Vol.6 n°1 january 1981

Vol.6 n°1 january 1981

p.3 In the Queue (table of contents)


p.18 An Introduction to Atari Graphics

Learning to use the Atari display list can help to unleash the full power of Atari's custom LSI video integrated Circuits.

[author : Chris Crawford and Lane Winner]

p.34 The Panasonic and Quasar Hand-Held Computers: Beginning a New Generation of Consumer Computers

This full-function computer fits in your hand and weighs 14 ounces.

[author : Gregg Williams and Rick Meyer]

p.48 Electromagnetic Interference

Interfering electrical noise must be dealt with according to its mode of transmission.

[author : Steve Ciarcia]

p.72 The NEC PC-8001: A New Japanese Personal Computer

This popular Japanese personal computer may soon be sold in the United States.

[author : Michael Keith and C P Kocher]

p.148 Generating Bar Code in the Hewlett-Packard Format

Bar code provides a cheap, easily reproduced, mass-storage medium that encourages the publication of software.

[author : Thomas McNeal]

p.226 The Picture-Perfect Apple

This driver software allows your printer to transcribe the high-resolution graphics of the Apple II personal computer.

[author : Phil Roybal]

p.238 Micrograph, Part 3: Software and Operation

Part 3 concludes this series with a description of Micrographs powerful software and instruction-set usage.

[author : E Grady Booch]

p.318 Whose BASIC Does What?

Knowing the differences between the six most popular BASICs is essential.

[author : Teri Li]


p.94 The Sinclair Research ZX80

[author : John C McCallum]

p.118 The HP-41C: A Literate Calculator?

[author : Brian P Hayes]

p.208 The Newest Sargon-2.5

[author : John Martellaro]

p.216 The SwTPC 6809 Microcomputer System

[author : Tom Harmon]


p.6 Editorial: Hand-Held Computers

p.10, 292, 314 BYTE's Bits

p.12 Letters

p.90 Technical Forum: SC/MP Instruction-Set Summary

p.104 Education Forum: Multi-Micro Learning Environments

p.142 Desk-Top Wonders

p.182 Systems Notes

p.188 Languages Forum: A Bug in BASIC


p.282 Ask BYTE

p.294 Software Received

p.296, 298 BYTE's Bugs

p.298 Books Received

p.300 Book Reviews

p.304 Event Queue

p.312 Clubs and Newsletters

p.328, 334 Programming Quickies

p.336 What's New?

p.382 Unclassified Ads

p.383 BOMB, BOMB Results

p.384 Reader Service

In This Issue

This month's cover photograph by Ed Crabtree highlights three examples of a new phenomenon in the personal computer field: the HHC (hand-held computer). Shown are (from top to bottom): the Panasonic HHC; the Quasar HHC; and the Radio Shack HHC. All three units are discussed in this issue. Other articles this month describe two other miniature computers: the Sinclair ZX80 and the Hewlett-Packard HP-41C.

Elsewhere in this issue, Steve Ciarcia describes electromagnetic interference; we describe some of the exciting capabilities of Atari graphics; and we review an intriguing new Japanese computer: the NEC 8001; plus a new regular section of hardware and software reviews.