Vol.6 n°3 march 1981

Vol.6 n°3 march 1981

p.3 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.20 Structured Programming and Structured Flowcharts

A technique that makes programs easier to write, understand, fix, and change.

[author : Gregg Williams]

p.36 Build the Disk-80: Memory Expansion and Floppy-Disk Control

Steve discusses how to use dynamic memory and floppy-disk-controller integrated circuits and presents a design that incorporates them.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.54 Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics, Part 1

Ways to display solid objects with the removal of hidden lines and surfaces.

[author : Franklin C Crow]

p.132 What Is Good Documentation?

How to write clear and effective documentation.

[author : Jim Howard]

p.166 A Beginner's Guide to Spectral Analysis, Part 2

Images can be transformed into holograms via Fourier transforms.

[author : Mark Zimmermann]

p.262 A Simple Approach to Data Smoothing

The techniques described here can aid in the interpretation of data taken from real-world situations.

[author : Fred Ruckdeschel and Janice A Krinsky]

p.300 The New Literacy: Programming Languages as Languages

BASIC, ALGOL, and APL are compared to the English language.

[author : Jon Handel]

p.317 Computer Music: A Design Tutorial

A modest amount of theory provides the background for building a simple program-controlled digital tone generator.

[author : Thomas P Orlofsky]


p.84 The Micro Matrix Photopoint Light Pen

[author : Stephen B Gray]

p.90 What's Inside Radio Shack's Color Computer?

[author : Tim Ahrens. Jack Browne, and Hunter Scales]


p.6 Editorial: Is This Really Necessary?

p.12 Letters

p.152, 333 Programming Quickies: Computing the Determinant of a Matrix; Constellation I: An Astronomy Program

p.155 Languages Forum: A Coding Sheet for FORTH

p.164, 314, 316 BYTE's Bits

p.216, 224, 234 Technical Forum: DATALINE; Addition and Subtraction: The 1802 Versus the Z80; Build a Simple Video Switch

p.230 Desk-Top Wonders: Hunt the Wumpus with Your HP-41C

p.236 System Notes: Software Addressing Modes for the 8080


p.248 Software Received

p.252 Books Received

p.254 Ask BYTE

p.308 Event Queue

p.315 Clubs and Newsletters

p.337 What's New?

p.382 Unclassified Ads

p.383 BOMB, BOMB Results

p.384 Reader Service

In This Issue

Do you have trouble making all the pieces fall in place when you are writing a new program? Robert Tinney's cover this month symbolizes the theme of programming methods. But the symbolism is only pictorial-the process of designing and putting a new program together is often much harder than assembling an intricate jigsaw puzzle. This issue includes several articles on different aspects of programming and design: "What Is Good Documentation?" by Jim Howard; "Structured Programming and Structured Flowcharts" and the editorial, "Is This Really Necessary?", both by Editor Gregg Williams; "A Coding Sheet for FORTH," by John O Bumgarner; and "A Simple Approach to Data Smoothing," by Fred Ruckdeschel and Janice A Krinsky.