC. William Barden details an easy way to provide voice synthesis for the Color Computer. And Steve Ciarcia shows you how to build a computerized weather station that will talk to you.