Vol.6 n°12 december 1981

Vol.6 n°12 december 1981

p.3 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.36 The Coinless Arcade

With microcomputer games, you can have your fun and your quarters too.

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.42 Build a Touch Tone Decoder for Remote Control

Once you get your computer to answer the telephone and decode tone signals, you can use it for remote control.

[author : Steve Clarcia]

p.134 Color Computer from A to D, Make Your Color Computer "See" and "Feel" Better

Hardware and software projects to tie your Color Computer to the real world.

[author : William Barden Jr]

p.166 The Atari Tutorial, Part 4: Display-List Interrupts

How to get the most out of the Atari 400 and 800s color-graphics features.

[author : Chris Crawford]

p.190 How to Build a Maze

Generate unique random mazes for puzzles and games.

[author : David Matuszek]

p.198 Toward a Structured 6809 Assembly Language, Part 2: implementing a Structured Assembler

Implementing GOTO-less structure in an already existing language is easy with macroinstructions.

[author : Gregory Walker]

p.229 MIKBUG and the TRS-80, Part I: A Cross-Assembler for the Motorola 6800

A TRS-80 cross-assembler package for those who are tired of hand-assembling code and loading it two bytes at a time into MIKBUG.

[author : Robert Labenski]

p.258 What Makes Computer Games Fun?

Why the average outer-space game may be more educational than many classroom drill-and-practice programs.

[author : Thomas W Malone]

p.320 Computer Scrabble

Give your computer a vocabulary and challenge it to a fascinating game of micro-Scrabble.

[author : Joseph J Roehrig]

p.352 Generating Programs Automatically

Three utility programs help write the Applesoft BASIC program for you.

[author : Jacob R Jacobs]

p.366 BYTE's Cumulative Index

Our six-year cumulative index will put an end to your random searches through past issues of BYTE for that specific article.

[author : Microcomputer Information Services]

p.452 Online information Retrieval: Promise and Problems

The public must be convinced that online databases provide efficiency, economy and convenience.

[author : Steven K Roberts]

p.474 Handi-Writer, A Video Note Pad for the Physically Handicapped

How to turn the TRS-80 into a communications device for severely handicapped persons.

[author : Howard Batie]


p.24 Robotwar

[author : Curtis Feigel]

p.74 BYTE's Arcade

p.74 Olympic Decathlon

[author : David A Kater]

p.80 Missile Defense vs ABM

[author : Robert Moskowitz]

p.90 Gorgon

[author : Peter V Callamaras]

p.100 Commbat: A Trio Game for Two

[author : George Stewart]

p.108 alphaSyntauri Music Synthesizer

[author : Steve Levine and Bill Mauchly]

p.163 Battle of the Asteroids

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.304 Pascal-80

[author : Rowland Archer]

p.486 Starfighter

[author : Eric Grammer]


p.6 Editorial: New Games, New Directions

p.14 Letters

p.22, 132 BYTE's Bits

p.132, 483 Book Reviews: AIM 65 Laboratory Manual and Study Guide; Apple Machine Language

p.252 Ask BYTE

p.278 System Notes: The Game of Left/Right

p.302 BYTE Game Contest


p.462 Event Queue

p.465 Books Received

p.466 Clubs and Newsletters

p.467 Software Received

p.469 Technical Forum: Apple X10 Control

p.484 Languages Forum: APL Runs Circles

p.489 what's New?

p.542 uclassified Ads

p.543 Reader Service

p.544 BOMB, BOMB Results

In This Issue

Playing games may not be the most important task your computer does, but it sure makes for a lot of fun. As Robert Tinney's cover illustrates, computers play a central role in our recreational activites. BYTE's writers have been working hard at playing games, and their articles and reviews will help you pick and choose from among the many computer games available. Senior editor Gregg Williams speculates on the shape of games to come in the editorial, "New Games, New Directions." Thomas W Malone analyzes the attraction of computer games in "What Makes Computer Games Fun?" To learn how you can turn your game ideas into cash, see the rules for the BYTE Game Contest, page 302. On a more serious note, the Atari Tutorial continues with Part 4, "Display-List Interrupts" and William Barden Jr presents the first installment of a new series on Radio Shack computers, "Color Computer from A to D, Make your Color Computer 'See' and 'Feel' Better." BYTE's six-year cumulative index will eliminate those random searches for that specific article. See page 366. All this, plus our regular features.