Vol.6 n°7 july 1981

Vol.6 n°7 july 1981

p.3 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.26 The Santa Cruz Open: Othello Tournament for Computers

One of the surprises was the impressive showing of the microcomputers and hand-held electronic units.

[author : Peter W Frey]

p.38 Build a Z8-Based Control Computer with BASIC, Part I

Zilog's new single-chip microcomputers ease the construction of a small, inexpensive computer system.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.48 Harvesting the Sun's Energy

A computer model helps determine the amount of solar energy received by a flatplate collector.

[author : George E Mobus]

p.94 What Time Does the Sun Rise and Set?

This sunrise-sunset program calculates many parameters associated with the sun, including the amount of solar radiation received by the earth.

[author : Bruce Barkstrom]

p.136 Multiprocessing with Motorola's MC6809E

The MC6809E microprocessor is designed for use in a multiprocessor system.

[author : Hunter Scales]

p.158 Computer Simulation of a Solar-Energy System

An electric-circuit model makes heat flow easier to understand.

[author : Daniel Doan]

p.178 Energy Conservation with a Microcomputer

The principles of energy conservation can be applied to your home using a program written in PET (Microsoft) BASIC.

[author : David R Jackson and John M Callahan]

p.230 Kalman Mileage Predictor-Monitor

Predicting your cars fuel economy can alert you to mechanical problems.

[author : Jerry Lobdill]

p.252 The infamous Traveling-Salesman Problem: A Practical Approach

A decision-tree pruning algorithm greatly reduces the time needed to solve the traveling-salesman problem.

[author : Richard T Parry and Howard Pleffer]

p.308 Micromodem Support in Apple Pascal

Pascal support of the standard operational features of the Micromodem II.

[author : Scott G Robinson]

p.326 Life After Death

A variation on the game of Life that introduces the concept of a cellular hereafter.

[author : Pat Macaluso]

p.388 Computer-Aided Drafting with Apple Pascal

Special routines link the Apple Graphics Tablet to UCSD Pascal in this computer-aided-drafting project.

[author : Dan Sokol]


p.60 Mountain Computer's MusicSystem

[author : Robin B Moore]

p.174 The Atari Assembler/Editor

[author : Mark Pelczarski]

p.334 DOS Plus: Double-Density Operating System for the TRS-80

[author : Yvon Kolya]

p.344 Percom's Doubler

[author : Mahlon G Kelly]

p.354 Videx Keyboard and Display Enhancer

[author : Mark Pelczarski]


p.6 Editorial: IBM's Personal Computer

p.14 Letters

p.24, 134 System Notes: Terminal Width Problems with the OSI Challenger: Changes to FLOPTRAN-IV

p.118 BYTE's Bugs

p.120, 294, 300 Programming Oupckies: Hurricane Tracking: Energy Management with the Apple II: Computing Inflation with the Consumer Price Index

p.210 Ask BYTE

p.221 Books Received


p.358 Education Forum: Animation in Computer-Assisted Instruction: The Replication of DNA

p.368 Technical Forum: Catch Bytes with a Comparator

p.372 Event Queue

p.380, 385 BYTE's Bits

p.382 Clubs and Newsletters

p.386 Software Received

p.180, 430 Cartoon

p.433 What's New?

p.494 Unclassthed Ads

p.495 BOMB. BOMB Results

p.496 Reader Service

In This Issue

This month's cover painting by Robert Tinney shows our own solution to the energy crunch: a computerized "solar system." To illustrate this month's theme of energy conservation, we present a variety of articles, including "Harvesting the Sun's Energy," "Computer Simulation of a Solar Energy System," "Energy Conservation With a Microcomputer," and "Energy Measurement With the Apple."

Also in this issue are a discussion of IBM's new personal computer; the first part of Steve Ciarcia's exciting new Z8 single-board computer project (about which there was much interest at the recent National Computer Conference); another solution to the traveling-salesman problem; Micromodem support in Apple Pascal; Kalman filters; hurricane tracking by computer; the Atari Assembler/Editor; a report on the Santa Cruz Computer Othello tournament; and much more, including all the regular BYTE features.