Vol.6 n°4 april 1981

Vol.6 n°4 april 1981

p.3 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.20 Recurrence In Numerical Analysis

Recurrence can be used to simplify the calculation of Bessel functions.

[author : James J Davidson]

p.36 Build a Low-Cost Logic Analyzer

Turn your computer into a powerful diagnostic tool.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.64 A-L BYTE Guide to The National Computer Conference and Chicago

Up-to-date information on the conference, the city, and much more.

p.66 Digital Minicassette Controller

Use an intelligent peripheral controller to lighten the load on your computer system.

[author : James Kahn]

p.102 Programming the Game of Go

Even though Go is much harder than chess, a microcomputer Go program can produce surprisingly good play.

[author : Jonathan K Millen]

p.122 Build Your Own Turing Machine

Three different practical versions of this theoretical tool produce the same output.

[author : James Willis]

p.150 A Closer Look at the TI Speak & Spell

The author expands on Michael Rigsby's September 1980 BYTE article.

[author : Peter Vernon]

p.218 An Introduction to Data Compression

Information can be transmitted and stored using fewer data bits by appropriate techniques.

[author : Harold Corbin]

p.252 Build an Intercomputer Data Link

Using this software, systems based on the 6800 microprocessor can communicate with other systems.

[author : Mike Wingfield]

p.290 Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics, Part 2

Software to display solid objects without hidden lines and surfaces.

[author : Franklin C Crow]

p.348 PADDLES: interfacing with Modular Breadboards

Designing and implementing breadboard circuits is greatly eased with the use of these standardized modules.

[author : Roger J Combs and Paul Field]


p.46 The MicroAce Computer

[author : Delmar Searls]

p.94 A Reformatter for CP/M and IBM Floppy Disks

[author : John Lehman]

p.188 Three Versions of APL

[author : Gregg Williams]


p.6 Editorial: Future Trends in Personal Computing

p.10, 302 BYTE's Bugs

p.12 Letters

p.32, 34 Programming Quickles: Apple Name-Address: A Graphic Execution Display

p.98, 304, 310, 314 Technical Forum

MicroShakespeare Revisited or Kilobard

An ADM-3 Emulator for the Hazeltine 1500

Challenger Writes on Comprint

On the Use of Fourier Transforms to Explore Biological Rhythms

p.148 System Notes : A Relocatable Bootstrap for the Tarbell Disk Controller

p.158 Clubs and Newsletters

p.186 Cartoon


p.328 Ask BYTE

p.332 Event Queue

p.338 Books Received

p.344 Software Received

p.345 BYTE's Bits

p.359 What's New?

p.414 Unclassified Ads

p.415 BOMB, BOMB Results

p.416 Reader Service

In This Issue

"Future Computers" is our cover theme this month and the subject of the editorial. Before you write to comment on our cover's "unusual" design approach (created by artist Robert Tinney), keep in mind the proximity of April 1.

Elsewhere in this issue we describe Steve Ciarcia's latest project, a low-cost logic analyzer, and tell how to build your own Turing machine. Other articles include: a follow-up to our earlier review of the Sinclair computer, this time a description of the MicroAce kit version; a reformatter for CP/M and IBM-format floppy disks; a closer look at the TI Speak & Spell; a fascinating review of three different APL packages for the patient (but eager) APL fans in our audience; details about data compression; all about intercomputer data links and the game of Go; and the conclusion of an article from last month about 3-D computer graphics.